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Dhaka Web Host provides the best SSD web hosting service in Bangladesh. We understand your demand. Our purpose is to provide you with the fastest SSD hosting service that makes your business success. We are a Basis member and joint-stock registered company.

Our domain and hosting price in Bangladesh is cheaper than other companies. We are a Bangladeshi domain hosting company that uses servers from USA, Canada & German Data Centers. We ensure 100% guaranteed server uptime, daily backup, professional email service & web security. You can order domain hosting service 24/7 from our website by making payment online and your service will be instantly activated.

We have the latest web application firewall, mod security rules, live virus scanner. In Bangladesh, customers look for domestic hosting companies because of low prices and instant support. Dhaka Web Host fulfills this need by providing quality domain hosting service. We have a 30 days money-back guarantee. So try our hosting and love us or get a refund.

Thousands of clients have chosen us because of our service and relation with our customer. When you become a client, you will become a part of our family.