For the Horde!

April 10, 2021

Quick Facts

>>> the new Harbour entrance”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-15T19:17:14-05:00″,”id”:50791,”rating”:36,”commentid”:374579,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Halbarad”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Since it seems to me as though people can’t count on WoWHead, here’s the REAL entrance count. Alliance: Stormwind – 4:(Auberdine boat, Valliance Keep boat, Main entrance, Train) Ironforge – 2:(Main, Train) Darnassus – 1:(Portal) Exodar – 2: (Main, Side) Horde: Orgrimmar – 2:(Main, Side) Undercity – 2:(Main, Side)(Maybe 5 if you count each lift and the Orb.) Thunderbluff – 2:(Main, Back) Silvermoon – 2:(Main, Orb) Thank you for playing, have a nice day. :)”,”creationdate”:”2008-11-30T03:21:22-06:00″,”id”:60538,”rating”:42,”commentid”:374579,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”DanTheBigMan”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:4,”id”:381766,”nreplies”:8,”sticky”:0,”user”:”212021″,”body”:”Come on Blizz why not include killing the gnome boss? Could be called Punting the Runt.”,”date”:”2008-09-20T02:48:08-05:00″,”rating”:223,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”I don’t think a single comment on here has made me laugh this much. Anyway back on topic the deeprun tram can be used as a side entrance to SW. Have a warlock suicide run into the portal from either IF or SW and a few rogues/druids and summon away. But yes the Alliance have us Horde beat on this. Thrall is easy to reach by using the side door. Silvermoon can be easily reached via the orb. The only trouble comes from Windrunner and Bloodhoof as they are quite deep into the cities.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-09T16:30:48-05:00″,”id”:353728,”rating”:10,”commentid”:381766,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Hawkk”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Actually, unless this has changed with the most recent patch, or with the incoming expansion, as an Alliance character, I was unable to use the Orb of Translocation to get into Silvermoon. If anything, that orb puts the Alliance at a potential disadvantage as the Horde can drop right into the chamber behind the Silvermoon boss and join the fight.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-15T19:30:59-05:00″,”id”:50795,”rating”:24,”commentid”:381766,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”104931″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Aha, and Vol’Jin killing achievement, called “Make a hole in the Troll”…”,”creationdate”:”2008-12-13T19:41:19-06:00″,”id”:64488,”rating”:37,”commentid”:381766,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Annaella”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Yeah but no horde character cares about Silvermoon so it should still be just as easy”,”creationdate”:”2008-12-20T10:33:34-06:00″,”id”:66340,”rating”:21,”commentid”:381766,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”captainking”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Or “Ace in the Troll” ;)”,”creationdate”:”2010-10-05T18:51:13-05:00″,”id”:185199,”rating”:6,”commentid”:381766,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”hazmatt”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:5,”id”:382564,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Barkend”,”body”:”Can an Horde Warlock summon a party from Eastern Kingdons to the Deeprun Tram?rnrnIf it is possible, a nice strategy is to send an Warlock and two more Rogues/Druids to Deeprun Tram and to summon a raid and do a “stealthed” attack.”,”date”:”2008-09-20T19:06:34-05:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:6,”id”:383394,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Roa33″,”body”:”Heh, I was once in a raid for Stormwind on my server that included 4 raid groups (Yes thats 160 people), We had to watch our spacing so as to not crash the server lol, but we got to the path leading up to Stormwind and then an alliance came out with like 2/3s health for whatever reason and everyone basically wanted to start killing things so then we charged after the alliance and just went in Stormwind and rocked the entire city killing everything from the bankers, to the AH, to the King and then we preceded to the Deeprun tram to try and rush the next boss, but we pretty much had already done we planned to do. rnrnAnd for those wondering what my FPS was…. I had about 2-5fps with a Nvidia 8800 GTS card inside the Kings room. It probably took the raid about 2-3min to down the boss…. rofl pwned.”,”date”:”2008-09-21T14:15:43-05:00″,”rating”:18,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:7,”id”:385848,”nreplies”:4,”sticky”:0,”user”:”202718″,”body”:”Silvermoon is a bit trickier to get to for the Alliance. There’s probably a route or a fly point already unlocked that I’m missing, but the Plaguelands is still a nifty deterrent.rnrnThunder Bluff has a couple entrances, but it also has a lot of chokepoints. I always thought a raid on it would be interesting.rnrnThat sewage pipe in the Undercity, however, is just begging to be ganked. A shame.”,”date”:”2008-09-23T21:43:06-05:00″,”rating”:-1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”The fly point you’re likely missing is the one to Zul’aman, in Ghostlands. Anyone who’s been to ZA will have it, and it’s flyable to from IQD if i’m not mistaken.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-04T10:07:12-05:00″,”id”:352939,”rating”:2,”commentid”:385848,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”177844″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”according to the beta forums by a blue this has been changed to 100,000 hk’s.″,”creationdate”:”2008-10-07T20:09:55-05:00″,”id”:353446,”rating”:2,”commentid”:385848,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”186670″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”This is why it’s best to do these things at 1-2 in the morning when you have the time. That’s when the cities are mostly empty. SW will be hard, IF will be hard…I don’t think Darnassus or Exodar will be that hard. It’s just the guard spawns that get annoying.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-08T13:17:05-05:00″,”id”:353566,”rating”:4,”commentid”:385848,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Arearda”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”In response to Slimm609. The Blue post says: [quote]Actually, we moved the “of the Horde” and “of the Alliance” titles to 100K HK’s. The new reward for “For the Horde” and “For the Alliance” is a Black War Bear.[/quote] This achievement is “For the Horde” whose reward is a Black War Bear. The “of the Horde” title is a reward and it is now achieved by getting 100,000 Honor Kills. You can find the “of the Horde” achievement here:″,”creationdate”:”2008-10-08T15:08:01-05:00″,”id”:49768,”rating”:6,”commentid”:385848,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Dorkfish”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:8,”id”:402156,”nreplies”:2,”sticky”:0,”user”:”75521″,”body”:”On the Beta WotLK, we managed to kill Tyrande in Darnassus, and we reached her in less than five minutes, as the guards would be killed in an instant. We wiped once, but managed to get her the second time.nnI don’t think that things are easier for either the Horde or the Alliance, and each city has its own difficulty.nnSilvermoon City: Can have instant access, but the 2 bosses that have to be aggroed at the same time are the hardest of all cities.nnUndercity: Access is not completely immediate, but again, the fact that there are two bosses in the room makes things hard.nnOrgrimmar: Pretty deep in the city, if the right gate is used, but in Thrall’s throne room, there are tons of elite guards, plus Vol’Jin. Overpopulated, which makes things hard.nnThunder Bluff: Only 1 boss, but it’s in the heart of the city, and players can also get lost in that labyrinth. Thunder Bluff has a big population too.nnStormwind City: Probably the hardest one, as it is overpopulated and getting to the boss can be trouble. Like in TB, players can easilly be lost.nnIronforge: It is overpopulated too, but boss can be much easier accessed.nnExodar: Can be considered the easier city, as, even though players can get lost in there, the boss it pretty easy and not many players hang out in there.nnDarnassus: Pretty easy too, as a small amount of Alliance are there, and Tyrande in fairly easy to reach.”,”date”:”2008-10-10T16:21:44-05:00″,”rating”:20,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Darnassus is definately easiest, we 5 manned it and got whisperwind to 40%, no one hangs out there”,”creationdate”:”2008-11-04T23:11:19-06:00″,”id”:358669,”rating”:0,”commentid”:402156,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”89277″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”After you get Veteran of The Wrathgate and do the subsequent quest Battle for Undercity (or something like that) there is only Sylvanas left, as Varimathras gets killed and you don’t see him anymore. So if all raid members did that, UC is too just one boss…”,”creationdate”:”2009-06-23T18:35:10-05:00″,”id”:412313,”rating”:0,”commentid”:402156,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”94027″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-11-04T12:31:23-06:00″,1,”75521”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:9,”id”:402194,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”g0urra”,”body”:”On Coldarra (beta server) we managed to kill all four city bosses on with 24 people – not something that would be possible on live servers since there are many more people there.nnAfter you kill the last city boss you get a mail from Thrall himself: [url=]link[/url]nnBlack War Bear in action: [url=]link[/url]”,”date”:”2008-10-10T17:09:44-05:00″,”rating”:14,”indent”:0,”roles”:256,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-10-11T05:06:26-05:00″,2,”g0urra”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:10,”id”:403991,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”227869″,”body”:”Don’t forget that Stormwind will get Stormwind Harbor in 3.0.2.rnWhich makes it two entrances.”,”date”:”2008-10-12T15:44:12-05:00″,”rating”:11,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:11,”id”:405824,”nreplies”:13,”sticky”:0,”user”:”201210″,”body”:”I think the real concern / question here is..rnrnHow the hell did Thrall manage to fit a BEAR in the mail system?rnrnAll I can imagine is the bear head fitting in, then the rest of the body outside of the mailbox.. flailing around…rnrnThese are indeed great times of turmoil.”,”date”:”2008-10-14T13:41:31-05:00″,”rating”:143,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”He [url=]hexed[/url] it first.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-16T08:45:48-05:00″,”id”:50899,”rating”:44,”commentid”:405824,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Zerotorescue”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”He’s the Warchief for a reason.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-26T04:05:39-05:00″,”id”:52707,”rating”:66,”commentid”:405824,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Windriver”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”if some group of people fighting for animal rights find this out, Thrall will have big trouble”,”creationdate”:”2008-12-22T16:11:18-06:00″,”id”:66931,”rating”:16,”commentid”:405824,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”87550″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”You’re questioning the logic of a game where you can play as a cow-man, carry 5 backpacks each with 20 two-handed axes in them (without them even showing on the toon) and where you can fly magic-carpet mounts and dinosaurs? Really?”,”creationdate”:”2009-02-20T19:06:04-06:00″,”id”:81408,”rating”:24,”commentid”:405824,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”325991″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:””REINS of the Black War Bear” – You get the REINS in your mail, which is completely possible.”,”creationdate”:”2010-02-03T09:50:30-06:00″,”id”:146866,”rating”:5,”commentid”:405824,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”15149″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:12,”id”:408109,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”70855″,”body”:”Just on side note. Guards are now level 80 elites.”,”date”:”2008-10-16T11:28:22-05:00″,”rating”:16,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:1,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:13,”id”:408449,”nreplies”:2,”sticky”:0,”user”:”31407″,”body”:”Completed 16-10-2008 by nightshift n”,”date”:”2008-10-16T16:36:37-05:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”I’m really curious as to how you managed to hit a boss that’s 13 lvls above you? And how did the tanks survive?”