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June 28, 2021

NVIDIA A40 / A100

NVIDIA’s Ampere Architecture, Volta’s successor, is the fundamental solution for AI acceleration.

The NVIDIA A40 brings to the table powerful new features for virtual reality projects, ray-traced rendering, and more, with second-generation RT cores that perform 2X better, delivering more throughput than ever before. With 336 Tensor cores, AI applications will enjoy 5X more training capabilities, and the GDDR6 memory supports massive workloads, adequate for game developers, data scientists, graphic designers, and more.

A groundbreaking leap for artificial intelligence, the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU provides unmatched acceleration at all scales, using NVIDIA’s Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology. Third generation Tensor cores deliver 20X greater performance, and MIG enables multiple networks to run simultaneously on a single A100 GPU, maximizing computing power.

  • NVIDIA A40 Specifications
  • 48 GB GDDR6 with error-correcting code (ECC)
  • 10752 CUDA Cores
  • 696 GB/s Max Bandwidth
  • NVIDIA GPU Boost
  • NVIDIA A100 Specifications
  • 40 GB GDDR6
  • 4608 CUDA Cores
  • 1555 GB/s Max Bandwidth
  • NVIDIA GPU Boost