Get Paid For Online Surveys: $5 Sign-Up Bonus

June 5, 2021

Will I Be Able to Participate in Focus Groups and Get Free Products to Test?

Yes. In addition to online surveys, InboxDollars provides other ways to help brands conduct market research.

There are many online surveys that ask participants if they’re interested in participating in follow-up studies and focus groups for a chance to earn extra money, Amazon gift cards, PayPal, free samples, and other rewards.

With product tester studies, you’ll be asked to test products (often household items or beauty products) from your home. You’ll record your experience over a set period of time, then share the results and honest review with the market research company.

Product testing is a fun way to discover new products and make money. For some product testing opportunities, you may be able to recruit your friends and neighbors. They’ll also be able to win free stuff and make money.

In addition to product testing opportunities, you may also have the opportunity to participate in focus groups in your area. At these gatherings, brands will ask for your honest review or feedback about new products or concepts. Or, they possibly just want to observe you using their new product. Is it easy for the consumer to use? Are the directions straightforward? Or is it confusing for the product tester.

Research companies are interested in gathering this data firsthand. Just like with product testing at home, you get paid for being in a focus group. Generally, you’re paid with free products, cash, PayPal, Amazon cards, or other gift cards. Focus groups require travel and often take place during the weekdays. So they often pay more and provide extra perks like free lunch and free parking.