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-17T19:50:34-05:00″,”id”:355238,”rating”:1,”commentid”:408449,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”222303″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”In fight mechanics is it not easier for a lvl 70 player to hit a boss than a 80 elite? The 80 elite has 10 lvls on the 70 player but the boss only 3 lvls for hit, not 13. That’s how I thought it was anyway.”,”creationdate”:”2009-02-08T11:13:34-06:00″,”id”:386894,”rating”:1,”commentid”:408449,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”74836″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-10-16T16:42:38-05:00″,3,”31407”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:14,”id”:409435,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”231042″,”body”:”Damn yo, grats Nightshift. Inspired me to try to throw this together on my server.”,”date”:”2008-10-17T12:26:04-05:00″,”rating”:-3,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:15,”id”:409530,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”227252″,”body”:”These bosses are buffed up for level 80 and extremely hard.rnTry to do with 2 full raids cause we failed at SW boss with one full raid at 70%”,”date”:”2008-10-17T13:37:09-05:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:16,”id”:409675,”nreplies”:2,”sticky”:0,”user”:”123877″,”body”:”Its actually not that hard even with lvl80 elite guards and lvl83 bosses if you bring lots of warlock speced″,”date”:”2008-10-17T15:37:07-05:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”There is a difference between Miss and Resist. A Miss is when you do not have sufficient Spell Hit to land the spell – i.e. 17% before any talents or effects like racial abilities. If you have say base hit, only 83% of your spells will land i.e. 17% will Miss – this is not a fault with the Chaos Bolt itself, but your gear. If you have 100% (or higher, though more makes no difference) spell hit, every single one of your spells will land on the mob. At this point, you encounter resist. There are some effects (immunities) that stop the chaos bolt, for example, Pally Divine Shield or Mage Ice Bl”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-17T15:37:08-05:00″,”id”:416846,”rating”:1,”commentid”:409675,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”235214″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”wrong, [s]chaos bolt can still miss (im pretty sure as i think it was chaos bolt that was missing)[/s], and even when it was hitting it was only doing 800 damage Edit: I havent seen it miss again, but it DEFINITELY can be partially resisted”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-18T04:49:27-05:00″,”id”:51263,”rating”:3,”commentid”:409675,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”168126″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:17,”id”:411949,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”232049″,”body”:”Completed by Nihilum and GLodge on 17/10/2008.rnGLodge did it again at 18/10/2008.rnThe actual fight took 29 minutes (IF king).rnrnThe IF king is the hardest of them all.rnYou can’t compare it to any other king.rnWe had 5 tanks with us and 2 out of combat ressers , hope this information would help others.rnrnEdit : has anyone else received a code from Thrall after the kill ?rnThe whole raid got a mail from Thrall with the bear and about an hour later yet another mail from Thrall with a code in.rnDoes anyone know what the code is for ?”,”date”:”2008-10-19T10:18:31-05:00″,”rating”:5,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”I don’t see how you could do this on a live server and take that long. I downed him pre-3.0.2 and it was about 8 min or so before there were so many alliance that you couldn’t move from the lag. In 29 minutes every alliance on the server could be there.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-22T17:57:02-05:00″,”id”:356331,”rating”:0,”commentid”:411949,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”233934″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-10-19T10:20:04-05:00″,1,”232049”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:18,”id”:417727,”nreplies”:2,”sticky”:0,”user”:”155734″,”body”:”My guild, along with some members of other high ranking guilds, attempted this last night. (10/23/08, yes, post-3.0) We got Prophet Velen (From Exodar) down the first attempt. We got Tyrande Whisperwind down to 50% and then some moron pulled aggro and ran which reset her. Yes. there was much screaming over vent (I’m sure you could imagine). We gave up after a few whipes since there was a huge storm of Alliance players coming also.rnrn[b]General Tips[/b]rnrn•Casters should be on Allie Control. Since the guards are level 75 and the bosses are either level 80 or 83, pretty much all your attacks are going to miss, even when “Hit Capped”. For casters, that is extremely frustrating and quite honestly a waste. All Melee should be on the boss.rnrn•However, casters who have some good AoE should be on AoE for guards whenever needed. There will be *LOTS* of guards. Especially for Tyrande Whisperwind since there are two priest trainers next to her who summon a large, note, large, amount of guards.rnrn•Make sure you don’t fail where my group did and have a DPS pull aggro. In the event of a DPS pulling aggro, let them die fast before they have the option to be dumb and run away. The bosses have what seems to be a short ‘leash’ and reset easily.rnrn•In the event of a whipe, have everyone run back, and rez together. Assuming there aren’t *lots* of allies, this is easy to get going again. Just rez, aoe the guards down, and then Eat/Drink/Magefood.rnrn•Any +hit you have is good. Even if you have to sacrifice attack power for hit, it is necessary. Any +hit food is good. Also for Hollow’s Eve, we have Chewy Fel Taffy which gives (lol) +5 hit.rnrn[b]Info on the two bosses we did[/b]rnrn•Prophet Velen (Exodar)rnThis was just a simple Tank n Spank. There really weren’t that many guards there, so they weren’t an issue. As far as Alliance players being a problem, to be completely honest, I think most Alliance players don’t even know how to get to Exodar because there were probably three allies the whole time we were there. From first guard to boss down, it took us about 10-15 minutes. Due to the high amount of attacks that miss, I was second on DPS with just under 1000 DPS (I’m a hunter). That’s there to give an idea about how much damage is actually going to be done.rnrn•Tyrande Whisperwind (Darnassus)rnA bit harder. However, defending yourself from Alliance is super easy due to there being only one way to the top floor. Keep your Alliance Control group at the top of the staircase/ramp that leads up there. Just watch for stealth and you are all set, we had a few rogues sneak in and rape our healers.rnrn•As far as the actual fight, it is a bit trickier. We tried a *REALLY* off the wall strategy that, surprisingly, worked amazing. Mana drain. Get ANYONE who can drain mana to do it. Have a MM spec hunter keep Viper sting up all the time using viper + chimera shot. Why mana drain? Tyrande Whisperwind does an AoE starfall ability. If you keep your healers/hunters/lolcaster dps at MAX RANGE, they will be okay. HOWEVER! It can chain, I believe, by 5 yard intervals. So example, Starfire hits tank, bounces to melee dps, bounces around there, then goes to a ranged dps, hits all range/casters, hits healers, etc. rn•So what you do is keep all melee, except for the tank, on Alliance Control until Tyrande Whisperwind is completely mana-drained. Once she is at 0 mana, then all the melee can come in and tear her up. Just make sure to keep on draining. Her mana goes down relatively fast, surprisingly. rnrn-Jemmoro (Troll Hunter), Bambootown, Burning Legion server.”,”date”:”2008-10-23T16:06:54-05:00″,”rating”:9,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”We did it with 40 people without any major problems. The key to this I guess is that we started running to Stormwind at 03:00 from our meeting point at Raven Hill in Duskwood. When attacking this late you eliminate alot of the problem with pvp players idling in the major cities ready to aid their leaders since most people sleep. And the people online usually farm or do bgs and arenas so they’re too busy to be bothered and think that the raid will fail anyways. On the IF boss which is the only one with somewhat difficulty we only encountered like 10-15 alliance players defending the boss, whic”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-23T16:06:55-05:00″,”id”:359137,”rating”:1,”commentid”:417727,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Himmelfisken”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Thanks a lot man, you have really informed me. I have planned to form the raid tomorrow to tackle this and get my servers first black war bear. I was wondering, how many people did you bring? Last time I downed all of the alliance world bosses in one night, we had 160 people. I’m aiming for at least 120 people, since there gear will be varied, will this do?”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-24T09:08:33-05:00″,”id”:356583,”rating”:0,”commentid”:417727,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”234692″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:19,”id”:418000,”nreplies”:3,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Hylo”,”body”:”The mail Thrall sends you reads as follows:rnrn[quote]From: ThrallrnSubject: For the Horde!rnrnIn this time of great turmoil, true heroes rise from the misery. You are one such great hero.rnrnWar is upon us. Your efforts will further our cause on Azeroth. Your great feats shall go rewarded. Take this prize of Orgrimmar and ride to glory.rnrnFor the Horde!rnrnWarchief Thrall[/quote]rnCompleted 19.10. in EU-Kazzak by Showdown with some members of other raiding guilds.rnrn(and yes, Magni in Ironforge did take close to half an hour to kill)”,”date”:”2008-10-23T22:10:56-05:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”40 people in mainly sunwell/BT gear tried to all the alliance main bosses, exodar, and darn were very easy, but when we went to try the King of Stormwind we got destroyed. Any tips on how to kill him? for those who have?”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-26T03:17:19-05:00″,”id”:356872,”rating”:0,”commentid”:418000,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Willnothealu”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Pull him into the room on your right as you charge up to him, wipe in there, release and corpse run back, all ress at the same time and have a Hunter misdirect the boss to your tank.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-27T04:41:39-05:00″,”id”:357050,”rating”:1,”commentid”:418000,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Lethorio”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”King of SW is pretty easy. Run the raid to the room the right of where the king is and die in there. Have everyone run back and res together right at the back of the room. Buff etc etc and pull the King. The fight is a simple tank and spank, or so it seemed, with the odd charge which ended up in clothies getting one-shot, if it was them who got charged. You may get a battlemaster on the pull, just get an OT to pick it up and nuke it down – it’s level 61, so not much of a problem. But yeah, Bronzebeard was a far tougher task. We got him last night though and got bears for many.”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-31T08:06:29-05:00″,”id”:357765,”rating”:1,”commentid”:418000,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Shooya”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:20,”id”:420826,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”wingman”,”body”:”We got Wrynn of Stormwind with a raid of 40, mostly BT/SW geared tonight.rnrnWhat we did, was swim in to Stormwind Harbor, mount up and ride through to a side room of the Keep, around 76:37 coords. We died in there from all the guards / alliance (unintentionally), and came back as ghosts, stayed in there and had a break for a while so that some alliance would go away and res’d / buffed quickly.rnrnFrom there, we tanked him in the corner of the square room. The reason for this was it was out of range from alliance in the hallway to assist him. We had hunters and melee on the boss, and the spare tanks picking up the guards as they came in. Casters were aoeing guards / bottlenecking alliance in the hallway.rnrnIt takes quite a long time, so ensure healers have regen gear / consumables, and get innervates from feral druids.”,”date”:”2008-10-26T11:39:11-05:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-10-26T11:42:05-05:00″,1,”wingman”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:21,”id”:421748,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Furl”,”body”:”We’ve been hacking away at this achievement, and here’s how we’ve gotten into the cities so far:rnrn[u]Exodar[/u]: We just walked in to the Exodar from the side entrance without too much trouble. We got a bunch of guards, which was probably the hardest part of Exodar, since Velen has always been easy and still is, relatively, and also no Alliance really hang out in the Exodar.rn[u]Darnassus[/u]: Came in from the only entrance, the portal, and walked over to Tyrande, stopping to AoE the guards as we went. There’s a load of NPCs in the Temple, but most were avoidable since they are so spread out. A decent amount of guards were around, but we had 40 people anyway.rn[u]Stormwind[/u]: Stormwind is a little trickier, since Alliance seem to love the place. We had a warlock and two stealthers go into the Gallery (absolutely no NPCs or guards there) and we summoned in the whole raid group. It’s about three steps from the King. However, the best place to tank the King is in the Library (northwest wing of the throne chamber), and we can’t make that pull at all. We die in the throne chamber, res up in the Library simultaneously, kill the one NPC there, and then MD pull the King, who brings 5-6 Royal guards and occasionally the Arathi Basin battlemaster. The King is hell at 70.rn[u]Ironforge[/u]: We considered going in through the tram, but the first time we tried this we had already done King Varian, so there was about 30-40 Alliance waiting on the Ironforge side of the portal. We haven’t actually gone after Bronzebeard yet, but there are two things to note: the front door will bring a raid group right through the Commons, while the Tram will require you to kill the Gnome King, who is a pushover at about 190k hp… has a Gnomish Engineer ability I believe. There aren’t that many guards on the way to the King from the Tram aside from the mass of NPCs that hang out in the King’s room and spawn guards like locusts.rnrn[ul]rn[li][i]Alliance corollaries – [/i][/li]rn[/ul]rn[u]Silvermoon[/u]: Admittedly, Silvermoon would be a real pain to travel through as