Get rich or die tryin’

June 23, 2021

This was a little guide i developed for my self when i had just started and was clueless about items value:

1) Random item drops
2) Pick up item
3) Use this site (Top right hand corner you see “Search” use that and search the item name

4)(a) If it returns too many results, go to step 4(:D, else go to Step 5

4)(:D Search Item name in quotes like “Item name”, then move to step 5

5) Based on the use, determine if its worth th wait to sell or if it wil just tae up space in your shop

6) (This part was added when fund out about ragial) Search Ragial

7) Again determine if its worth the wait

8)(a) If worth the wait of you have nothing better to put to vend then vend it with a merchant

8)(:o If not worth the wait leave in storage for later, someone will probably want it later.

8)© If not worth the wait AND you are broke AND it is worth more than 500z to an NPC, sell it to the NPC.

iW search is just a waste of time now, and oftentimes doesn’t mention commonplace uses of items that a new player might not know. Just ragial stuff, and then investigate if the ragial result doesn’t make sense. Otherwise, good advice.

Regarding your make zeny – level til broke procedure – the exact threshold you use should be adjusted over time – 100k is alot early on, but not very much leveling later. You always want a leveling run to last a multiple of 30 minutes, so you can use kafra shop consumables without wasting any – most last 30 mins. I usually get bored after an hr or so, though, so you want to have at least 1 hr of leveling supplies – plus enough to start another loot gathering run. The most profitable (in terms of z/hr) loot gathering will often involve some level of potion use. It may be best, as economics allows, to keep a cushion of zeny, which you don’t use for leveling supplies.

And as an example of how far 100k would go for leveling near end-game.
At 10x to late 11x, my genetics would burn 100k in ~4 minutes, post 11x, about ~2 minutes, and that’s just pots to supplement the med life potion….. RK ran through 100k within like 6-8 minutes 12x – 13x, though before 12x he was using like 300-400k/hr cause he wasn’t mobbing. Pre-99 leveling is considerably cheaper. Try to be ready by the time you hit 99 trans, for character operation to get much more expensive.

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