Insurance Websites for Agents – Insurance Agency Websites

June 9, 2021

Here’s a list of some the SEO related features on our websites:


Optimized Title Tags – every page on the site has a unique title tag that was written using the most popular keywords for that type of product or service using search volume statistics from Google’s Adwords tool.


Meta Descriptions – These are invisible on the site but they show up on Google as the text below the link in the search results. We’ve written individual meta descriptions for every page to entice the Google user to click through to the site.


Physical Address Optimization – We use your USPS verified address on every page of the site in a place that it’s clearly visible to Google Spiders so google knows you are the business they think you are. 


Regional Customization – We input regional location words into strategic locations within the visible parts of the website everyone can see and the hidden code parts that Google looks at. We do this in a way that’s clear to Google and not overdone for the reader.


WWW Redirection – Our websites redirect to the www version so there’s no duplicate content penalties from Google


Optimized Image Alt Text – we use Alt Text associated with images on every page of our sites to provide more keywords relevant to the product that page is trying to rank for.


Insurance Carriers – We list every carrier our agents work with and include a link to their website to improve the agency’s ability to rank for people search for a “progressive agent” etc.


Site Structure – Our sites have a very clear hierarchy of pages with the main pages going across the top of the menu and subpages below it. The more clear it is to Google about how your site works the better you’ll rank.


Mobile-friendly – Our websites display a mobile-friendly version of each individual page that matches exactly the content on the desktop page. This is Google’s preferred method for mobile sites.


Clean Links – We don’t use any links that can’t be followed by Google’s spider robots within the site. 


Webpage Speed – Our websites load in under 4 seconds. It could always be better but that’s quick enough to avoid penalties from Google.


Social Media Connections – By linking your site with your social media networks, it provides a clear picture to Google of both your website’s footprint but also your social media footprint. If this is large it can help your SEO. 


Business Hours – Google is more likely to show your business in search results when they can confirm that the operating hours of your agency they have in your business profile matches what’s on your website.


Dynamic Sitemap XML file – This is a file your site comes with that only the Google Robots can read. It tells them all the different pages of your site so they know where to look and this file will update if you add new pages. 


Driving Directions on Mobile Site – One thing Google looks at to determine the popularity of your business is the number of people who search for driving directions to get there. By putting it on the mobile site we can effect user behavior and send positive signals to Google.


Robots.txt file – This file tells Google they are free to search through the site. Whether this really helps SEO is questionable, but Google has said they like it and it certainly doesn’t hurt.