Alliance, but few Horde make this their city-of-residence anyway. You’d be forced to go through the line of Royal Guards before the Spire, and also would have to kill the two 100k/600k hp Advisors.rn[u]Thunder Bluff[/u]: Easy if you’re organized. Take the back elevator, run in, avoid a few of the NPCs (most of it is just open space on Runetotem’s mesa, though), and kill the boss. I assume the Tauren hits hard (he carries a log), though, so bring a real tank..rn[u]Orgrimmar[/u]: Pull the same strategy that we used for Stormwind, and summon from the empty place that is directly east of Thrall’s chamber. Running in would be difficult, or you could just die. Simultaneous rezzing would solve the problem of killing the Royal Guards, although you’d have to be careful to res in a corner in Thrall’s room and not pull him immediately.rn[u]Undercity[/u]: This would be painful. Every path to Sylvanas’ room brings you through a hundred NPCs and guards. Perhaps maybe you could drown in the middle of Lordamere lake and res in her room!”,”date”:”2008-10-27T07:05:21-05:00″,”rating”:51,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:22,”id”:422891,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”fielding”,”body”:”Completed on Oct. 25th by of Magtheridon. Mag, as far as I know, is high pop too, so it’s definitely doable on high pop servers. We had a 40 man raid, consisting of 25 of our sunwell raiders and then the rest friends/pvp ranks from the guild and of course friends outside the guild.nnWas a lot of fun, I wish it would stay this difficult forever, was definitely the most fun I’ve had in a long time, since Nerfwell for sure. Good stuff and gave me something to do one of the last 4 weeks we have in TBC.nnP.S. the poster above me for the most part described how we did the Stormwind boss almost exactly. We didn’t come through the harbor though.nn-Dork “,”date”:”2008-10-28T07:14:34-05:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”LIke Naga said on hes post, we had him down to 9% and lost to the zombie invasion, since he can´t be infected, he just despawned. heres the video of this attempt we had : (watch in high quality). We had 79 players there, all healers very well geared, we didn´t had Bad geared healers, so keeping up the Tank its not the problem. The problem is the boss can easily be bugged, and can be very frustrating, at least now, at lvl 70. Edit: with only 40 people we downed Varian Wrynn in nov/01/2008 Eonar/Us: Tyran”,”creationdate”:”2008-10-28T07:14:35-05:00″,”id”:357371,”rating”:5,”commentid”:422891,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Marymoon”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-10-28T07:15:44-05:00″,1,”fielding”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:23,”id”:423538,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”236896″,”body”:”Ok so i wanna help you hordies out there with a detailed explanation on each of the bosses for This acheievemt, altough i will say i havnt had the chance to do magni yet, but have gotten all other bosses downrnFirst off id like to say that my experience with raiding faction leaders is very high, ive killed all of them pre 3.0 and 2/4 of them post 3.0 in addition to getting Varian down to 9% than having him disappear cause of a zombie rush.rnOne thing that people seem to fail at utilizing is a warlock and a few rogues. You can summn a whole raid of horde, maybe even 2 or three right under the alliance noses, this also helps tone down the level of gaurds that you will aggro making it a ton easier. Keeping that in mind let me explain each boss,rnProphet Velen- By far the easiest of the 4 faction leaders at 70. He does an aoe holy Nova for about 3k dmg and a holy Smite for around 4k dmg. You want this guy to be tanked by a hunter, because he hits really hard in melee but holy smite is very easy to heal through. In addition to this hunters do the most dmg so hell have plenty of threat. The gaurds are 80 elite and have 25k HP but thats not a big deal, they die easy enough. Easily done with 40 people, alliance never go to Exodar.rnTyrande Whisperwind- Alot harder than Velen but easier than the other two bosses. She is tricky because she hits the tank really hard and the raid dmg is INSANE. she does an AOE starfall that ticks for about 2500 per 2 seconds and she does a magic attack on the tank that hits him really hard. The starfall has a 25 yard range so healers can max range and not get it, catsers as well. The best thing to do wit her is mana drain her to oom. once she has no mana shes cake, and wont use aoe starfall or the attack on the MT. Heal and coast to your achievement. As far as getting to her its pretty simple, just go through the pink portal and run to her and deal with gaurds along the way.rnVarian-This guy is rough. Simple as that hes one of the hardest, but we have tried him so many times we have it down to a science. The first thing you do is Summon the raid in the Gallery of Stormwind. Once everyone is summoned what u do is run to the right out of the gallery and go to the back wall in the right corner of the corridor. Aggro some gaurds and get your raid killed. You do this on purpose so that you can res in the library right next to the king. There is a reason for this. If you try and pull the king from his throne to the spot he needs to be,ur tank will surely die and its GG. this will alert alliance and you will have a problem. So u kill yourslelves in an area were no alliance go and res in his room and you still have the element of suprise. So now for Varian himslef…he is nasty. Hits the tank for 8-6 k with mainhand and offhand. its like brutallus on crack, but its healable since youll have upwards of 10-15 healers. I recommend doing this with two raids grps, u just have to agree on who gets credit and that ull do it again for eachother, thats all i can say. Another thing Varian does is a nasty whirlwind that will kill any caster or rogue. Just avoid it, it has a 3 second cast time. The second toughest thing about this is alliance will flock to you, and u have to deal with them. We have encounterd druid Cycloning our MT so you should bring two really geared tanks. Hunters are KEY. They do the most damage to all the faction leaders by far, bring a lot of them. The faster these guys die the better chance you have.rnMagni Bronzebeard- Like i said ive never attempted him post 3.0, but have killed him twice pre 3.0. His abilities are these…he has an avatar ability like a lot of dwarf bosses, it increases his Size, Armor and dmg. so heals need to be focused here. You will need 5 t6 geared tanks as he does a knockback that reduces threat. he also has a Thunderclap and Stormbolt which stuns the players thats highest on his hate list. He hits REALLY hard, maybe even more than Varian. so Hlears have to be on the ball. Really need to focus on alliance here for caster DPS and all hunters on the boss.rnrnOK well i hope this helps you hordies out there that want to get their bear mounts. Alliance play a big role in this and containing them will help u win. Bring Arena teams with you that have high rating, it will help with this. Hunters are so benefitial here and having two raids grps just makes it more manageable. Thats my two cents hope it helps out.rnrnFor the Horde indeed…”,”date”:”2008-10-28T18:31:38-05:00″,”rating”:14,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:24,”id”:425755,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”177129″,”body”:”Anyone know if the bear mount has a level requirement?”,”date”:”2008-10-30T17:16:52-05:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”I’m pretty sure it’s a level 60 mount since it’s 100% speed.”,”creationdate”:”2008-11-02T09:44:41-06:00″,”id”:358123,”rating”:0,”commentid”:425755,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Survar”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:25,”id”:427150,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”235082″,”body”:”Completed 11.01.08rnGuilds: Dota AR BR Banlist ON and Blood LegacyrnWarsong US-PVP”,”date”:”2008-11-01T06:13:28-05:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:26,”id”:428283,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Survar”,”body”:”I have a question, guys.nnIf the main tank in my raid group picks up and tags a city boss, would it then be possible for the second raid group to also get the kill at the same time if we swap the tank into their raid group? It would save a loooot of time and griefing if this was possible.”,”date”:”2008-11-02T05:51:56-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-11-02T05:53:46-06:00″,2,”Survar”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:27,”id”:429131,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Lordsoze44″,”body”:”Started at Exodar then take ship to Darnassus in Auberdine to Stormwind Harbor and then Train to Ironforgernrnmaybe this is faster way to”,”date”:”2008-11-02T23:00:14-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:28,”id”:429447,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Strexx”,”body”:”Killed all 4 alliance bosses in 4½ hours. Too easy :(“,”date”:”2008-11-03T06:06:06-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:29,”id”:429995,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Avariel”,”body”:”Is it possible to get credit for these achievements now or do we need to wait for the expansion? If we can get them now is it also possible to receive the reward now?”,”date”:”2008-11-03T18:11:56-06:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Read all of the comments stating they’ve completed the achievement. Doesn’t that give a hint that it’s doable now? :P”,”creationdate”:”2008-11-04T13:37:08-06:00″,”id”:358579,”rating”:-1,”commentid”:429995,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Survar”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:30,”id”:430128,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Shapphire”,”body”:”Succeded @ ULDUM-EU 31/10/08 (HORDE)rnrn1st Spanish server kill.rnUhm Dunno world kill, hope top 5 ;).rnrnHardest is iF one, no doubt.rnrnThx to my Guild and For the success.”,”date”:”2008-11-03T21:39:10-06:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:31,”id”:434873,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”35532″,”body”:”In Doomhammer-EU we had a nice War/Race between Alliance and Horde on who gets it first, they had a head start so they did it a few days before, so today 8/11/08 was our turn.rnrnGuilds: Quelm+Inevitable+friendsrnrnBig alliance population on our server made it hard tbh. The bosses themselves are not the big problem, the allies getting into the rooms unflagged MCing/Cycloning the tanks is.rnFrom them all Magni is the worst, because of the aggro wipe. Varian also needs to be careful when u pick him not to have the group close and get whirlwinded.rnrn2 screenies:rnrn (you get the mail almost instantly as you see)rn″,”date”:”2008-11-08T01:16:18-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:32,”id”:435623,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Zakton”,”body”:”Gives the title: “Server Crasher””,”date”:”2008-11-08T18:10:31-06:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Gratz! to Limbo ( Limboftw ) , Hat and various others on Gorefiend – Completed at 4 a.m. 11/10/08″,”creationdate”:”2008-11-10T03:20:34-06:00″,”id”:359688,”rating”:-1,”commentid”:435623,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”181227″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:33,”id”:437081,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”coredumperror”,”body”:”Myself, along with 4 full raids tried this tonight on Blackrock. We formed up in Ashenvale to go take on Prophet Velen first since he is, by all accounts, by far the easiest. The first time we did it, only the first raid that tapped him got the achievement, but we found out how to remedy that while we waited for him to respawn. If you have people from the tapping raid leave group and get invited into raids that don’t have a tap, the tap will “spread” into the other raids. It didn’t work perfectly at first (some people got the tap, some didn’t), but by the time Velen died, everyone had gotten the tap and we all got credit.rnrnOne thing I’m a bit confused about, though, is how your tanks are supposed to survive King Wrynn’s attacks. I’m a feral in full Sunwell gear (minus the helm off KJ), and he was crushing me twice per swing for 9k each (he duel-wields Quel’Serar lookalikes). How do you heal through that kind of damage?”,”date”:”2008-11-10T04:15:33-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”To coredumperror I have 8/8 T6 and Magni oneshoted me 2 times (25k HP raid buffed). I havent noticed similar things when prot warriors tanked them – they lost max 50% of health pool when crushed. They (Blizz) want us to be viable tanks, huh?”,”creationdate”:”2008-11-10T06:04:03-06:00″,”id”:359714,”rating”:0,”commentid”:437081,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”242549″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:34,”id”:437170,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”242549″,”body”:”Killed all 4 at one night from 2 am till 7 am (of which 1,5h lost on summoning people, organizing the raid setups) – 8 November 2008, Zenedar server (day before similar raid – also successful). rnrnWe went with 2 raid teams (c.a. 72 people) – during fight we were changing players between raid groups to receive killshot. So all got achievement. rnrnTanks – mainly T6 or sunwell. For example – Magni resisted almost all my taunts (feral druid). rnDps- primarily hunters and warlocks. Hunters for all bosses and Warclocks for Tyrande manadrain.rnrn + hit is a key . Prot pala benefits spawn control. rnrnDarnassus – Tank her slightly below her platoform. Mana drain then allow mellee. Rest max distance. Control alliance incoming – only one way to Tyrande. rnrnExodar – tank and spank. Nothing special. A