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Why Namecheap?

Privacy and Security

Your online security and privacy come first at Namecheap, and we will always support the rights of individuals and consumers online. It’s our mission to keep the Internet open, free, and safe for everyone.

Your Business Online

Boost your business with industry-premium products and services, at prices that won’t break your budget. If it doesn’t provide you with a better Internet experience, we simply don’t offer it.

Customer Service

You’re covered by a Support Team that’s renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in the business. Real people are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin building my own website?

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel that acts as a separate account, designed for managing all your hosting needs online. Here you’ll be able to build your website with Website Builder as well as upload and manage files, create email accounts, and check your website’s statistics — all in one place. Your cPanel login details can be found in your Welcome Email.

Can I use Website Builder for several websites?

Absolutely. Your Website Builder is only limited to the number of websites that are available under your preferred Shared Hosting Plan (Stellar Plus and Stellar Business offer unlimited websites while Stellar offers up to 3 websites.)

  • In order to use the import feature with an existing website, the URL must be active/live.
  • Our Stellar Plus Plan offers unmetered disk space, intended only for your website. This space must be used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), in particular Paragraph 10, Disk Usage Provision.
  • Only first-time Shared Hosting customers are eligible for our 30-day money-back guarantee. For example, if you previously created an account with Namecheap, subsequently canceled and signed up again, unfortunately you are ineligible for a refund. The same scenario applies to those who have already opened a second Namecheap account.
  • Namecheap will provide a free domain name (first year only) with purchase of any annual or biennial Shared Hosting plan as long as the domain name is not considered “premium”. Learn more about Premium Domain Names →
  • Cloud Storage is only available with Stellar Business plans with US datacenters.
  • Our up to 50% discount offer only applies to purchases of annual and biennial plans. This discount offer does not apply to renewals.

