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September 11, 2020

The future works without walls

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The economy is more global than ever: East and West are inextricably interwoven, borders are almost irrelevant. But borderless digital communication is a myth – at least with China. Even if your employees are up to date in intercultural communication and your website is professionally translated, your customers and business partners in the second largest national economy in the world are still sitting in front of their screens and waiting. They are waiting for your company’s web content, which is delivered by your current server or hosting.

Why are websites and servers from the West hardly accessible in China, if at all?

  • Because of censorship in China, data packages from the West have to surmount the “Great Firewall of China”. Even if content is not rejected, this seriously slows down its delivery.
  • Often 20 to 40 percent of the data packets are lost on their way to China. This factor is far more crucial than the actual latency to China.
  • China’s external connection to the western internet and hence also the data transfer rate to China are fundamentally poor.
  • Once the package is inside China, its delivery is further delayed by poor networking between the Chinese providers.

How to surmount the Digital Wall
Stop waiting. Jump over.

In the past, it was possible to get around the “Great Firewall of China” by encrypting data communication via VPN. However, this loophole has been closed as part of the further technical development of the Chinese firewall. Nowadays new solutions are required to make your website easily accessible in China. With China you can get your content reliably and securely to the other side of the wall. China connects – fast and reliable.

Your web application is delivered locally via the servers in China – directly from the Chinese mainland. For companies with no office in China, we offer hosting in Germany with a direct connection, which enables fast data transport through the Great Firewall.

You get professional support in English, Chinese or German with long-standing experience during your application for the necessary ICP license and PSB filing.

The actual application source code can still be run from outside China, which means that your application and data are protected against industrial espionage.

Our solutions come from a mid-sized German company and have been specifically designed for mid-sized and large companies in Germany and Europe which act internationally.*

3 ways over the wall

The hosting of your website (CMS, online shop, web application, etc.) takes place in our data center in Germany. To ensure high performance data transfers between the Chinese visitors and the server in Germany, two special dedicated connections are available from the data center to China. Fast packet delivery times and almost no packet loss can thus be guaranteed.

  • Low cost solution
  • Requires the hosting of your website in the data center
  • Very high level of data security and protection against industrial espionage, as the application remains outside China
  • No ICP license or PSB filing required

for companies without an office in China and those with very high data protection requirements


Request hosting in GermanyProxy cache server in China

Our China proxy cache server is located on the Chinese mainland and has two fast, direct connections to Germany. Your actual website (CMS, online shop, web application etc.) is still located on your current hosting server. Your website’s static data is cached on the server in China.

Chinese visitors communicate exclusively with the server in China and access the cached data. Dynamic data are retrieved from your hosting server as and when required and delivered to China via the fast, direct connections.

A proxy cache solution in China can be realized as a VPS or dedicated server.

  • Considerably better performance than direct access to a server outside China
  • Works with your already existing hosting
  • No maintenance of a separate system or a separate application in China is needed; we manage the proxy cache ourselves
  • High level of data security and protection against industrial espionage, as the actual application remains outside China
  • ICP license and PSB filing, which we will gladly help you with, are required

for static, non-personalized websites with average performance requirements


Request proxy cache serverDirect hosting in China

Your website (CMS, online shop, web application, etc.) is hosted directly on a China server, which is located on the Chinese mainland and on which all the data are held. Chinese visitors access the website directly from this server. The outstanding Internet connection of the server ensures fast data transfers with all large Internet providers in China.

The hosting in China also has two fast direct connections to Germany. This ensures that your web agency and administrators in Europe can access the system with high performance and manage and update it centrally.

The direct hosting in China is also possible in the form of a VPS, dedicated server or shared web hosting.

  • Best-performing solution (speed and availability)
  • No communication across Chinese borders required
  • Low level of data protection, as the application is located entirely within China.
  • ICP license and PSB filing, which we will gladly help you with, are required

for personalized and performance-critical websites and shops


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ICP license and PSB filing

Every website hosted in China needs a valid Internet Content Provider License (or ICP license). It must be applied for at the Ministry for Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and is mandatory. Websites without a license number are blocked.

If your website only provides information, you will need a so-called ICP filing (also known as ICP Bei’An, ICP备案 or non-commercial ICP license). All websites with e-commerce functions also require a commercial ICP license (also known as ICP Zheng, ICP经营许可证 or e-commerce ICP). In both cases, an entry must then also be requested with a public security bureau in China (PSB filing).

A registered office in China is a requirement for both the ICP application and the PSB filing. This can be for example your branch office or a trustworthy distribution partner, in whose name your Chinese website will then be operated.

Necessary information for the application:

  • Exact company name, address and office phone number of the business office in China
  • Chinese business license
  • Name, cellphone number, email address and valid ID certificate of the person in charge of the business office in China (does not have to be a Chinese citizen)
  • Name, office phone number, cellphone number, email address and valid ID certificate of the person in charge of the website (has to be a Chinese citizen)
  • hoto of the person responsible for the website in front of a special background
  • IP address, internet service provider, location of the server (each of which you will receive from us)
  • List of the domains under which the website can be accessed (these must be registered with a Chinese registrar)
  • Information about the website’s content and its languages

You can find further information on the ICP application as well as the PSB filing in our knowledgebase.

We would be happy to assist you with the formalities in this regard and can provide you with freely translated documents, which you can use to put together all of the required information.

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