lot of space for incoming alliance so watch it.rnrnStormwind – tank and spank. Mellee must pay attention to boss abilities. Boss tanked in side room in one corner, caster opposite side of the room- some royal guards to be controled, One entrance to room so alliance have hard job here to wipe the raid.rnrnIronforge – bring 6-7 very good geared tanks (Magni realy hits hard) Tank to left of throne (if you got aggro), if not stand on throne and spamm taunt button all the time (if you pull aggro, jump from throne to tank spot). Rest spread out. Pay attention to entrance – pvp control. Long fight. rnrnEpic fights.”,”date”:”2008-11-10T05:57:46-06:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:35,”id”:463513,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”228816″,”body”:”from 6:00 am get 20-30 ppl go to IF then take the train go to SW from ther go to ships go to nightelf major city after that …. thats how we did it on my server its really easy”,”date”:”2008-11-22T16:14:00-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:36,”id”:476789,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”SuperstarGoddess”,”body”:”Completed by Necrosis (and a few friends) on Shadow Council Nov 28, 2008. After we had issues with a glitch on Bronzebeard, we finally got it.”,”date”:”2008-11-28T22:16:40-06:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:37,”id”:484093,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Soymeatz”,”body”:”If anyone is having major trouble with Ironforge (we did) give this a try, it should help with coordination and preparation some.nnHave everyone meet up on the second floor of the house at the dot, its easier to do if your ghostsn[b][/b]nnThere are no NPC’s inside of it and a pretty clear shot straight to the throne room once you are prepared. It is also somewhat out of site and as long as no one hangs out in the open it should allow you to avoid drawing too much attention. nnAs for the fight against the king himself, It’s absolutely vital that you keep some people near the entrance to the throne room dealing with Alliance trying to defend.nnOur raid had 40 people, only four healers, three tanks focusing on king, the rest dps, with two groups dedicated to defending the throne room entrance and we pulled it off after a few tries.”,”date”:”2008-12-02T03:32:45-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2008-12-02T03:33:12-06:00″,1,”Soymeatz”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:38,”id”:491046,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”mallboro”,”body”:”just done it last night…realy easy…a 40` man raid whit 9 healers btw 😀 …the most dificult part is in stormwind cuz almost all the alliance players are there….but after u pass of trading district all is very easy..”,”date”:”2008-12-05T07:05:05-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:39,”id”:494096,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”203775″,”body”:”Did this last night… 38 man pug thrown togetehr out of trade ranging from 70s-80s (heals and tanks being 80)rnrnWe ran striaght through stormwinds main gate killed king, tram’d to to IF killed him, ported to org and flew to ashen vale to take exodar then finnaly we did priest guy.rnrntotal time – hour and half. rnrnwas fun having a full raid rushing every citty”,”date”:”2008-12-06T16:35:28-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:40,”id”:494600,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”161675″,”body”:”I’m not sure if this is helpful or not, but when I did Stormwind Stockade [url=][/url] & The Fishing Diplomat [url=][/url], I decided to take the tram to IF for Old Crafty [url=][/url]. I went into the tram area and stealthed in a corner for a few minutes while I went afk. When I came back I was unflagged. I’m not sure if you can summon people from the zone that the tram is in and you definately flag when you leave it, but if you need a place to collect yourself and summon the rest of the group without getting killed, it might be somewhat useful. There are no guards and very little foot traffic.”,”date”:”2008-12-06T21:51:42-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:41,”id”:496104,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”93437″,”body”:”Just done this on the server Shattered Halls (EU), Had about 40 people take part and must of took about an hour or two, we didn’t seem to encounter any difficulties as they alliance didn’t really fight back and the few who did were unable to do much damage.rnrnBasically we just met up outside Stormwind and raced in, defeated the boss and then ran to tram and into then Ironforge. Then portal back to Orgrimmar, flew to Zoram Strand and took the boats to Darnassus and Exodar.rnrnI guess we were lucky this time, as other times I’ve tried and we can’t even get over the bridge in Stormwind.”,”date”:”2008-12-07T15:59:51-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:42,”id”:499976,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”84648″,”body”:”Anyone ever considered the sewer entrance into UC?”,”date”:”2008-12-09T12:30:55-06:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:43,”id”:501107,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”legoman60″,”body”:”My suggestion for horde players attempting to do this:rnStart in Auberdine, Kill Tyranda (watch the AoE starfall) and Velen (interrupt him every chance) by back tracking and taking the boats there. Then take the new boat line to Stormwind Harbor (formerly the line to Menthil Harbor) and more in to the king from there (Wyrnn has whirlwind and an AoE where he jumps and lands, doing damage to all around where he lands and stunning them). If you go through the Cathedral Square and the Dwarven district you avoid the Trade district entirely. From there take the tram to Ironforge. Just outside the IF tram entrance is the Gnome boss, the ankle biter is really easy to punt so take him out and keep moving. The King of IF (he has an AoE knockback and a ranged stun that hits for ~4k-5k) is not to far away and soon you will be riding on your new black war bear. (I did this with a PUG and we downed each boss with minimal losses and no wipes.).”,”date”:”2008-12-09T23:52:40-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:44,”id”:505658,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”126487″,”body”:”If u horde like to storm SW easy just attack from harbor there is not so many players”,”date”:”2008-12-12T09:21:07-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:45,”id”:506679,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”275592″,”body”:”40 Man pug raid on Area 52. Horde got all 4 leaders without taking more than 5-7 mins per boss. Usually less than 5. Did IF, SW, D, Exo. 12/11/08. Check my achievements. Mehrunes is my char name. Easy as pie. only 4 or 5 people died throughout the whole raid.”,”date”:”2008-12-12T22:21:38-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:46,”id”:511668,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”DipDop413″,”body”:”Alliance, be sure you dont have anyone on The Battle for Undercity quest chain. We found out the hard way that your tank cannot aggro Thrall as he is phased because he is on the quest chain. The tank saw Thrall just sitting there talking to Sylvannas and Jaina while the rest of us saw Thrall bashing our skulls in. We figured this would be the same for the actual Undercity so just ensure everyone in your raid group has the quest done or hasn’t accepted it yet.”,”date”:”2008-12-15T11:47:20-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:47,”id”:518524,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”276984″,”body”:”For those of you whos servers the Horde are outnumbered, I would like to shed a bit of hope on you. My server the Horde is outnumbered 4 : 1 and i have lead 4 successful raid with no wipes. It’s all about timing and stratagies. So don’t loose hope and tear those Alliance a new one. For the Horde!”,”date”:”2008-12-18T20:54:46-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:48,”id”:531631,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”LockeZ”,”body”:”When you complete this achievement, you get a letter in the mail from Thrall which contains the [url=]Reins of the Black War Bear[/url]. The letter reads as follows:rnrn[i]In this time of great turmoil, true heroes rise from the misery. You are one such great hero.rnrnWar is upon us. Your efforts will further our cause on Azeroth. Your great feats shall go rewarded. Take this prize of Orgrimmar and ride to glory.rnrnFor the Horde!rnrnWarchief Thrall[/i]”,”date”:”2008-12-26T17:06:54-06:00″,”rating”:10,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”What if I didn’t get this mail and am pissed because of it :(“,”creationdate”:”2013-12-15T16:42:44-06:00″,”id”:714799,”rating”:0,”commentid”:531631,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Kittay”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:49,”id”:535054,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Ihmemies”,”body”:”Participated in some random raid, AD@EU. Wiped once in IF but went fine on 2nd try. Pretty smooth run overall, and I think it’s perfectly doable if you have a leader who knows his stuff.rnrnAs long as you aren’t in some overzealous pvp server getting the achievement shouldn’t be a problem. It’s probably hardet to get the 5 kills in Exodar since it’s a dead city.”,”date”:”2008-12-28T20:43:40-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:50,”id”:540029,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”160490″,”body”:”Do NOT dry to link this in trade chat like, “LFG For the Horde!” as an alliance player. You get dissconnected. hehe…..”,”date”:”2008-12-31T16:25:16-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:51,”id”:540466,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”kauelima”,”body”:”Did it today =D and will be posting my experiences…rnrnrnWe [b]started with Darnassus[/b]… went trough [b]auberdine[/b] and got the [b]boat[/b] since darnassus is almost empty was a easy fight. Then headed back to [b]auberdine[/b] and now got the [b]boat to exodar[/b]… entering by the [b]”back door”[/b] you are almost on the prophet… and exodar is empty as well… now to the 2 more populated =D we headed [b]back to auberdine[/b] (yeah that was turning into a familiar city) and got the [b]boat to SW Harbor[/b]… we were able to get to the king without much trouble but there 4 ppl died to alliance players =/ Tip: do not release there is no spirit healer nearby and our guys were ported to Silithus (maybe a bug but its better to wait rez anyways =P). When king was down we got the[b] tram[/b] =D now in IF we got some trouble with players =P The only way we could kill the boss was killing all aliances at once then killing magni but not that much trouble at all =D hope to be helpfull =D”,”date”:”2008-12-31T23:02:14-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:52,”id”:556484,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”169548″,”body”:”This achievement is rly easy on my server the raids on the allys are almost every week.rnExodar: Just go from the back entrance and kill the guards. Velen casts holy smite and heal.rnDarnassus: When you get inside look out for the elite npc. When you get inside the temple kill all of the npces there are some next to Tyrande and near the entrance. The boss uses a AoE starfall that hits hard.rnStormwind: Get the ship from darkshore and run to the entrance of the keep. Kill the guards in the hall and pull the boss to the hall. The allys are at the trade district soo they wont notice you much. After you kill Varian run to the tram.rnIronforge: This is the hardest part. The city is full with allys. If you are carefull you can go past the gnome boss with out killing him. When you get in the throneroom pull Magni away from the npces . Atleast 15ppl have to kill the allys and the rest have to focus on the boss. He does a AoE spell.rnI hope this helps you do this achievement.”,”date”:”2009-01-10T15:50:14-06:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:53,”id”:558258,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”shadowurahara16″,”body”:”Here is the way we did it on m server, low pop we started out in by meeting a little south of darkshore, we then took the boat to darnassus, after we killed their leader we then went back on the boat and took the boat to exodar we met a little more resistance but it was easy, we then went back again and took the boat to stormwind, here where things got tricky by this point we had started out the night with 25 ppl and got to 40 people by the time we hit SW we had all of our DKs put up Presence of frost to run across the water in the center of town and got to the king we had 5 people dedicted to stopping alliance, then Ironfroge was by far the hardest we left up a portal or 2 by the SW area of the tram and ran to IF as soon as wek exit our mass AoE aggros the gnome king and we get him, but that made us waste so much time and there were well over 80 alliance in king magni bronzebeardschamber. So we wiped and all took spirit rez. after staying behind as a mage while the rest of the groups left and hid thruout dun’morugh i left up portals to dalaran and org. i took the portal to org seeing as alliance wre coming and we took a 15 minute break to trick them. i regrouped with our raid and we zerged the king with less then 20 alliance. so laggy i couldnt see myself get 1 shotted by something over the coarse of 5 minutes, but it was 1 hell of a night ^-^nand the bears are nice and it was enjoyable to go destory the AH and the bank afterwardsnand it got me close to the kill 5 allies in each city acheivment…..all i need is to figure out someway to sneak around in Darnasus > Exodar —> Stormwind —> IronforgernrnNeedless to say, all the alliance on our server bunched up in IF after we did Stormwind.rnSo we regrouped, replaced some people who had left. (Got more