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September 12, 2020

We Scale Businesses With Measurable
Marketing and Paid Acquisition

We help E-commerce and B2B businesses grow using
Paid Acquisition, SEO, Email, and Content.
Companies that work with us see a 10X FASTER GROWTH!

We focus on growing E-commerce and B2B Businesses through paid acquisition using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We also specialize in SEO, Content, and Email.

Our search engine optimization services can help you get higher rankings, quality traffic and more.

Don’t know how to navigate the unfriendly Ads Manager? No problem, We do the heavy lifting for you.

Relieve yourself of the frustration of deciphering the Google Ads Backend. Let us optimize your keywords and magnetize visitors to your website.

Our email marketing services can help you in reaching more people at a lower cost.


We are deeply invested in our client’s success and become a part of their “growth team.” We bring down the customer acquisition costs and create a measured growth plan to provide reliable returns on their paid acquisition. Explore the case studies below

Website Traffic


Case Study

Facebook Ads Above


Case Study

Sales Over


Case Study

We Don’t Accept Everyone

If we did, we’d be like everyone else – giving cookie-cutter solutions and focusing on hitting our ‘monthly’ numers instead of smashing records with our client’s revenue. That’s not how we roll

Our main focus is to make our client’s a generous $100,000/year (minimum)

Skyrocketing profits into your bank account, more raving customers craving your next product release and no more painkillers for your marketing headaches. When working with us,

A Best executed strategy for your E-commerce business, that is optimized to flood your store with visitors that converts into money

Your business will be paired up with our most suitable consultants, that have experienced victories and defeats in your niche.

As soon as we shake hands and agree, we’ll take the reins and ensure that you love every second of our contract.

Invest In The Future Of Your Business With Our Predictable & Data-Driven Growth Marketing

Whether you want to focus on scaling one or more platforms.


We have clients who literally LOVE us! Don’t believe us? Read their testimonials below:

“I am always impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication of CANZ Marketing. They are truly a team of experts in Facebook Advertising. I highly recommend them.”


“If you’re looking for a reliable and knowledgeable marketer who can help you take your business to the next level then Zarar is your guy! Within 2 months we saw a 3.3X return on ad spend…”

Priya Thatte

We rigorously test all your ad elements i.e., the offers, copy, visuals, CTAs, and the audiences all against each other. And this helps us single out the WINNING ELEMENTS your campaign needs. We call this process RFT (FACEBOOK ADS RAPID FIRE TESTING) – the proven *most-successful ROAS-boosting strategy* for most of our clients. Afterall, 39X+ ROAS increase in 3 weeks is no joke to any business.

Show Me How

We live by the mantra of advancement and apply it wherever possible for all our clients too. Our FREE SEO AUDIT SERVICE specifically helps us advance your business by advancing your website organically. We map, grade, and analyze each element and aspect of your website to add it to the Search Engine’s good books. Call the resultant suggestions-list your custom-tailored road map to rank higher.

Show Me How

We work with