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June 2, 2021

Give Us (Six)6 Hours And We Will Show You The Same Amazing Tactics We Used In Making Over N5.6 Million Naira Online In The Past One Year”


This one-day  event will shows you the fastest, fool-proof SYSTEM to build an information money machine! It’s been developed, used & honed to perfection by myself over 6+ years and my friend Patrick ogidi of the facebook money making fame.. We have  taught thousands – and now we want to teach you, too!


Dear Friends,

If you have a burning desire to make money on the Internet selling information products like us, then you need to come to the Information Products Marketing Seminar. Whether you’re an aspiring Internet marketer, a newbie, or a successful info marketer looking to take your online business to the next level, – this is THE event to attend. You will learn more at this event than at any other event of it’s kind – it’s that simple AND it’s guaranteed..

If you are wondering of how somebody can make steady income from information and internet marketing ,don’t worry its a very simple thing to do. Let me share with you a story to explain more.

When i was about to dedicate my lovely daughter Kamsi to the Lord Jesus, I needed some money  for the dedication and the party that will follow. As at that time i had a project to complete and i did not like the idea of dipping to the funds i have reserve for that project for the party.

In other to raise money for the party, I had to turn on one of my online systems and i went online to apply it and below is what came into my account within  3 days…..

Thats over N150,000 in 3 days and we were able to celebrate the dedication party with lots of food and drinks for all that graced the occasion.

But that’s not all…..because…..

With all the cash flowing into my account, I still have a lot of problems. You see, many of my neighbours believe i am into yahoo-yahoo. Even my family members are beginning to think i have one human head in my room that vomits money (as an Igbo man).

Well i don’t blame them because i am one of the laziest and lousiest persons you will ever meet on earth. I sleep by 9.00pm and i wake up by 10.00am in the morning, yet i run an information and internet business that makes me over N350,000 monthly from the comfort of my room wearing my boxer shots. 

So when people see me playing around with my lovely wife and daughter, they don’t just understand why a lazy guy like me is making all this money.

Now let me ask you….

Do you want to build your own info product empire quickly and easily? Then this event is for YOU!
Do you want to take vacations anytime and still have money pouring in while you’re away? Then here is the event for you.
Do you want to have more time to spend with family and friends? Need I say it again? This is THE EVENT for YOU!
Do you really want to end your money problems and never go broke again? Attend this event and you will be shown how to do it like we do.

If you’d like to learn the EXACT same easy-to-use system that I taught my friend and client Adebayo to use (he’s now making over N35,000 a week), this is the event for you.

Comments From Past Attendees:

“Donatus is phenomenal: He is straight-forward, no-nonsense and right on track with his expert advice. He packs his seminars with plenty of practical, useful and effective tips based on his own first-hand experiences.

A few months ago I took his “Internet Wealth Creation Seminar” in which he advised participants to ‘write an e-book to establish yourself as an expert.’ I followed his advice, and am now an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert in my state. When Donatus speaks, entrepreneurs and business executives everywhere should listen. He is simply a marketing genius.”

– Abigail.I
lizzapas @ yahoo.com

Hi Donatus, The seminar was by far the best one workshop I have ever attended. I felt I had received my money’s worth after your presentation first thing in the morning.
During the presentation I came out with a knowledge base that is 1000% greater than what I went in with. I feel I have all the tools now to get my business to the level to which I want it to be. Your seminar has saved me at least three-five years of time. Thanks so much and I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to succeed in the information marketing business.
-Jide Ogunjobi
Ibadan,oyo state

“Patrick Ogidi is one of the Nigeria’s Internet Marketers I respect ….

I know him for his word… His products are always unique…

Just keep up the good work Dear…”

– Dennis Isong

Over the years, we have tested so many methods, using ourselves as a guinea pig to test and perfect the system to the level that any body with half a brain can easily apply and start raking in N50,000 to N450,000 monthly in a short time.
In just 6 hours you’ll get a complete blueprint to launch your own successful info product business. Nothing will be left to chance.
That’s why i am ….


