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June 28, 2021

Rich Dad’s Business Coaching

My rich dad was right. My partners and I were amateurs. We let our meteoric rise to success cloud our ability to make smart business decisions. We weren’t business owners, we were kids who fell into success.

Instead of managing our cash-flow, we were concerned about what sports car to buy. Instead of analyzing how our competition could (and eventually did!) destroy us, we were focused on chasing girls.

It took the real-world business coaching from my rich dad to help me finally understand what I was doing wrong. Within months of meeting with my rich dad we were able to turn things around.

Unfortunately, however, our surfer wallet business failed. One of my partners took off with the only money we had remaining and I was left almost one-million dollars in debt which took me years to pay back. (It turns out my rich dad wasn’t wrong calling us crooks.)

As I look back, I wonder whether the struggles were worth it. Sometimes, I think yes.

But, would I have done it the same way knowing what I know now? No!

See, my biggest take away from this entire experience was that professionals have coaches, amateurs do not.

This is true about everything in life. From athletes to business owners and from relationships to personal finances, professionals understand that they don’t know what they don’t know.

Even to this day, with all of my success, I work with coaches in all areas of life—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Rich Dad personal finance coach

What is it like to work with a Rich Dad coach?

It was painful for me to hear the stinging words of business advice from my rich dad. But sometimes, hearing the truth is the only way to help us get past our own limiting beliefs.

In the same way my rich dad helped me see and understand what was blocking me from success, my Rich Dad coaches will work with you to…

  • Build a cash flow plan that addresses your personal needs
  • Discover your Mission, Passion and Purpose
  • Create an individual strategy to become secure, comfortable, and rich
  • Map out where you want to go and how to get there
  • Personalize an investment plan to help you move from the “B” and “I” quadrants
  • Set your plan in motion—so that becoming rich is an automatic process

Don’t let what you don’t know keep you from success the way I did.

Choose your Rich Dad coach from the options below.

Topic Level Next step
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Real Estate One on One Personal Coaching Beginner/Experienced Learn more
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Cash Flowing the Stock Market As a Business new Beginner/Experienced/Advanced Learn more
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