Dedicated Web Hosting

June 20, 2021

Colocation is placing your server machine in someone else’s place. A colocation data center is a facility where the servers and other computing equipment belonging to various companies share space. Every company’s equipment is physically secured in a wire cage or cabinet with high security locking systems.

There are several advantages of collocation hosting:

Since Data Center Colocation India focus only on IT aspects of business, they are always supplied with the latest in terms of safety, worker ability and in-service provision. You don’t have to worry about recurring capital expenses if you are upgrading since you can rent more space or give up space if you are downsizing. Bandwidth is definitely less expensive in a colocation centre than it would be if you hosted your own server. As bandwidth is shared between numerous servers, the cost is reduced. This also has the advantage of there being extra bandwidth should it be required. Unlike managed hosting, with colocation you own your server and therefore have complete control over it, and can upgrade if you want to. There are huge power and mechanical systems, and due to this website speeds can be much quicker.

Incidentally, having your server based away from your own site means that your internal networks are freed up and can be used for other purposes. You are saved the expense of hiring and training your own personnel to operate and maintain your systems. If you have to upgrade, having your own personnel means additional training expenses or paying outside consultants. As Data Center India specialize in this area there is better-quality backup protection in case of any problems. If the is a power failure, for instance, there is unlikely to be the same issues as there would be if you were hosting your own server. This means websites can continue to run 24X7.

Colocation can be advantageous to small businesses, who want some of the features of a large IT department without the high costs. Most centers have the facility for customers to pay more to have their server managed and maintained. Servers are kept in a safe and secure environment at colocation Centers. There is adequate security, and servers are kept in a fire safe and temperature controlled environment.

Most colocation centers will manage your hardware and software for you at an additional expense. This service is especially helpful if your company does not have sufficient in-house IT staff or if the colocation center is far away. Colocation centers can also take a lot of the hassles out of customer relations. Internet presence is an increasingly vital factor in making and maintaining relationships between customers and businesses, and a fault with a connection can mean lost money.

Colocation centers are serviced with the latest modern fool proof systems and wiring, allowing constant connectivity. In the event of a disaster, colocation centers also include backup servers which kick in immediately if disaster occurs. This allows a much more streamlined and efficient recoveries in case data centers are compromised in any event. In-house data recovery is always much more expensive, if in fact it is a possibility at all. Also, if your business moves, your colocated IT equipment can stay right where it is. Finally, you experience neither downtime nor the hassle and hazard of physically moving and reinstalling equipment.

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