Date: Saturday 7th May 2010

Venue: A Secret Location In Ikeja, Lagos (Only for registered participants for privacy reasons)

Time: 11 Noon To 4 PM Daily


Here Is What You Will Learn In This 6-Hour Life Transforming Seminar:

And lots more that I cannot possibly list here due to space.


Who Is Donatus Amaechi?

Donatus Amaechi is the CEO of Amadon Excel Solutions. He is a known information marketing expert and online business coach. He is a best selling author of 15 information products currently dominating in 4 different niche markets on the internet.
Over the last 3-years he has coached over 50 others to turn their plans, skills,  hobbies, ideas and experiences into top selling InfoProducts in more than 20 different niche markets.
He has conducted internet marketing and various other workshops (like Basic Computer Skills, Basic Internet Skills, blogging With wordpress, Email Marketing, Customer Retention and Churn Reduction, Opportunities in Telecoms Industries)
He has given over 20 paid speaking engagements and he shows ordinary how to double or triple their incomes through the use of a time tested SYSTEM that he has perfected. This system will work with ANYONE in any field, and it will work for you.
Donatus Amaechi is going to show you in a few hours, I was able to easily find the key problem my target market was having AND how to solve it, and smile to the bank with a truck load of cash!
And lots more…


Who Is Patrick?

Patrick Ogidi is the CEO of Wealth Lifters Concepts an Internet marketing coach, social media expert, consultant and author of many innovative and life changing reports. His works have helped thousands of people to launch their own successful businesses. He runs an online membership class at http://DotComClass.com; where he exposes the secret of making money online. 

Patrick is going to show you the insider secrets of…

  • Making at least N35,000 minimum weekly while connecting and socializing with friends on Facebook. He’s very good at this, no wonder they nicknamed him Africa’s No. 1 Facebook Wealth Expert!
  • How to use Facebook to market your business effectively. He shows you the insider secrets of using killer Facebook features to get loads of potential clients.
  • Making & receiving payments online: He’ll show you the SAFEST, EASIEST and QUICKEST Way to Own a Duly Verified USA PayPal Account you can use to make all your online transactions securely. He’s also ready to take you on how to make online payments with your ATM card.

And lots more…

Since We Want To Over Deliver In Our Promise And Exceed Your Expectations, The Following Bonuses Worth Over N120,000.00 Are Yours

Super Excusive Bonus No 1

Free Copy Of Selling Information Products

This ebook will show you how YOU can create, market and sell knowledge in ANY field. This 185 paged book will open your eyes to the the various opportunities in information marketing.

Super Excusive Bonus No2

Free Copy Of My Information Entrepreneur’s Success Package

This ebook will show you the easy step by step system of identifying a problem, creating your product in different format and sell it to your market. Here you will also learn how to create your products as audios, videos, blogs, membership sites etc.

Super Excusive Bonus No 3

Free copy Of My Quick Cash System

This ebook will show you the easy step by step system of identifying a problem, creating your product in different format and sell it to your market. Here you will also learn how to create your products as audios, videos, blogs, membership sites etc.

Super Excusive Bonus No 4

Free copy of Lightning Quick Product Creation

This e-book will show you how to create  digital information product quickly and painlessly.

Super Excusive Bonus No 5

FREE Copy Of Ewen Chia’s Stuff Your Inbox With Cash

This powerful report will show you the easy step by step blueprint to dominating your niche and pulling more profit with email marketing..
This report is a classic. It is complete and full with every toll and resources you need to start a profitable email marketing campaign that will surely skyrocket sales.

Super Excusive Bonus No 6

Free Copy Of Facebook Cash Sucking Strategies

Here Mr Patrick will reveal all he knows about making money on facebook.

Super Excusive Bonus No 7

Free Copy Of Autoresponder Setup Ebooks

This ebook will show you how to use auto responders to automate your info business online.
Its a must for you to read and learn from it.

Super Excusive Bonus No 8

Free Sales Letter Creation Software

This software will help you to churn out killer sales copy that will cause people to dump money into your bank account on a daily basis. This is the same software that I use on creating sales copies for my info-products at a fast, lightning pace.
This will make your work FASTER…easier and enjoyable.