heals as well) We charged back in and killed ’em. Headed back to Stormwind via the tram to see if the king had respawned yet (some people missed him for the achievement) and he hadn’t. What’s his respawn, anybody know?”,”date”:”2009-03-07T04:05:39-06:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:65,”id”:644320,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”152040″,”body”:”if we are two raids going after a boss, both raids get credit for killing it or just the one who hit first?”,”date”:”2009-03-16T12:03:51-05:00″,”rating”:5,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”The one that hits first.”,”creationdate”:”2009-03-18T08:24:53-05:00″,”id”:86159,”rating”:1,”commentid”:644320,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”rzzr”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:66,”id”:653813,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Felreaverlovesme”,”body”:”I just did this last night on my warrior. rnAs you know, the more people, the easier it is to do. We had a full group of 80s. We attacked Darnassus, Exodar, Stormwind, and Ironforge in that order. This is how we did it. The time was roughly after midnight, so it was probably easier than expected since most Alliance toons I know still are in school…rnrnGroup make-up: 23 people for pve, 17+ for pvp. 3 tanks, 4 healers, rest were mixed range/melee dps.rnrnDarnassus-Several members entered the portal and started summons, trying to keep hidden behind some stones right near the portal. I wasn’t counting, but I’d say at least ten people were there to begin with. After the group was formed, we just ran straight in on foot, AoEing everything in sight. We got to Tyrande and just attacked. We downed her without a problem, since the Alliance weren’t there. After that, we took the portal back out to the boat.rnrnExodar-We went in, no resistance as usual, and downed Velen. At this point, several members were straggling from the last fight, since a few showed up after we killed Tyrande to pick us off as we left. As stated, Velen is easy and fast to kill.rnrnStormwind-We went through the harbor, and took the paths inside the sections to the right as you left the harbor. We did not follow the canal from the side, as we’d be easier to spot. We did have resistance, since new Death Knights were coming in, but it wasn’t much of a fight. We did have a 7-8 80s try to take us down during the fight, but we didn’t have a problem with them since none of them healed the boss. rnrnIronforge-Took us two times to down this boss. As expected, they were waiting for us in the throne room. We took the tram system to get to the boss, but we took to long and allies were hanging out in the Tram. We also had the PvPers from Stormwind following us. The second time, we waited for about 10-15 minutes before attempting again. We took the main entrance and headed to the boss none stop till the entrance, downed the adds and any followers and went straight for the king. In my opinion, it was the greatest fight, since about half the raid was fighting the king and the others were fighting the waves of Alliance trying to get to us. We killed King with about 4/5 of the raid still up. rnrnDon’t know if this helps…or counts as spam. Either way, this is what happened.”,”date”:”2009-03-24T09:00:34-05:00″,”rating”:8,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:67,”id”:670628,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”341607″,”body”:”LOL. Cheers to that, Fock.”,”date”:”2009-04-09T06:09:45-05:00″,”rating”:-3,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:68,”id”:670939,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”275081″,”body”:”In many realms it actually IS easier for the alliance than for the horde because of the fact that there are so many more alliance players on a lot of european realms…rnrnAtleast for me… My horde character on Bronze Dragonflight (EU) has been trying to get this for ages, but the raid group can never find more people when we reach around 25… But my newly raised alliance character (same realm) got For the Alliance just a couple of days after he dinged 80..!”,”date”:”2009-04-09T13:16:11-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2009-06-03T12:30:51-05:00″,1,”275081”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:69,”id”:712262,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”343132″,”body”:”if anyone looks at this comment (80s) can u help me tommorrow to do stormwind and IF”,”date”:”2009-05-10T21:51:49-05:00″,”rating”:-3,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:70,”id”:731870,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”mabrookes”,”body”:”I just got my mount last night at lvl65 – i asked a raid that was looking for people if i could tag along. After doing sw they wiped twice in ironforge as a large group of alliance appeared. At this point quite a few people left but 15 remained and thought they would try darnassus and exodar. There were no alliance and the bosses were downed very easily. After they decided to try IF with just the people left. Allthough they wiped the first attempt, some decent planning and good execution meant that they managed to do ironforge with 16 people (including me and a 71 paladin) and only 1 healer (a druid) on the second attempt – even with the 5 lvl 80 alliance that showed up. I was impressed and im definately glad i stuck with them till the end. This was on Kul’Tiras realm if you were wondering.”,”date”:”2009-05-30T06:06:05-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2009-05-30T06:10:19-05:00″,4,”mabrookes”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:71,”id”:737311,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”258545″,”body”:”can a twink do this? it would be an OMFG achievement for one to have it, and linking the bear would be FTW!”,”date”:”2009-06-04T17:39:34-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Even level 1 player can do this achievment but will be probably dead all the time.. he would need to be avare of boss cleaving and stuff also they would be easy targets to the defenders…”,”creationdate”:”2015-07-31T11:37:44-05:00″,”id”:888744,”rating”:0,”commentid”:737311,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Glitzero”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:72,”id”:749215,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”TamedKnight”,”body”:”what is the recommended level for this? i am a lvl 60 DK”,”date”:”2009-06-17T10:05:17-05:00″,”rating”:-4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:73,”id”:767268,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Reedus”,”body”:”^ this is pretty much how it happened when I did it a couple of weeks ago. our group was about 2/3 80’s and the rest from 69+ at an average of about 75 or so. we used the dock in auberdine going to/coming back from the first two towns, and then going to stormwind. it was a pretty ragtag group and a lot of folks got lost in stormwind on the way to the tram. we had a lot of ally resistance there and a lot of deaths. the group really got split up, but luckily the rezzers and summoners were on top of things and got us all to the tram with a few guards watching the portal for allies. I actually got the kill credit in both stormwind and ironforge while dead. when finished, we all hearthed to dalaran and rampaged the city on our new black war bears!rnrnreally, it was the biggest group of clowns we could amass – the kills happen because of strength in numbers. without the rezzes and summons, we would have failed miserably. but regardless, it was an absolute blast to do! how often do you get to rummage through the enemies cities? if you get an invite to do this, I would not pass it up!”,”date”:”2009-07-04T03:59:53-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:74,”id”:775414,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”351246″,”body”:”One thing I still don’t understand, why didn’t Blizz put High Tinker Mekkatorque (King of Gnomergan), next to Magni Bronzebeard (King of Ironforge). Just like in Orgrimmar, there are two kings, but in Orgrimmar, Vol’Jin (King of Sen’jin), is hanging around Thrall (King of Orgrimmar). So while none of the horde even need to worry about High Tinker Mekkatorque, the alliance have to put up with with two bosses instead of just one, and in the most popular horde city as well. I think in a new patch, they need to move High Tinker Mekkatorque in The High Seat with Magni Bronzebeard.”,”date”:”2009-07-12T02:38:20-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:75,”id”:777715,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Deveritas”,”body”:”Easiest way a group of 40 of us on khadgar US horde side was doing the following, after intense debate (read: Raid leader mandated it.)rnrnWe grouped up in Dalaran, threw up a port to org to get everyone in the same area. Designated tanks, who does what and such. Then we went to Kargath, got everyone there, then rode out to Ironforge. Outside the gates on the ramp up we did a final summon to get us all there. After about 24 different people /y’ing FOR TEH HORDE! its safe to say they knew we were there with a bloodlust. We sprinted to the King and just nuked him hard and fast, he came down in around 5 minutes, with all of us tab targetting the alliance that decided to fight, once the opposing players were down we nuked the hell out of the boss and brought him down hard.rnrnWoo IF down, we are all freaking excited. Sprinting to the tram we hop on going to SW. We hop off the tram before it hits the platform and hide in the tunnel. One of the raid members logged onto an alliance toon and spammed trade saying they were going to hit Exo and Darn next. I guess there was a mass exodus of alliance to those locations, so naturally after about 5 minutes (read: about 20 seconds.) we rushed out of the tunnel system in the keep, and killed the king. Of course alot of our raid were metal fans so we instantly started singing megadeths “Kill the King” We then ravaged the hell out of the city. At the end I believe the only people left alive were the non flagged people and us.rnrnTwo of the four are down.rnrn (this bit is a bit sketchy because I sort of missed the boat and was summoned into the temple.)rnrnNext up we did a /roll to see whats next, Exodar or Darnasuss. 51+ Exo 50 and under Darn. Darn won so we threw up a mage port to Org, and regrouped there then flew out to the Zoram Strand. After a quick smoke/bio break for everyone. We hopped down into Auberdine and took the portal then freaking wasted the city. We sprinted hard into the Temple thing place uhh yea. Ran up the stairs circled around a bit and wasted the Lady effectively shutting out the lights.rnrn3/4 done Exodar to go.rnrnAlright the lady is down, so we sprint BACK out of darn back into Auberdine and hop on the boat to Exodar. We group up outside the gates, then sprint into what I believe was a side entrance. Ran up a few ramps and nuked the boss. rnrnAfter 20 minutes no wipes, and a helluva lot of fun. We were all owners of a sexy new black war bear. We had a bear party of the Darnassus Bank steps, congraulated each other yada ya ya I went and passed out in bed. (this happened at about 1am CST) I wish I had a video to show you guys how much fun we had, but I was tired and didnt get the thought till we were done.rnrnI hope you enjoyed this rendition of “For The Horde” brought to you by Deveritas of Khadgar US.”,”date”:”2009-07-14T08:27:44-05:00″,”rating”:5,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:76,”id”:783191,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”427956″,”body”:”I agree you can’t try too hard for logic.rnrnBut Thrall IS the warchief so he made the bear fit. So that is why he makes you try hard for it.”,”date”:”2009-07-19T21:53:12-05:00″,”rating”:-3,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:77,”id”:807231,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”246328″,”body”:”For more succusesfull raids go atk Darnassus ,then Exodar , then Stormwind and form Stormwind take the taxi to Ironforge.rnrnAnd it takes a little more then an hour to complete the achievment should really try it the bear is awesome .”,”date”:”2009-08-11T02:52:21-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:78,”id”:829159,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”450399″,”body”:”This is actually pretty easy to get. My guild did it in one night, without any wipes.”,”date”:”2009-09-01T13:19:35-05:00″,”rating”:-4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:79,”id”:829459,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”cain16″,”body”:”So as on Thunderlord Horde has never been successful raiding IronForge. Anyone Got some Tips on how to prevent Alliance from finding out your there”,”date”:”2009-09-01T19:57:02-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:80,”id”:849572,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”sofie”,”body”:”For anybody wondering, after you complete this achievement, the mount is mailed to you.”,”date”:”2009-09-23T17:49:17-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:81,”id”:857865,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”tboneS1987″,”body”:”Just done this with my 79 DK tank (but did it as DPS). Started at Stormwind taking the front entrance and rushing straight to the [url=]king[/url]. Once he was dead left the castle, mounted up (after fishing to get [url=]achievement[/url]) and headed straight to the tram where we took the first tram and ressed and summoned again once we got off the tram. Once we got to Ironforge killed the Gnome king (I know its not needed but we did anyway) and then mounted u and rushed straight to their [url=]king[/url]. Once he was dead it was back on the tram to SW to take the boat to Darnassas not before ressing and summoning again. Killed the [url=]High Priestess[/url] their before going on the boat from Darn to Exodar to kill