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June 26, 2021

Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute

Provide stable, safe, efficient, ease of use, and elastic computing services

Elastic Block Storage

Block-level data storage device for cloud servers, which is highly available, highly reliable, flexible and easy to use

Kingsoft Cloud Dedicated Host

Leverage leading virtualization technology to meet users’ needs of dedicated resources, security and compliance

Kingsoft Cloud Container Engine

Highly reliable and scalable container management service with high performance

GPU Elastic Physical Compute

Provide fast, safe, and stable bare metal general-purpose GPU-accelerated computing services

Elastic Physical Compute

Dedicated physical server to quickly build and expand application services with high performance requirements

Server Load Balancing

Network service devices for distributing traffic to multiple cloud servers (computing clusters)

Elastic IP

Independent IP addresses, which can be mapped and remapped as needed

Virtual Private Cloud

Fully logically isolated, self-controlled dedicated division


Data synchronization interconnection services across VPC networks

Elastic Block Storage

Block-level data storage device for cloud servers, which is highly available, highly reliable, flexible and easy to use

Content Delivery Network

Distribute user content to edge nodes to effectively resolve network congestion

Kingsoft Cloud File Storage

Scalable shared file storage service for computing nodes such as KEC and EPC instances

Kingsoft Cloud Edge Node Computing

Provide customers with efficient, stable, and cost-effective computing and network services through edge nodes

Relational Database Service

Out-of-the-box, stable, reliable, and scalable online database service


Out-of-the-box, stable and reliable online cache and key-value storage service


Provide enterprises and developers with a NoSQL document database service that is 100% compatible with the MongoDB protocol

Distributed Relational Database Service

Provide efficient, stable, convenient and flexible public cloud distributed transaction services for Kingsoft Cloud users

Kingsoft Cloud MapReduce

Quickly build data analysis clusters, process massive data, and provide end-to-end big data solutions

Kingsoft Cloud Advanced Defense

Provide basic DDoS protection and high defense IP to help users defend against DDoS attacks

Kingsoft Cloud Host Security

Provide protection and repair of violent cracking, Trojan viruses, system vulnerabilities and website vulnerabilities

Kingsoft Cloud Security Inspector

Comprehensive vulnerability scanning including server and Web applications

Web Application Firewall

Provide protection against common Web threats in OWASP and ensure the security of users’ websites

Kingsoft Cloud Certificate Management

Issue digital certificates to help users realize HTTPS and provide data security for their websites