Definition of DOMAIN

March 23, 2020

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do·​main | dō-ˈmān, də- 1 law

a : complete and absolute (see absolute sense 3) ownership of land our highways and roads have been in the domain of state and local governments— T. H. White b. 1915 — compare eminent domain

b : land so owned

2 : a territory over which dominion (see dominion sense 2) is exercised The forest is part of the king’s domain.

3 : a region distinctively marked by some physical feature a domain of rushing streams, tall trees, and lakes

4 : a sphere (see sphere sense 4b) of knowledge, influence, or activity the domain of biblical scholarship outside the domain of city police

5 mathematics : the set of elements (see element sense 2b(3)) to which a mathematical or logical variable is limited specifically : the set on which a function (see function entry 1 sense 5a) is defined

6 physics : any of the small randomly oriented regions of uniform magnetization in a ferromagnetic substance

7 mathematics : integral domain

8 biology : the highest taxonomic category in biological classification ranking above the kingdom (see kingdom sense 4b)

9 biochemistry : any of the three-dimensional subunits of a protein that are formed by the folding of its linear peptide chain and that together make up its tertiary (see tertiary entry 1 sense 3c) structure

10 computers : a subdivision of the Internet consisting of computers or sites usually with a common purpose (such as providing commercial information) and denoted in Internet addresses by a unique abbreviation (such as com for commercial sites or gov for government sites) The domain ca is used for sites located in Canada. also : domain name Our domain is

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