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March 29, 2021

An alternative to the flu shot

What could be better than getting a flu shot? What if you could avoid the flu all together? If you could prevent contact with people who have the flu, you are well on your way to avoiding the flu all season long. But that shouldn’t be the only thing you do to prevent the flu this season.

According to the CDC approximately five to twenty percent of the United States population get the flu each year, and of those infected nearly 36,000 people die from complications And more often times than not that five to twenty percent either did not get the flu shot, or they were not keenly aware of how to prevent the onset of the flu.

A simple virus of the nose, throat, or lungs can mutate into a more complex virus known as the flu. And just like any cold-like viruses, the flu spreads from one person to the next when the infected person carelessly sneezes, cough or does any kind of exchange of bodily fluids with another. It is especially important to prevent coming in contact with someone who has the flu, but if you do, it is crucial that you take proper precautions by washing your hands thoroughly

And the best way to prevent against the flu, is to make sure you family is properly protected by getting a flu shot. This is essential in your fight to prevent the flu, because there is no cure for the flu…