The general rule of thumb hosting wise, is that “mom and pop shops”, your faily business, sole proprietors and start-up entrepreneurial ventures do not require a massively complex hosting solution. However, as your business grows and your product range diversifies, there may very well be a need for a different hosting solution to the one you started out with.

Thing is, when starting out you have absolutely no idea where your site might go size wise. Take for example one of our clients who has created a prolific applied research-based blog which now consistently adds around 10,000+ words of original content each month. This has done wonders for their SEO and in just two years they have now blasted light years past their local and international competitors. What started off back then as a small “let’s get started, test-and-learn, and see” website, is now a very technical reference site of over 200 pages and growing rapidly.

Had they chosen to host their site with a company who could not rapidly upscale, they would have run into massive site performance issues. In a nutshell, what this client experience teaches you, is that it is incredibly important to host your site with a hosting company who at any stage, can rapidly upscale if need be. Depending on your needs, Web Hosting Specialist can rapidly scale up, and if need be, scale down. Finally, a most neglected consideration when having to choose hosting company and package that will best suit your needs, is, what happens if there is sudden dramatic spike in traffic?

Will other hosting companies seamlessly flex, rapidly scaling and adapting to handle this fabulous unexpected volume, or will it rigidly and inflexibly enforce the “Terms of your Agreement” causing your site to fall over at the worst possible moment?

Web Hosting Specialist prides itself in being able assist you to scale up effortlessly!