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Ibero-American business community calls for integrity and the fight against corruption

ICC’s Ibero-American national committees in 13 countries have joined forces to mark International Anti-Corruption Day, underscoring the importance of the anti-corruption agenda as a key means of promoting social inclusion and economic growth in the region in the context of the current pandemic.

ICC and Saïd Business School announce collaboration to develop AI principles for the private sector

ICC and Oxford University’s Saïd Business School will join forces to develop a set of all-encompassing artificial intelligence (AI) principles to enable business to implement innovative, trustworthy, and human-centric AI solutions as part of their operations.

ICC and Africa investor launch global eTrade partnership to digitise five million SMEs in Africa

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Africa investor (Ai) are joining forces to launch a digitally empowered eTrade initiative to enable the digitisation of five million micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa.

ICC Sustainability Working Group announces new project to review the state of sustainable finance across the export finance industry

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Global Export Finance Committee’s Sustainability Working Group (ICC-SWG) has commissioned International Financial Consulting Ltd. and Acre Impact Capital to develop a white paper, to be published in June 2021.

ICC backs Spain’s candidacy to seat future European Union Cybersecurity Centre

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) supports Spain’s candidacy to seat the European Union’s (EU) Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre.

ICC publishes submission to the European Commission’s review of trade policy

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) publishes its submission to the European Commission’s Consultation on Trade Policy Review.

ICC co-hosts dialogue on Omnibus Law for Better Business Better World

Over 150 senior executives from multinational corporations, financial institutions, and institutional investors joined Indonesia’s Tri Hita Karana Forum Partners Dialogue to discover the opportunities created by Indonesia’s Omnibus Law on Job Creation.

ICC Institute of World Business Law to host its 40th Annual Conference

The Institute of World Business, a think-tank of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), will hold the 40th edition of its Annual Conference virtually from 3-4 December 2020.

Icc AOK Pass ICC welcomes creation of quarantine free travel corridor between the United States and Italy

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) welcomes Delta Airlines and Alitalia’s announcement of quarantine-free flights from Atlanta and New York to Rome.