Dedicated Servers | NetValue

June 1, 2021

A dedicated server is a server that we purchase, own and lease to you. It provides what is essentially your own physical server and services for a fixed monthly cost, saving you the capital outlay.

Typically we provide the server hardware, service, support, co-location (the space for the dedicated server to go into) and bandwidth (data transfer or traffic). There are a range of options that we are able to supply, and it is often a case of discussing those options with us and coming up with a solution that meets your needs and is good value for money. The server can be provided fully functioning and configured for your needs.

This is an ideal solution if you have custom applications or security requirements that do not suit a Cloud solution. We use only server grade hardware and take care of replacement parts and upgrades, which makes it easy for you to budget. We can provide fully managed solutions as well.

We offer a range of services that are complimentary to dedicated or co-located servers. Contact us to find out more