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Unlike a Shared Hosting server, where resources are distributed among the respective users, a purchase of a Dedicated Server lets you benefit from every resource available such as RAM, storage, computing power, etc.” }, { “title”: “Why should I buy Dedicated Server Hosting? What are the benefits?”, “body”: “n u003Cpu003EBy offering you more power and adaptability than other hosting options, renting a Dedicated Server Hosting is the best recommended for those who have a technical background, i.e. those who are comfortable with managing and configuring servers with root access.u003Cpu002Fu003En u003Cpu003ETypically, Dedicated Server Hosting is used to benefit the following: high-traffic websites, website and business applications, content streaming, podcasting, machine learning, big data, storage, infrastructure virtualization, and game servers.u003Cpu002Fu003E” }, { “title”: “What are the differences between a Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server?”, “body”: “When you buy a Dedicated Server, you receive one physical server with the highest level of access as well as complete freedom over its usage. Unlike a Cloud VPS, there is no virtualization layer with a Dedicated Server so all its physical resources are available to you. A Dedicated Server also allows you full management control over its configuration and installations.” }, { “title”: “Can I upgrade my Cloud VPS to a Dedicated Server?”, “body”: “Absolutely. If you want to upgrade your current hosting plan with Namecheap or transfer an existing hosting account with a third-party provider, please get in touch with our u003Ca href=”u002Fhelp-centeru002F” target=”_blank”u003E24u002F7 Supportu003Cu002Fau003E.n They’ll recommend a dedicated server that best suits your needs and advise you on how to proceed. u003Ca href=”u002Fhostingu002Fhosting-migrate-to-namecheapu002F” target=”_blank”u003ECheck out more details on the hosting transfer processu003Cu002Fau003E.” }, { “title”: “What control panel do you provide with Dedicated Servers?”, “body”: “n u003Cpu003EA hosting control panel is a tool that helps manage your hosting account and is especially useful for non-tech savvy users.u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Cpu003ECurrently, we offer two control panel options:u003Cbru002Fu003E1) u003Ca href=”u002Fsupportu002Fknowledgebaseu002Fsubcategoryu002F29u002Fcpanel-questionsu002F” target=”_blank”u003EcPanelu003Cu002Fau003Eu002Fu003Ca href=”u002Fsupportu002Fknowledgebaseu002Fsubcategoryu002F30u002Fwhm-questionsu002F” target=”_blank”u003EWHMu003Cu002Fau003E – available only with the operating systems CentOS or CloudLinux OS.u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Cpu003E2) Interworx – available only with the operating system CentOS. Please note that only User-Responsible Server Management applies.u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Cp class=”gb-mb-0″u003EPrice Comparison:u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Ctable class=”gb-mb-3″u003En u003Ctru003Eu003Ctd class=”gb-pr-3 gb-pb-1″u003EInterworx (unlimited accounts)u003Cu002Ftdu003Eu003Ctd class=”gb-pb-1″u003E$18.00u002Fmonthu003Cu002Ftdu003Eu003Cu002Ftru003En u003Ctru003Eu003Ctd class=”gb-pr-3 gb-pb-1″u003EcPanel Tier 100 (up to 100 accounts)u003Cu002Ftdu003Eu003Ctd class=”gb-pb-1″u003E$29.88u002Fmonthu003Cu002Ftdu003Eu003Cu002Ftru003En u003Cu002Ftableu003En u003Cp class=”gb-mb-0″u003Eu003Ca href=”u002Fsupportu002Fknowledgebaseu002Farticle.aspxu002F10246u002F2252u002Fdifference-between-cpanel-and-interworx” target=”_blank”u003ELearn more about available control panel options →u003Cu002Fau003Eu003Cu002Fpu003E” }, { “title”: “How many websites can I host on a Dedicated Server?”, “body”: “As many as you like. Although Namecheap does not set any limits on the number of websites you can host, this number depends on a few factors:n 1) the amount of resources provided with your server and the technologies you use,n 2) your bandwidth requirements andn 3) if you have an HTML-designed website or a CMS-based website. Due to the static nature of an HTML-designed website, you can host more websites. With CMS-based websites, you can host fewer websites due to an increase in RAM and CPU processing.” }, { “title”: “How do I get started with my Dedicated Server setup? Is there any fee for this?”, “body”: “There is no additional fee for Dedicated Servers setup. Once you’ve bought your Dedicated Server, our Risk Management specialists check your order and forward it along to our Tech Team.n Here, they set up a server with the Linux-based operating system (OS) such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or CloudLinux, as well as other addons of your choice.n From there, you’ll receive a Welcome Email with your access details and additional instructions. On average, the dedicated server setup process takes less than 4 hours to complete.n The exception is for Dedicated Server customers who choose Complete Server Management, which may take longer. If this is the case, our 24u002F7 Support Team will personally reach out to you.” }, { “title”: “What are the main differences between the three Server Management options?”, “body”: “n u003Cp class=”gb-mb-0″u003E1. User-Responsibleu003Cbru002Fu003En Where you manage and configure your server on your own. This is the default Server Management choice.u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Cp class=”gb-mb-0″u003E2. Basicu003Cbru002Fu003En Where core services are monitored by Namecheap with a proactive response if there’s unexpected server failure. Only works with CloudLinux or CentOS and with cPanel already installed.u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Cpu003E3. Completeu003Cbru002Fu003En Where Namecheap runs and manages everything for you. Here, all technical issues are maintained by our technical experts, letting you focus on your online business.n We’ll take care of your server’s settings, including firewall configurations, PHP handling, service interruptions with root cause analysis, and more.n Weekly backups to a separate backup server are also offered (up to 200 GB worth of storage).u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Cpu003ECentOS or CloudLinux with cPanel is required for Basic and Complete Managements. Complete Management only applies to servers with two or more disks.u003Cu002Fpu003En u003Cp class=”gb-mb-0″u003Eu003Ca href=”u002Fsupportu002Fknowledgebaseu002Farticle.aspxu002F9213u002F2188u002Fwhat-dedicated-server-management-options-do-you-provideu002F” target=”_blank”u003ELearn more about your Server Management options →u003Cu002Fau003Eu003Cu002Fpu003E” }, { “title”: “Can I set up a private networku002FVLAN for my Dedicated Server?”, “body”: “Due to technical restrictions, a u003Ca href=”u002Fsupportu002Fknowledgebaseu002Farticle.aspxu002F10221u002F2188u002Fprivate-network-on-dedicated-servers” target=”_blank”u003Evirtual local area network (VLAN)u003Cu002Fau003E cannot be set up or installed by you.n Please get in touch with our Tech Support Team by u003Ca href=”https:u002Fu002Fsupport.namecheap.comu002Findex.php?u002FTicketsu002FSubmit” target=”_blank”u003Esubmitting a ticketu003Cu002Fau003E to Hosting (VPS and Dedicated Servers).” }, { “title”: “What is a CXS License?”, “body”: “A CXS is a tool that performs active scanning of files as they are uploaded to the server. It can detect suspicious files found on the server, as well as prevent most (but not all) exploits from being uploaded or run on the server. Additionally, CXS allows you to perform on-demand scanning of files, directories, and user accounts to detect suspicious exploits, viruses, and resources. CXS license is installed for free for VPS Quasar and Dedicated plans with the Complete Management.” }, { “title”: “Where is my Dedicated Server located?”, “body”: “All Dedicated Servers from Namecheap are located in the USA (PhoenixNAP datacenter, TX, US). Find out more about our u003Ca href=”u002Fsupportu002Fknowledgebaseu002Farticle.aspxu002F136u002F22u002Fwhere-are-your-datacenters-locatedu002F” target=”_blank”u003EUS datacentersu003Cu002Fau003E.” } ] } }; ]]> {}

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