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June 22, 2021

“The site builder that works where ever you go”

OwnWebsite.Com is a pioneer in the website building sector. We vow to always stay ahead of developing trends and to provide the best tools on the market to our customers. With the world-wide web’s explosive growth, companies need creative way to stay relevant and get noticed to make profitable returns. With over 150 website user friendly templates, we help you accomplish the first step.

We operate under Zonat S.A.’s umbrella of companies, in a creative and technology driven workforce. Our website building solutions are first-class, professionally made, affordable and designed to take the hassle out of building websites. We have combined years of research and expertise to help you bring websites to life on planet earth.


Ownwebsite was founded in the United Kingdom, by a team of passionate web developers.


It powers millions of websites across the globe.


It’s our job to make sure that you the care and attention you need when you need it the most. That’s we offer around-the-clock online support to take care of you!


We’re always open!