Super Excusive Bonus No 9

FREE 100Mb Worth Of Webhosting Space To Host Your Website For 1 Year

Okay, so that you do not spend money on website hosting after the seminar, I have decided to give all attendees 100 Mb worth of space to get started with.

When I started my business, I started without a website because my capital was N1,800,later i bought 20 Mb with which i hosted my first website.

Super Excusive Bonus No 10

My best collection of tools on information marketing…

You are going to get all the tools you need to get started in your information marketing business including our software’s.


Free PDF Creation Software

How can you create PDF ebooks?

This software is one of the tools that you must have as a professional information marketer.

I will give you access to the ONE that I use and you can start using it to churn out as many ebooks as possible.


A Collection Of Killer Sales Copies From Online Millionaires that Have Made Millions Of Dollars For Your Use

This folder contains all the killer sales copies that I got from online millionaires and that I use on creating sales copies for my info-products at a fast, lightning pace.
This will make your work FASTER…easier and enjoyable.
You will also get this as a bonus as well.

Now how much do you think a seminar like this should go for, considering that we are practically   giving away the information that has enable me to make us N8.6 million in the past one year?

The last seminar we held went  for N25,000, and 50 people attended the seminar.

That is how valuable the information you will be getting will be.

So If we charge you N20,000 for this seminar, we will be justified because that is well below the normal amount we used to charge for this kind of event plus the mega bonuses valued at over N100,000 that we are giving away.

However, I realize that a lot of people need this information to survive and do not have much to help them grow financially and considering that this period is Easter period, everyone is in a happy mood, I have finally decided to allow you pay a token to have the knowledge that will help you make an insane amount of money each year starting from 2010.

Okay lest strike a deal….

We will allow you to pay N7,500 and you will get all the bonuses mentioned above.

You will have to pay N7,500 if you order right NOW.Remember only 25 seats are available.

So there you go. With just N7,500 you will be shown how to hit the million naira mark before the year runs out selling simple information products, even if you are as lazy as we are. Here You will also be getting all the tools needed to build your own business but you must hurry before we change our mind.

Here is another shocker…

You Are Covered By Our Risk Free, Iron Clad, No Bull, No Questions Asked, Full Refund, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Attend this seminar and if you are not 150% satisfied with what we showing you… if you don’t believe your financial status will change with the information we have given to you … if the information marketing is not dead-simple and easily implemented as said… if you don’t think this is the biggest bargain in money making…

Just let us know your your money will be refunded in full, you will be allowed to take the bonuses and we will apologize for wasting your time.

There is nothing better than this…



To Register Right Away, Follow The Instructions Below:

Step 1: To indicate your interest in attending this seminar… 

…send an SMS with Reserve your seat by texting the following information:   I MUST ATTEND + (Your Name) + (Your Phone Number) + (Your email) + (Your Location) to us on 0803 956 0064

 Step 2: Invest your N7,500 (before seminar date) into the following bank account below and secure your BONUSES worth N120,000 

 Bank – Any Branch of UBA

Account Name – Donatus Amaechi

Account Number 005-4052-0042-772




Bank :GTBank

Account Name: Donatus Amaechi

Account Number:226-900090-1-590

After payment, send me an email through amdonxl @ gmail.com with the following information:

Name, Amount Paid, Deposit Slip Number, Date of Payment, Telephone Number and ALL necessary information you think will assist us.

Once your payment is confirmed, I’ll let you know. You will receive the venue of the seminar and its then up to you to show up on the seminar day. If you have any questions kindly call 08036497241

So let’s wrap this up.

It’s your opportunity to become an info-marketing expert which is the best way to make money online. Don’t watch others as they continue to make money. It’s your time to claim your share of this multi billion dollar empire.

So, the BIG question is; will you be among the lucky 25 people that will have their lives changed soon? 


The answer is up to you!

NOTE – Its only 25 seats available, grab yours now or you miss out!