High Grade dedicated servers

July 2, 2021

What is the difference between a high-performance server and a standard server?

Each project is unique — not all of them require large amounts of resources, or specific features. While a standard server is usually enough to launch a website or application, other projects will require a high-performance server with a higher quality of service. Our high-performance servers are designed for all high-value projects that require increased performance, and resources that can meet growing needs. They are designed with the best components available for data centers. They can also be equipped with very high volumes of RAM, several processors, and a multitude of different disks.

What is a premium server used for?

A premium server, also called a high-end server, is designed for intensive resource usage, with high-volume workloads that require reliable, high-performance hardware. These uses include big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence in general, and resource-intensive applications.