June 22, 2021

When FAP TURBO was released in 11-8-08, it created so much buzz that it literally sold thousands of copies its first day. So what is Fap Turbo? Well, it is the most advanced forex robot around. It essentially makes forex (foreign exchange) trades for you, thus eliminating the guesswork and ensuring that you make solid monetary gains each month. Now before we go any further you must be wondering if this thing really works. Well, after testing it out I am happy to report that it does in fact work, if you use it correctly. The main purpose of the foreign exchange market is spur international investment and trade. The forex market is there to help businesses convert one currency to another currency. For example, it would allow a United States business import goods from Europe and pay Euros for the goods, even though the business gets its income in United States dollars

So what differentiates Fap Turbo from other forex robots?

First of all, the creators of Fap Turbo use live trading to prove that their system works and you can see the system trade in real time on their website. Most other forex trading robots programs only use back testing reports, which can be faked, but the Fap Turbo creators insisted on publishing their own live accounts directly on their homepage so everyone can see.

Second of all, Fap turbo solves problems that are created in other forex robot software. When researching other forex robot software I noticed that a lot of them used risky trading strategies coupled with no stop losses to produce high success rates. 

They used systems like the Martingale strategy (when this strategy fails, you lose everything). I like the Fap Turbo software because it involves much less risk and also utilizes a stop loss strategy to ensure safer trading. I feel much more comfortable when I sleep at night knowing that the robot is not being reckless with my hard-earned money. Below is a brief description of the three main components that come with the Fap Turbo system.

The short-term strategy uses a profitable scalping technique that trades the 4 main currency pairs in each 15 minute chunk of time. The technique only performs 1 to 5 trades a day, using strict money management, has uses many filters to make sure only the best trades are taken.

Both safe and profitable, the long-term system uses a fixed stop loss strategy that limits drawdowns. Bigger profits are also taken from winning trades and various filters and indicators are used to avoid trading during risky and/or volatile periods. One thing that I noticed right off the bat was that the training materials that you receive are very comprehensive. All of the settings are explained in the manual and there are even videos in the member’s area that show you exactly how to setup the Fap Turbo forex automatic trading robots on your PC.

I have seen success using both the long and short-term strategies. The short-term strategy rarely makes a losing trade, when it does the losses are small. I noticed that the long-term strategy makes bigger profits and is less volatile than the short-term strategy, which is exactly what I expected. Being a sceptical person, I tested Fap Turbo for a full two weeks with a demo account to make sure everything ran smoothly.

 I put $2000 (not real money) into my demo account and two weeks later, it was at $3927. My net profit consisted of +1954 pips, +1568 pips from the long-term strategy and +386 pips from the short-term strategy. I was very impressed to say the least. Each strategy has done very well and both have a success rate of about 92% so far. I only had 7 losing trades out of a total of 91. The next two weeks I decided to put in $500 of my own money. I am happy to report that two weeks later I had $983 in my account. Out of a total of 73 trades in that two weeks period, I only had 5 losing trades, a 93% success rate. I am excited to see what the future brings with Fap Turbo. As I get more and more comfortable I will continue to use my profits to increase the amount I invest. By January 2009, Fap Turbo already had over 20,000 users. This user base puts Fap Turbo way above even the best forex robots. There have been rumours of a price increase starting so I am not sure how long you will be able to get it at its original price. Click Here to Visit Fab Turbo