How to Get Rich (Kids)

April 30, 2021

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Getting rich as a kid can be a challenge, but the key is finding a product or service and selling it locally or online. For example, sell old toys you don’t play with anymore to a thrift store or on a website like eBay. Alternatively, set up a garage sale or a lemonade stand in your yard. Just make sure you ask your parents first so they know what you’re doing. If you run out of things to sell, consider making your own products, like jewelry, artwork, or cakes. Alternatively, do chores for your neighbors, like walking their dogs, mowing their lawns, or babysitting if you’re old enough. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors in your neighborhood and ask nicely. Some of the richest people alive started by knocking on people’s doors! For more tips, including how to make money from playing music, read on!

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