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July 10, 2021

News and Announcements


DRMI Welcomes Unmasked Course Participants!

Per recent DoD COVID guidance and Health Protection Condition Level A (HPCON A): 

  • Fully vaccinated personnel are no longer required to wear masks.

  • International arrivals are no longer required to ROM/quarantine, if fully vaccinated.

  • Allowance for vaccinations other than FDA authorized, any type authorized by a partner nation.

  • Social distance encouraged for all and not required for fully vaccinated, where distancing is required, it is now reduced to 3 feet or 1 meter. 

  • COVID testing is still required for international travel regardless of vaccination status.

Defense Resources Management Course (DRMC 21-3) Begins

The third convening of the DRMC in 2021 began on 13 June with 18 participants from 5 partner nations (Jordan, Liberia, Malaysia, Oman, and Ukraine) and the United States. This four-week course will graduate on 9 July.

Defense Resources Management Course (DRMC 21-2) Begins

The second convening of the DRMC in 2021 began on 17 May with 16 participants from 6 partner nations (Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, and the Philippines) and the United States. This four-week course will conclude on 11 June.

Defense Resources Management Course (DRMC 21-1) Graduates

The first convening of the four-week DRMC in 2021 began on 19 April with 11 participants from 6 partner nations (Djibouti, Germany, Hungary, Pakistan, Senegal, and Trinidad-Tobago) and the United States. The course participants graduated on 14 May. 

International Defense Management Course (IDMC 21-2) Graduates

The ten-week IDMC 21-2 convened on 8 February 2021 with 18 participants representing 10 partner nations: Albania, Bangladesh, Benin, Bulgaria, Korea, Moldova, Morocco, Senegal, Togo, and Tunisia. The course concluded on 15 April 2021 with a socially-distanced outdoor graduation.

All Courses Now Offered Both in Residence and Online (Virtually)

Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, the DRMI is now offering all courses both in residence in Monterey and online (virtually) via distance learning platforms. Online/distance learning course offerings are currently scheduled through 2021. 

DRMI Pivots to New “Blended Learning” Environment

The DRMI resumed resident course instruction in August 2020 under a new “blended learning” environment, combining video conferencing and in-person classroom interaction in strict compliance with health and safety requirements.