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March 30, 2020

It humanizes your brand

Without a web address, your brand would be a ghost. Nobody can see and recognize it, no matter how attractive it is. On the contrary, your web identity can bring life and income from your investments. Online brands are foreign to customers so make sure that your web address can reserve your brand’s significance so you can get them to buy.

You have an online advantage

Many businesses compete for online recognition, aside from quality of products. This is because buyers spend most of their time online so any merchant would take advantage of online marketing and advertising. If your business isn’t online yet you might ask how to purchase a domain name? No need to fret. You can search Crazy Domains’ website, buy and register yours.

Your business can be anywhere

If you are based in Australia, Asia or Europe and your services include shipping, delivery and other international services, your web address can help you reach your target market. For example, on – from goats, cars, to your cats’ needs, the eCommerce giant can respond to all these requests. A short and catchy web address plus cheap shipping costs will add more buyers to your market. Buying a domain name and creating online business is truly possible anywhere around the globe.

It strengthens your SEO

Given the fact that you can finance your business with an excellent marketing team, your web address can strengthen this strategy as the top keyword that interested buyers would click for. Choosing a name that’s highly specific and easy to spell will lead more people to buy, giving you plus points for online profit.