the [url=]prophet[/url]. nnWe had a good group and met no resistance in Darn or Exo but they seemed to ignore us in the other two like they wanted us to kill there king (they obviously both did something wrong, or they thought they both belonged to the labour party :P)”,”date”:”2009-10-02T16:29:20-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2009-10-02T16:30:21-05:00″,1,”tboneS1987”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:82,”id”:864057,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”319674″,”body”:”Alright. I did this today, during 3.2, and here’s our strat. This was a totally unorganized pug group, and we still got all 4. Recruit in Org. Get raid members to Booty Bay through the Grom’Gol zeppelin. Enough people have probably done the Gnomeregan quest to use their transponder/get a spare transponder from the goblin. Go through Gnomer and summon the rest there. Charge through Dun Morogh, stop at the ramp to gather. rn Go through IF’s trade district to Magni. Use a dedicated team to block Alliance at the door and have all the rest kill him. Run through the great forge to the tram, take it and summon anyone who had to rez on either IF or SW side. Go out, through the Dwarf district, into Varian’s room and kill him. Go to the harbor and take a boat to Auberdine, go to Exo, summon stragglers on the dock. Go inside and kill Velen, right across from the entrance ramp.rn Go back to Aub, summon up, take the boat to Rut’theran. Charge through, take the portal, go right when in the city. Go up the ramps in the temple of the moon, AoEing down the guards. Go to the top and kill Tyrande. Then, do whatever. Get explore Teldrassil, gank lowbies, clear out the city, etc. With enough resistance, you can also get Wrath of the Horde.”,”date”:”2009-10-11T01:48:56-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:83,”id”:864689,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”progshine”,”body”:”For who have interest I post one ‘how to make it’ for the [url=]For The Alliance![/url] achievement [url=]HERE[/url]. :)”,”date”:”2009-10-11T23:37:50-05:00″,”rating”:3,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:84,”id”:868803,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”458527″,”body”:”Heres some easy ways to sneak a whole raid into any of these citys.rnrnStormwind: Super overpopulated, but you can send in a warlock in a pirate costume or something which will hold you for about 10 seconds and 2 stealthed and vanished rogues, get to Cut-Throat ally or the library in SW and summon the group.rnrnIronforge: Tough one, once you’re popular with stormwind wait about 20 – 40 minutes, so while you’re waiting that out you can go back to cut-throat ally and repair and eat and such. Once the alliance is caught off-guard send the lock and the 2 rogues to the tram and make them summon you there (assuming they didn’t find you) and try some possible wall-climbing to the throne room of magni.rnrnDarnassus: Sadly the only entrance is the portal and the main one. However this is an easy one if you avoid guards and players, just lay low here and go along the outskirts of the city, once in the temple go under the ramps and camp the guards that are coming up and down for about a minute, proceed to the boss.rnrnExodar: Go through the side entrance and lay low, though is isn’t a very popular city just try to stay out of any NPC’s way. Once at Velin’s ramp keep a couple afflic and destro locks at the bottom of the ramp to roflpwn any possible allys, while the rest of the group roflpwns Velin.rnrnHave fun!”,”date”:”2009-10-17T14:32:57-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:85,”id”:874031,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”356947″,”body”:”Protip: Go for this achievement at midnight or later and you’ll have a much easier time with the world PVP aspect. It might be harder to get a full raid going, but we managed to do so tonight at midnight server time and just plowed every city with minimal interference. IF was a little difficult, but Exodar and Darn were empty.”,”date”:”2009-10-24T03:46:45-05:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Exodar in Darn is always empty…”,”creationdate”:”2009-11-09T17:23:19-06:00″,”id”:131606,”rating”:1,”commentid”:874031,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”pnukup”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:86,”id”:886927,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”pnukup”,”body”:”I dare alliance players to link it in game :S”,”date”:”2009-11-09T17:22:31-06:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:87,”id”:929926,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”506285″,”body”:”Darnassus 1 rnIF 2rnSW 3rnExoldar 2rnrn i think the horde has it easy on the killing varien in SW”,”date”:”2009-12-27T15:04:18-06:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:88,”id”:934735,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”279616″,”body”:”Has anyone done this on a low lvl character? 30+? Would be cool for my 49 twink to have the black bear!”,”date”:”2010-01-01T21:28:20-06:00″,”rating”:5,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Ya, see my epic post on [url=]This[/url] Page… very helpful methinks xD”,”creationdate”:”2010-03-26T12:46:43-05:00″,”id”:155870,”rating”:0,”commentid”:934735,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”212003″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:89,”id”:941242,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”258919″,”body”:”A raid group (full for SW and IF) I was in, not completely 80s, managed to get this achievement in less than 3 hours.rnrn1) Get healers and a tank, of course. You should probably have about 5 healers to keep your raid up. Try to make heals and tanks 80s, as geared as possible if you can.rnrn2) Get a warlock. This is crucial. Get more than one.rnrn3) Don’t advertise on /2 or /4 if you can avoid it. The less you do, the less chance that someone with an alliance main will rat your raid out. NEVER, in any case, tell which city or cities you are attacking first.rnrnrnAlways start with IF or SW, as these are the most populous cities. The element of surprise is needed to take them both out. I find it easier to do Stormwind first, but feel free to do Ironforge.rnrnTwo ways of doing itrnrn1) Get a warlock and two other raid members to find a deserted house in Ironforge/Stormwind (I’m not sure how many deserted places there are in Stormwind, but there’s plenty of stairwells in Ironforge). Try to avoid the Trade Quarter in Stormwind. Then, summon. On the pro side, you will not be spotted by any alliance members passing by unless they walk into your deserted area or have track humanoids on. On the con side, you are PvP flagged while in cities, making it easier for the Alliance to get together a resistance force while you summon.rnrn2) Get a warlock and two other players to sneak into and walk down the Deeprun Tram until your reach your second “landing” in the tunnel (there are areas in the tunnel where the tunnel widens and gives room for a raid to be summoned). Start summoning. On the pro side, you are not PvP flagged and can choose whichever city you wish from that point (just walk in the right direction). On the con side, you are easily spotted by people riding the tram.rnrnrnOnce you raid IF/SW, run back to the tram tunnel and hope you aren’t followed by a raid group. Go to one of the landings in one of the two tunnels and resummon people who have died. Head to the other city, and kill that boss. Immediately after the boss dies, make a portal to Orgrimmar and have a lock and two others fly to Zoram’gar to summon players. Then, ride up to Auberdine and raid those two cities.rnrnDarnassus and the Exodar are ghost towns, especially the Exodar. Velen is a pushover, and could probably be taken down easily with 10 people. Tyrande is a bit tougher, but not too much.rnrnrnA few general guidelinesrnrn1) Assign about 75% of the healers (all but one or two) to healing the PvPers in your group.rn2) Assign an OT should the MT be killed by NPCs or players.rn3) Kill players who attack you. If you have pvp gear, wear it – it’s worth the sacrifice in DPS.rn4) When you start raiding a city, just mount up and ride to the boss. Once you are there, have your dpsers (mages work extremely well in this) burn down the mounds of guards that will surely be attacking your main tank.rn5) Have the main tank lead the raid. This way, the guards are more likely to attack them and not your clothies.rn6) Have the entire raid /follow the tank. Raids have been ruined because people go the wrong way.”,”date”:”2010-01-07T20:49:26-06:00″,”rating”:6,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:90,”id”:955384,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”520543″,”body”:”Just got done doing this on my priest with a group of 14, down rate me and what not but i felt the need to say it. rnFor The Horde!”,”date”:”2010-01-24T06:59:34-06:00″,”rating”:6,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:91,”id”:975797,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”545254″,”body”:”This Achivement Is To Easy For SaurfangrnAll He Does Is Go The The Front Of AnyrnCity And The Leaders Hang Them Selfsrnrn”Better Then Getting Cleaved””,”date”:”2010-02-14T06:18:06-06:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:92,”id”:977230,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”cipher333″,”body”:”Hyjal just did this, easy as cake. Took us a little less than hour I think.nn[b]Started right at the beginning of Wintergrasp[/b]n[ul]n[li]Met at Zoram’gar in Ashenvale, ran up to Auberdine, took boat to SW, ran in, killed the king easy as pie, minimal deaths.[/li]n[li]Tram to IF. Even though half of us went the wrong (long) way the Wintergrasp battle minimized our losses.[/li]n[li]Portal to Orgrimmar, back to Zoram’gar, Auberdine, boat to Exodar. Dropped him without losing anyone (city was empty)[/li]n[li]Boat to Auberdine, boat to Darnassus, dropped the Priestess. No deaths (city was empty)[/li]n[li]Portal to Orgrimmar.[/li]n[/ul]n/cheern/bragn/cast Black War Bear”,”date”:”2010-02-15T14:43:43-06:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2010-02-15T14:55:53-06:00″,2,”cipher333”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:93,”id”:1013449,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Jrgsubzero”,”body”:”Linking this in chat as an alliance will disconnect you.”,”date”:”2010-04-05T20:39:52-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:94,”id”:1021665,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Mandarin”,”body”:”In this time of great turmoil, True heroes rise from the misery.rnYou are one such great Hero.rnrnWar is upon us, your efforts will further our cause on Azeroth.rnYour great feats shall go rewarded.rnTake this price of Orgrimmar and ride to glory.rnrnFor the Horde!rnWarchief Trall.”,”date”:”2010-04-18T05:59:54-05:00″,”rating”:5,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:95,”id”:1031590,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”minttunator”,”body”:”I haven’t done this achievement yet, so I ask: nHow many players would be needed to kill the Alliance leaders, assuming current (T9-T10) gear?nnEDIT: answering my own question, the bosses are easily doable with 5 people.”,”date”:”2010-05-03T04:43:01-05:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2010-06-09T17:27:20-05:00″,1,”minttunator”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:96,”id”:1059371,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”617376″,”body”:”i completed the for the horde but i did not receve my black war bear”,”date”:”2010-06-16T20:48:44-05:00″,”rating”:-3,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:97,”id”:1063185,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”586994″,”body”:”did it on my lvl 71 pally, took a while to get a raid formed, and not all were lvl 80 (had at least 2 ppl under 70). fairly simple if you know what your doing. we did exodar, darnassus, ironforge and stormwind. did it at 3am est, on nordrassil-us, had no lock, so we used the blackfathom deeps meeting stone as a portal.rnrnvelen- easy to get to, just follow the pathdown and go to him. have tank go after him and keep aggro, keep him healed, and zerg him. when he falls, mount up and return to aurberdine.rnrntyrande- a little more challenging, easy to get to her, but we had a train of guards on us. blizz/volley them down, then go after tyrande. she used starfall often, but healers should be able to keep up (mine did). shes just a glorified mage, so just pound on her till she dies.rnrnmagni- we ported to stonard, flew to kargath, and met up at the ulduman meeting stone. head out, the, upon entering IF, hang right. avoid the ah and bank at all costs, then, when you get to the throne room, attack. he does have a knockback that hits hard, but is survivable. keep heals up and continue to assault him. if there aren’t any allies in the room with you, he should drop within 5 mins.rnrnvarian- this one can be hard if you aren’t ready. head into tinkertown, then take the tram (we waited on the SW side of the tram for almost 10 mins, so the alliance most likely thought we quit) and then we went. we took out the guards in front of the keep, then ran in. varian hits hard, and uses a melee ranged ae attack that can be painful. finished with about 19 people out of 30ish. i died. if you do, do not release, and just wait till either a wipe or the king’s death occurs. then, release if healers are preoccupied (allies attacked at that point), take a spirit rez, and get your mount from thrall =)rnrntook almost 2 hours, but only 20 mins was spent on each actual encounter. doing it late is a godsend, as no ones on, and you can be a little more sloppy, but try to be quick. get in, kill king, and get out.”,”date”:”2010-06-22T04:37:56-05:00″,”rating”:8,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:98,”id”:1065616,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”619615″,”body”:”On