How to Make Money Leis

July 20, 2021

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To make a money lei, first figure out what bills you want to use based on a lei with 40-60 flowers. For example, if you want to use 50 dollars, you should get 50 1 dollar bills to use. Once you have your bills, take one and make a ½ inch fold across one of the short sides of the bill. Then, flip the bill over, and make another ½ inch fold on the same side. Continue this accordion-style folding until you have folded all the way across the bill, then wrap a small rubber band around the center of the bill to keep it in place. To attach the bill to the lei, slip a 6-inch piece of colored ribbon through the rubber band and tie it to the string in-between the lei beads. Once it’s secured, fan out the ends of the bill so it forms a circular flower shape. Then, repeat this process until the lei is full. To learn how to add other decorations to your money lei, read on!

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