Hosting in Nigeria: How To Host a Website in Nigeria

October 7, 2020

People create websites for different reasons. It could be a website for personal needs or even for business. Hosting a website in Nigeria is something most people don’t understand and find it difficult to do. This article will help guide you on what to do if you decide to own your site. Before we go in depth on how to host a website in Nigeria, let us start with the basics

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A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

From the definition above, you could see that hosting your blog/website makes it available for public consumption of your content. It gives you the online space to allow your website easy access on the internet.

1. Buy a unique domain name.

Just like, or even our own-, a domain name is also known as a website name. It is the name you give your website. People use long domain names which can look clumsy at times. Try as much as to make your domain name unique so as to stand out from the rest.

2. Get a Web Hosting Account.

As said earlier, you would need a web hosting account from a webhost. The essence of this web host is to help store your website data. Although, there are various web hosting companies, you can start off with I personally can attest to the fact that Qservers is a good webhosting company that offer cheap and affordable hosting plans in Nigeria. You can start with as low as N3,000.

Access Q-servers Here

If you choose to host your website with other companies, make sure you do your research on such web hosting company. Also read reviews of the webhost that you chose to host your site on, compare plans and prices and ensure they have a responsive and good customer service before you purchase a plan.


3. Hosting Details Should Be Sent to Your Email

After you have paid for a hosting package, you will be emailed the details for the webhost. At first, such details might sound confusing, but with time you will know their various functions. You should receive the following webhost details in your email- Cpanel login details, detais for your website, email server details, DNS address details, the disks space and bandwith allocated to you, etc.

With all these information, you can now Login to the domain registrar account online.

I believe with these steps, hosting a website in Nigeria won’t be difficult for you. You would have to wait for about 24 to 48 hours or less depending on the Hosting company before you website becomes active as most servers take a while to connect to the servers around the world.

Finally, you should install scripts and themes that are SEO friendly like WordPress or Joomla. Goodluck