my realm lvl 50s have this mount on the horde side since allies pretty much stink in pvp on my realm”,”date”:”2010-06-25T01:19:55-05:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:99,”id”:1070804,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”624038″,”body”:”Ok so I’ve just done my third successful run using the same strategy, we got it done very quickly. (didnt time it, but around 40mins for the whole thing.)nnSo a few guys went to BFD summon stone and summoned us all and we path of frosted over to auberdine harbour.nnBoat to darnassus first, went in the tent, up the spiral boom blap pow and she was dead.nThen back on the boat to auberdine, jump off, run accross the pier to the exodar boat, ran through the tunnel, jumped down and went straight ahead into the vault of lights, nuked the %^&* out of him, can;t remember the boss’s name here, but anyway. nnwe ran into a bug at this point, as about 4 people got feared inside the walls and had to be summoned after…nnjumped back on the boat to SW, jumped off went straight for the boss ignoring every guard along the way. Stopped just inside the boss’s chamber to deal with the guards then pulled the boss, downed him, mounted up and went straight for the tram, which i believe was just left of the boss’s chamber exit. The key is to hit SW hard and fast so there are less allys waiting at IF.nnjumped off the tram, gnome was a pushover and we had a lot of the group taking care of the allys that were waiting.nnthen for the king, the first time i did these we got absolutely bombarded during the fight and wiped completely. (though we only did it with 25 men). Corpse run back into IF and we all grouped outside the kings chamber, behind a wall like structure just to the right of the entrance. All ressed at the same time while healers healed as fast as they could. We were able to catch the allies off guard with this, as they all grouped around the entrance. nRan into the chamber and pulled the king. The guards are easy but do not stop spawning. after a minute or so of hitting the king, the allys had started to come back from their corpse run so we had 5 hordes at the entrance keeping them at bay.nnDowned the king with only a couple casualties and with 25 men :DnnnnEDIT: I did the 25 man on Grim Batol late night 1 July 2010, well done to everyone in the raid, it was epic”,”date”:”2010-07-01T22:09:07-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2010-07-01T22:17:40-05:00″,1,”624038”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:100,”id”:1097998,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”483682″,”body”:”I’ve lead two of these on different characters so listen up slackers! :DrnrnAnyway, here is how I’ve done it, no wipes, only a few deaths and all of them after the boss.rnrnYou will be going for Stormwind first.rnrnFirst, you will need a raid, including one lock you can trust.rnrnYou have told your raid that you will be going to stormwind first. Jim the brainless wrathful gladiator has decided to make a start. He and about six of his friends are in stormwind annihalating guards and players alike. Go to Grom’gol with the lock you can trust (I grabbed a level 26 friend of mine for the job) and one person who will do as you say.rnrnBegin summoning your raid, as well as Jim and his six friends. Use raid warnings and stuff to get them over. Keywords: tactics, failiure and wipe.rnrnNow that your raid is assembled in Grom’Gol, you will need to set a mark on yourself (I use the star) and tell everyone to follow the mark. Get a DK to set path of frost and off you go.rnrnYou will have to wait at several points so that the imbeciles who didn’t set follow on you/got stuck on a rock etc can catch up. I use Zandalar Isle, the Westfall Lighthouse (on more populated servers this one could be a problem, as I think it is an alliance quest hub?), the northern tip of Westfall and the bit where Stormwind Harbour is just hidden from view. A summoning stone might be helpful here.rnrnKeep Jim the brainless wrathful gladiator and his six friends from going before you are ready using copious amounts of raid warnings until you are ready, ask the tank to go first. This next bit is down to luck really, but there are a few pointers:rnrnDO NOT under any circumstances go on the canal bank next to the Trade district, unless your server has quite a low population. On high population servers, this is suicide. Not even Jim and his six friends can save you there. Instead, take the canal bank on Cathedral square, then the bridge over to the Dwarven district, turning right at the end of the bridge, and then over the bridge to Stormwind Keep.rnrnYou CAN stop BRIEFLY in front of the Keep to let the slackers catch up, but if you stay there too long, two things can happen (probably both)rnrn1: Jim and his six friends will get bored and start killing guards, thus alerting the Alliance that the level two wasn’t just trying to get attention.rnrn2: (more likely) The Alliance will believe the level two and come to save their king, probably resulting in a wipe, and, if not, a very difficult recovery.rnrnThe main tank(s) will go in first, followed by the bulk of the raid, with (optional) Jim and his six friends acting as a rearguard.rnrnAfter the boss is down, flee to the deeprun tram. If you don’t have one warlock and two others in the rtam it could get troublesome. The raiders which made it to the tram should ride to Ironforge, and summon the dead people who have just finished their corpserun there.rnrnWhen you are ready (Jim will be hurrying you up), jump through the portal and (if you want) kill High Tinker Mekkatorque. Note that on a high populaton server this is a VERY BAD idea. Turn right out of tinker town and make your way to the boss. Use jim and his pals as a rearguard, nuke the boss, and hearth. Dead people should rez and hearth ASAP. Get your lock(s) to summon at Zoram’Gar outpost. when your raid is summoned, run to Auberdine, jump on the first boat (not the Stormwind one) and proceed to wtfpwn the leader. Tyrande is in the massive temple to your right as you take the portal, and (assuming you’ve gone in the side-entrance) Velen is straight ahead of you.rnrnThe “general guidlines” section in Amrun’s post is VERY goodrnrnEnjoy your mount!”,”date”:”2010-08-09T15:07:51-05:00″,”rating”:8,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Jim in his six friends made me lol. Quite possibly the best guide I have ever seen for this achievement.”,”creationdate”:”2011-01-22T21:30:11-06:00″,”id”:217796,”rating”:0,”commentid”:1097998,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Kazi12″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2010-08-09T15:14:14-05:00″,2,”483682”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:101,”id”:1115794,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”658416″,”body”:”Myself and three others just did this achievement on US Detheroc. Yes, sad the state that our server is so horribly unbalanced right now. We had a few people assault us in Storm Wind, but it wasn’t much of a challenge. Ironforge was the most annoying boss, with the 6-9 second stun on one random person (25% of the time on our best dps). Tyrande was a joke, and Varian was slightly rough due to PVP intervention. Surprisingly enough, the hardest one by far was Velen. Due to his proximity to the battle masters, along with the Battlemaster’s AoE fear, Velen actually succeeded in killing two of us, leaving me and the tank up as they ran back. rnrnAll of us were in some form of 264 ICC gear, with the exception of the fourth, who was in 251ish gear, while our best dps was almost in solid 277. Whole affair took about 1 1/2 hours, but definitely fun, and definitely memorable. rnrnLok’tar Ogar!”,”date”:”2010-09-08T01:48:56-05:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:102,”id”:1145623,”nreplies”:2,”sticky”:0,”user”:”welcomatt”,”body”:”As of patch 4.0.1, all four leaders have convened in Stormwind Keep. I’m not sure if killing them all there counts for this achievement, but it might be worth a shot!”,”date”:”2010-10-17T17:44:37-05:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Can someone confirm/deny if they indeed count for the achievement? 4 bosses AND the PVP involved wont be easy tho…”,”creationdate”:”2010-10-24T13:57:52-05:00″,”id”:188483,”rating”:0,”commentid”:1145623,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”LoreAddict”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”You are only awarded credit for killing King Varian Wrynn in Stormwind.”,”creationdate”:”2010-11-02T08:36:31-05:00″,”id”:190005,”rating”:4,”commentid”:1145623,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Stonehearth”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2010-10-17T17:45:10-05:00″,1,”welcomatt”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:103,”id”:1158046,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”recklessness”,”body”:”Noticed something interesting tonight as Alliance as I was helping defend the faction leaders in Stormwind: All of the faction leaders had 5.5 million hp EXCEPT the dwarf king, that had recently been killed, was sitting at 600k hp. As most horde raids go IF -> SW -> Darnassus -> Exodar, the only faction leader that had been killed before the raid was the dwarf king. I don’t know if this is how you are supposed to beat the new faction leaders in SW, but it is an explanation as to why the dwarf king only had 600k hp.”,”date”:”2010-10-31T23:46:45-05:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”As of 4.0.3, the tram area when the event occurs is off limits.”,”creationdate”:”2010-11-20T11:49:42-06:00″,”id”:193347,”rating”:1,”commentid”:1158046,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”681548″,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:104,”id”:1210851,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”RickP03″,”body”:”are they adding to the achive for killing the worgen/goblin leaders?”,”date”:”2010-12-06T21:46:02-06:00″,”rating”:5,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Not at this time. They have yet to add any for killing Vol’jin or High Tinker Mekkatorque (who is friendly with the Horde at the moment!).”,”creationdate”:”2010-12-11T10:52:58-06:00″,”id”:202045,”rating”:6,”commentid”:1210851,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Stonehearth”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:105,”id”:1293025,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”764270″,”body”:”This achievement should give you a Honor Reward aswell or more importent points. And it should be a other achievement likely as this achievement just defending,Like: Help defending to safe the “warchief” in each “big cities” would be awesome.rnrnWhat my point is that, make all PvP Achievements gives you honor reward!rnsame for PvE achievements gives you PvE points for Valor!”,”date”:”2011-01-14T04:15:08-06:00″,”rating”:-5,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Achievements should not in anyway affect the actual game. They are vanity additions that aside from giving some sense of (excuse the pun) achivement are practically useless. Having them give VP/JP/CP is probably never going to happen :P”,”creationdate”:”2011-03-17T09:49:22-05:00″,”id”:232756,”rating”:1,”commentid”:1293025,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”amgyn”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:106,”id”:1332137,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Lostelf”,”body”:”Recently awarded (today at 22:30) on the laughing skull eu server to 100+ horde members who went on a killing spree and killed the king of stormwind.”,”date”:”2011-02-11T16:49:07-06:00″,”rating”:-7,”indent”:0,”roles”:256,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:107,”id”:1343882,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”gribbs2822″,”body”:”This achivement is practically impossiple because of the level 90 elite guards in SW thanks to cataclysm. SO happy I got mine before then. I created mine with 25 ppl (5 heals, heck of alot of dps, and 2 tanks) and did it sucsessfully in about an hour and a half.”,”date”:”2011-02-20T19:02:52-06:00″,”rating”:-6,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”What are you talking about? There are no level 90 guards in Stormwind City. Level 90 guards are there to protect the immediate starting areas, which last I checked were miles away from any of the faction leaders.”,”creationdate”:”2011-02-24T14:43:39-06:00″,”id”:227971,”rating”:3,”commentid”:1343882,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Stonehearth”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:108,”id”:1357840,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Brosky”,”body”:”LOK’TAR OGAR!”,”date”:”2011-03-05T00:54:14-06:00″,”rating”:6,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:109,”id”:1371282,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”suffacate”,”body”:”Just completed it today.nnThe order we did was Dar > Exo > IF > SW.nnDar, Exo and IF were a breeze.nnWhen we got to SW, I used a spell called [Have Group, Will Travel] (which mass summons everyone to your location, it’s the level 21 guild perk) to the side room that’s next to the King Varian’s main room. It’s all grassy and there’s no guards. It gave Alliance little notice to be there to defend. nnI, personally, recommend downing all the Battlemaster’s first and having 3 – 4 tanks and 9 – 11 healers at least. Once all the Battlemaster’s are down, keep 2 tanks on Varian and 1 or 2 Greymane and you’re set. Make sure those Alliance don’t pick you off from the 2 side rooms or the hall! Good luck, it’s very fun to do!nnAnd if you don’t have anyone with that level guild, I suggest using the tram that connects IF to SW and get to Varian really quickly but not being sloppy at the same time, have a plan [b]ready[/b].”,”date”:”2011-03-20T00:46:00-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”Horde can get this achievment on Duskwood without so much as breaking a sweat. Alliance never defends their cities, and they don’t believe in teamwork either. They always want to play the “hero” and try to “save the day”. Thus PvP situations are almost always full of constant bickering and in-fighting. This was before Cata…haven’t bothered to try PvP afterwards, cause let’s face it. Horde has the most powerful PvP gear available. 