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March 29, 2021

Hi Imaginet, you are the best in the industry. Keep up the good service. WELL DONE!!!

– R. Clark

I am definitely recommending Imaginet to everyone I know… You guys are the best in the business.

– K More

Thanks for all the efforts, Imaginet is without a doubt the most professional service provider that I have ever dealt with (locally or abroad), and I am pleased to see that you are maintaining the high standard.

– P Monroe

I have been a customer of Imaginet for the past 5 years plus. In all this time I have had very minimal problems and when I did, their staff were super helpful to resolve my issues. They come across as an honest, no nonsense, what you see is what you get company. No empty promises, no over marketing. This is what great businesses are built on, being in it for the long haul. I will stay a committed Imaginet customer as long as they are around and maintain this level of service.

– Mr. W Weber

Wow… you guys are awesome! I have only been with you for all of 31min and have already had the most fantastic service! Well done!!!

– Ms. C Torr

Thanks for your immediate help. You guys rock! Respect!!

– R. Erasmus

Many thanks for a great, friendly relationship over the time I have been with yourselves, I have no complaints whatever and your customer service/helplines have been excellent. I hope I find an ISP as good in the UK . . .

– Annette Moss

Thank you ALL for your stunning & consistent support throughout the year. They have clearly picked the right location for you to run a support desk from, as it seems that you have nothing else to do but wait for my hundreds of calls which you so politely deal with.

– A. Andrew

Thank you very much. I have referred some of my friends to Imaginet because of your first world service. I can honestly say that I wish every business was as efficient and prompt as yours!! Great stuff guys!

– Levin Slabbert

Hi Guys, I’ve been with Imaginet for about 7 years now and have a number of domains hosted by you and I just want to take some time out of my day to type this email to let you guys know that I absolutely LOVE the service I get from Imaginet, from technical and accounts staff to info you guys really rock… Keep it up and never change!! For me you should win the best service award in SA!

– Mr. M Ribeiro

I haven’t seen this level of service since I worked for The Ritz Carlton in Florida, USA. I am Truly impressed!

– C Botha

I would like to compliment you on your professional and excellent service received on 2010-03-04. I give this service received from Imaginet 10/10 and would definitely recommend Imaginet to all my friends and colleagues.

– E. Verwey

Thank you very much. Great service from you. I will definitely let my friends know about your service, you should be seeing some sign-ups very soon πŸ˜€

– R. Faktor

You are the one ISP that treats their clients as family and not as “just another client” -I’m sure all the clients as fans here will agree, & all the clients you have. Oh yes, your customer service is the best ever! In all Departments! I’ve been through a couple ISP’s & Imaginet you are the ones I’ll stay with!

– J Westaway

Imaginet is simply the best service provider that I have ever been at. They ALWAYS go the extra mile. They are friendly and they have a refreshing can-do mentality. The consultant, Andrew, tested my line on the spot and made the most cost effective recommendation for me. I was over my limit on my ADSL and he upgraded me to the 20GB package to alleviate the costs for the current month and future-dated an upgrade to an uncapped option in under 2 minutes. Friendly, efficient and highly knowledgeable. WHAO! I have never had any bad service from these guys and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

– Dr. van Niekerk

I appreciate your regular feedback. That shows the level of professionalism one seldom find in companies today. Imaginet rocks!

– P. Van Der Walt

Imaginet is just the BEST!!!

– M Hixon

Thank you so much for your speedy service! Imaginet never fails to deliver πŸ™‚

– Willem Sohnge

Once you have tried Imaginet you will not want to ever go to another ISP. Service is out of this world!

– J Westaway

Thanks guys, your services and rates are impeccable, I wish I found you earlier in life. Next year I’ll be in full swing again and I’ll simply insist on Imaginet for hosting and ADSL lines. Meanwhile you guys on the floor just keep at it, REAL GOOD WORK!!! Thank you to all those who keep the machine well-oiled at ground level.

– Mr. A Bothma

I would like to thank the Imaginet Team for your exceptional standard of service and a great thank you to Stuart who assisted me way beyond my problem, he definitely did exceed my expectations. If we were in America you guys would be on the Top of Silicon Valley as one of the best customer service companies. What a reflection for South Africa, I would recommend this Team to any individual in the World!!!

– Mr. E Ogle

I would really recommend your services to anyone who asks! You really provide good service, thumbs up!

– Jason van den Berg

Dear sir/madam I have been dealing with Imaginet for a couple of years now and I just want to express my satisfaction with the service I have received over the years. for example, I spoke to Luthando in accounts this morning and he was so patient and friendly in helping me with my problem. Hope to stay with you for many years more !!

– Prof Kobus le Roux

I’m just shocked at the superb customer service you guys deliver, to the point where I want to support you even more. I haven’t ever had service this responsive and good before. I just want to say thank you, I hope your company grows and stands as an example to others.

– Mr. G Harris

Thanks so much! You guys really are great! I have never before with any other company experienced such efficiency and all round awesomeness!

– Ms. C Torr

I appreciate you guys so much! Such a pleasure to work with Imaginet, all the guys I’ve dealt with that side – you’ve all been so amazing! If you were closer to GRG, I’d bake you a cake! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Ms. M Grant