HMA VPN service | Total online privacy with HMA

May 9, 2021

To some people, maybe it doesn’t. To others, it matters a whole lot.

The logging policy can be viewed symbolically: a VPN’s commitment to logging as little as possible is representative of their respect for your privacy and how seriously they approach the issue of protecting your data.

For example, for a lot of people, a VPN logging exactly what time they turn the VPN on or off might not be a matter of much concern: but our unwillingness to do even that hopefully signals just how earnestly we protect the data that is generally viewed as more sensitive. Bearing in mind that it takes considerable effort to reduce logging, and even costs us a not-inconsiderate amount of money to pull off, the value of underlining our commitment to your privacy comes down to illustrating our principles as much as bolstering our marketing. It’s proof that we mean what we say and say what we mean.

But refusing to log data has a practical benefit to our users as well: it means that if our databases should ever be compromised, either illegally via a hack or legally via some sort of police subpoena, the amount of data that could be acquired would be so dismally small and meaningless that neither the hackers nor the police could do anything with it. Thus, we can truly live up to our promise to protect your privacy no matter what you do online while still cooperating with the authorities, as we are obligated to do as a legal entity.