98% of the Alliance ends up in the graveyard within seconds of encountering the Horde. In regards to this achievement…they have three raid bosses in Ironforge, t”,”creationdate”:”2011-03-20T00:46:01-05:00″,”id”:482555,”rating”:-5,”commentid”:1371282,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Avalionis”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2011-03-20T00:57:11-05:00″,2,”suffacate”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:110,”id”:1451859,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”356585″,”body”:”Please be aware that this tale took place about 7 months prior to the release of Cataclysm and seems somewhat irrelevant now, but it makes for a cool story.rnrnI had been trying for weeks to get a goup going for the achievement but to no avail. Either they were too impatient to be bothered for too long in the attempt to get the group together or never took me seriously. But we got a massive turnout on that day and managed to get nearly the whole forty man raid to do it, which got me extremely exited with the prospect of finally recieving the bear mount. Then successfully campaigning through every Alliance city, bashing in the brains of both the citizens and their beloved leaders in one run and having nearly everyone obtain the awesome bear mount For The Horde would be, by far, my favorite moment in the event. But just to top this success, I put together and lead the whole operation from start to finish even after getting the only other achievement I still needed, Storming Stormwind, on our first assault and had a ton of the participants thank me for doing so, all while being at a measily level somewhere between 73-75! (I don’t recall) It goes to show that it is not the level, entirely, that determines what you can do, but the player sitting behind that screen.rnrnrnPS: The order we did it in was Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, and the Exodar. One of the biggest keys is secrecy. Goodluck to all those who are going for this achievement, the bear is every bit worth it.:)”,”date”:”2011-06-27T09:42:34-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:111,”id”:1488028,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Darkicon”,”body”:”Did this last night in a 28-man pug with 1 tank. Did SW>IF>Darn>Exodar.nnSurprisingly easy even though the majority of the groups DPS was low. Had someone use [spell=83967] right around [url=/maps?data=1519:753335]75,33 Stormwind City[/url]. All of us went over to the king’s Keep and started taking out the [npc=1756]. Periodically throughout the fight, you’ll be swarmed with [npc=37063], they are easily AoE’d down.nnWe just had someone off-tank [npc=45253] while we DPS’d down [npc=29611]. The fight itself took about 10 minutes. Since our server has a Horde to Alliance ratio of about 10:1 and it was 5:00AM, there was only 1 Alliance that helped the king. Nobody even died. Once the King was down, we all ran over to the [zone=2257] into IF. Same deal in Ironforge as it was in Stormwind. To get to Darnassus we had someone take the Deeprun Tram back to Stormwind and take the boat to Teldrassil, summon everyone and use the teleporter, then to get to Exodar, we had someone take the Teldrassil boat to Azuremyst and summon us to Exodar.”,”date”:”2011-08-05T14:26:55-05:00″,”rating”:4,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2011-08-05T14:27:41-05:00″,1,”Darkicon”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:112,”id”:1503466,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Kronzlife”,”body”:”It’s funny how people say that Silvermoon is easy because nobody is there, but the port in room is at the boss, so as soon as alliance hits the first NPC the raid forms and a mage ports everyone right there, so alliance will hate life when they run in, lol”,”date”:”2011-08-25T20:59:00-05:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:113,”id”:1515599,”nreplies”:1,”sticky”:0,”user”:”852754″,”body”:”the reason why in cata you cant kill the gnome king is because he has ltons of lvl 90 gaurds all over the place”,”date”:”2011-09-11T14:56:11-05:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:16384,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”I wasn’t aware the gnome king was required for this achievement?”,”creationdate”:”2012-09-01T14:12:49-05:00″,”id”:567927,”rating”:2,”commentid”:1515599,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:256,”username”:”Aquifel”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:114,”id”:1538702,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”749160″,”body”:”9.10.2011rn0:35AM – 4:40AMrnBurning Legion serverrnrnWe killed all the bosses at[b] two times[/b] ;Drnbut greatest achievement was King Varian Wrynn slain.rn[ol]rn[li][b]first time[/b] he was killed about 2:35 AM -> its about 34(1grp) and 32(2grp) people.[/li]rn[li] [b]second times[/b] about 3;15 AM -> 39(1grp) and 8(2grp) people.[/li]rn[/ol]rnSo if u want to do this archivment wait to 3-4 AM and then attack ;)”,”date”:”2011-10-09T07:19:33-05:00″,”rating”:-9,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:115,”id”:1541768,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”894246″,”body”:”raiding cities is so fun the best city to raid for the alliance has to be undercity but for the horde it has to be ironforge but i guess raiding cities has kinda droped now :(“,”date”:”2011-10-13T10:29:00-05:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:16384,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:116,”id”:1679973,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”wintersstorm”,”body”:”Just completed this achieve, getting all 4 down in under an hour. Our approach was having an excess of healers. 13 in a 40man group, this meant when the other faction tried to defend they were unable to do enough damage to make a difference. This strat was very successful for my group.”,”date”:”2012-06-23T00:28:23-05:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:117,”id”:1768856,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Strayuss”,”body”:”Impossible to get on my server (EU Runetotem) as of now. We cannot get even 20 level 90s on the Horde side for this achievement. With a group of 15 we simply die, even without alliance players defending.”,”date”:”2012-11-27T15:19:30-06:00″,”rating”:3,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2012-11-27T15:21:01-06:00″,1,”Strayuss”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:118,”id”:1810724,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”ManateeExpress”,”body”:”The comment section of this page should be updated with more recent info, Just wanted to put that out there.”,”date”:”2013-02-08T10:12:02-06:00″,”rating”:0,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:119,”id”:1812641,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Thorios”,”body”:”As of 5.2, this has Account-wide progress.”,”date”:”2013-02-12T07:30:45-06:00″,”rating”:11,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:120,”id”:1846767,”nreplies”:2,”sticky”:0,”user”:”968538″,”body”:”just a question but anyone know if you can join a group doing “For the Horde” if your from a different realm?”,”date”:”2013-04-25T07:07:54-05:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[{“body”:”cross realms dont work in orgrimmar or stormwind so no.”,”creationdate”:”2013-05-01T17:44:44-05:00″,”id”:655444,”rating”:6,”commentid”:1846767,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Alwayslast”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false},{“body”:”Yes, you can. Just did it today 12/25/17″,”creationdate”:”2017-12-25T04:33:00-06:00″,”id”:1091022,”rating”:1,”commentid”:1846767,”dataTree”:1,”roles”:0,”username”:”Mellowdaris”,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”downvotedByUser”:false,”reportedByUser”:false,”votedByUser”:false}],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:121,”id”:1927822,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”1188774″,”body”:”I added a lil pic with some information to help people doing this achievement, however i have only done Stormwind and Ironforge myself so they are the main two cities tat i focused on :)”,”date”:”2013-12-20T23:33:51-06:00″,”rating”:-9,”indent”:0,”roles”:16384,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2013-12-23T17:03:25-06:00″,1,”1188774”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:122,”id”:1958194,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”unholydriver”,”body”:”Not enough people realize how fun this achievement is to obtain.”,”date”:”2014-04-13T04:37:26-05:00″,”rating”:7,”indent”:0,”roles”:256,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:123,”id”:1993048,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”NicolaiKH”,”body”:”For the horde!”,”date”:”2014-08-18T09:52:51-05:00″,”rating”:-2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:124,”id”:2542262,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Mellowdaris”,”body”:”Just got this today, 12/25/2017….finally! We did the hardest part of this, in Ironforge, with a core group of 6. It was the second time we hit Ironforge (I died on the way in earlier and missed it so I had to do it again). I suggest meeting outside and going in, as a group, together. Don’t leave anyone behind as the run back from the res point is long, really long. The Bear, btw, is automatically added to your mount inventory so you won’t ever see it in your bag.”,”date”:”2017-12-25T04:32:16-06:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3″:true},”lastEdit”:[“2018-03-07T14:14:14-06:00″,1,”Mellowdaris”]},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:125,”id”:2552176,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Stephen3337″,”body”:”Hi All, Just want to say for Stormwind, flying in and entering through the garden northwest of the throne room was nice for me. I don’t know if some alert alliance hunter might notice 40 red dots converging over stormwind, but alone I was unchallenged for quite awhile. I dropped into the garden, ran down the hall, and struck Anduin before anything else could even engage me. Maybe a guard shouted at me and started chasing me down the hallway. As an ilevel 928 vengeance demon hunter who just went in alone to see how it was, I learned I could tank Anduin and all the NPCs alone indefinitely, though not hurt him much – he was healing and shielding himself like a paladin does. I have no idea how many guards or lowbies died around me, but it took a good 7 minutes for enough l110s to form up and bring me down. Nothing else in the room was hurting me, but something feared or stunned me several times – maybe Wrynn or maybe an alliance player out behind me. Now if I’d gone in with a couple dozen dps and healers, we might’ve dropped Wrynn before the l110s showed up. This is Emerald Dream server which is decently populated, but most people hanging out in legion dalaran now. Note: If you die in Stormwind Keep as a horde, you end up in the cemetary out by eastvale logging camp and a 10 minute jog ahead of you. 🙂 I just took res sickness and terrorized the countryside after that.rnrnI will say Goldshire was deadlier than Stormwind Keep – all the twinks dueling in the street destroyed me a few seconds after I killed the innkeeper and everyone in the inn. 🙂 I flew in as a sandstone drake and sat on the roof above the inn to look around for a minute first, then I dropped down, rushed in, and spammed all my buttons to kill everything in the room. Then some l110 twinks came in and stunlock/killed me hard and fast. Escaping Goldshire without res sickness was difficult too. I ghostwalked back to the outside back of the inn and was able to take a res and mount up, but as I cleared the roof of the inn pulling up to max altitude I found myself getting hit by murders of crows and arcane shots. I was half dead at max altitude somewhere between duskwood and westfall before the murders of crows wore off. I killed everything in Raven Hill a few times to unwind – one l110 hovered in to watch me a minute but flew away when I threw some glaives at him. I saw a level 26 questing player die next to a bunch of npcs I threw a glaive at, started feeling bad, then hearthed on back home to free people of my rampage. Just wanted to tell a story, getting into the keep via the garden is nice, and the npcs are trash compared to the Argus zones.”,”date”:”2018-02-11T22:12:20-06:00″,”rating”:2,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:true,”3”:true}},{“commentv2″:1,”number”:126,”id”:3303780,”nreplies”:0,”sticky”:0,”user”:”Skorfhen”,”body”:”As of the first patch of Shadowlands (9.0.2), note that there is a difference between the in-game meta-achievement tooltip requirements vs. this one in Wowhead. rnrnThe game states that you have to kill the council in Ironforge, Velen in the Exodar and Turalyon in Stormwind, while the meta here only registers the council and Velen.rnThe wowhead version is the right one at the moment.rnrnI had killed the council and just soloed Velen and was granted the meta-achievement, without having killed the boss in Stormwind.”,”date”:”2021-02-24T15:46:03-06:00″,”rating”:1,”indent”:0,”roles”:0,”deleted”:0,”outofdate”:0,”userRating”:0,”replies”:[],”dataTree”:1,”markupDisabledEnvironments”:{“2″:false,”3”:false}}]; ]]> ]]>

Slay the leaders of the Alliance.



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