Free Web Hosting Services —

April 7, 2021

Free web hosting is a service that stores your website and delivers its web pages to the Internet for free. Any website you’ve ever seen, from the smallest stamp-collecting hobby website to Microsoft’s official corporate website with thousands of web pages, uses web hosting to make those web pages available to Internet users. is one of the best free web hosting providers around, having hosted millions of sites since 1995. gives you space on its servers for your website so that any computer in the world can access your website through a network or modem. And the best part about it is that web hosting from is free!

Because the free web hosting service is ad-supported, you get superior web hosting of a website of up 12 MB absolutely for free. Start your own website to keep in touch with friends and family, follow your favorite sports team, or just share your thoughts with the world.

Use one of the easy templates to create your very own website – no HTML needed. Or use the Site Copier service to copy your existing website to You can even transfer files with free web hosting, to make information exchange that much easier.

If you need more disk space for your website or would like to start a business website, can help you there, too, with one of its paid web hosting options.

Whatever your web hosting needs, has a hosting package that’s right for you. So get your free website up today!