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March 23, 2020

At, ecommerce and web design go hand in hand. Our team of brilliant web designers, custom programmers, graphic artists, business development professionals and marketing guru’s have worked together to bring the world a truly exceptional ecommerce solution. We didn’t want to settle for mashing a hodge-podge of free scripts together and call it a professional business solution. It simply wouldn’t be right for our customers, who range from small home businesses to large corporations with complex needs. Our ecommerce package includes everything needed to start selling products professionally online. All ecommerce functionality is seamlessly integrated with the publically viewed web design. Your custom web design retains the look and feel of the website throughout the informational pages to the shopping cart and check out pages. An importantly, managing the entire web site is easy and logical.

There are two primary ecommerce portals, one is visible on the public side of the website which displays the product category pages, product detail pages and shopping cart buttons, and the other is on the private, secure side, where the business center is located. The public side is extremely flexible and functional. The products displayed in the ecommerce catalog can be customized to display images, product information, shopping cart buttons, and other features in nearly any layout and configuration desired. The Business Center of our ecommerce module includes a vast array of tools used for setting up your online business and managing all your website orders. The Business Center can be ported to manufacturer or distributor product feeds, making populating your product catalog and managing it easier and faster. The public web ecommerce pages (your product catalog) as well as the Business Center are capable of handling multiple customer classifications, for one example, a consumer can visit the site and browse all your products on your website, add products to the shopping cart and checkout, thus completing the purchase. Another class of buyer, such as a registered retailer can sign in and shop the same product catalog. The retail class customer can have an assigned price and minimum order number should you want.

Businesses want to stand out in a crowd while conveying the message that represents them best. Websiteforge’s team of custom web designers includes graphic artists and marketing professionals with experience of designing thousands of websites for companies from a vast array of industries. We’re experts at custom web design and we have the expertise to incorporate nearly any customization you need for your web design. Our graphic artists can design the look and feel of your website from scratch, complete with logo design should you require it. If you already have graphic design concepts from your other marketing brochures, we can incorporate it into a web design that works seamlessly with our web-based content management solutions and ecommerce business center module.

Want to update the content of your website? All our custom web designs include our popular content management solution (CMS), which makes updating your new custom website a breeze. Adding, changing or deleting text and images from you home page or other pages of the site can be done from anywhere there’s a computer connected to the Internet. If your custom web site includes our powerful ecommerce business center module, you will manage all your content and ecommerce business processes from the same login. It’s all organized and easy to navigate.

Hosting your new custom web site is included in all our ecommerce and custom web design packages. We host all the associated services, including web hosting, ecommerce hosting (secure shopping cart), email hosting and if you need to host your email locally we can set it up that way for you

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