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June 9, 2021

Dedicated Server Features

  Dedicated Servers

Starting Price


Server ready in

1-3 bus. days

Disk Subsystem: Fast & Redundant


Added Disk Space: per 100G


Full-disk encryption?

No risk: 30-day refund policy?

Network Firewalls

Server Firewalls

Account Firewall

Intrusion Detection System

Redundant HA Networking

Redundant HA Load Balancing


LuxSci Proactive Server Monitoring

LuxSci uses proprietary software to monitor its dedicated servers to ensure their uptime and proper function. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Port checking to monitor server and application uptime and to alert on any issues
  • Automated server health monitoring to alert on and auto-remedy many common problems that may arise on a server, such as a denial of service attack, perceived abuse, etc.



Custom Backup Schedules Available?

VPN Access Available?

Server Options

LuxSci offers standard levels of Dedicated Servers. You can choose the one right for your size, needs, and budget. More powerful servers and server clusters are also available: contact Sales for details.

Server Type Code CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included
Medium O/2/4 2 Cores 4 GB 1 Gbps 50 GB 1 TB/mo
Large O/2/8 2 Cores 8 GB 1 Gbps 50 GB 2 TB/mo
X-Large O/4/16 4 Cores 16 GB 2 Gbps 50 GB 4 TB/mo
2X-Large O/8/32 8 Cores 32 GB 4 Gbps 50 GB 7 TB/mo
4X-Large O/16/64 16 Cores 64 GB 8 Gbps 50 GB 10 TB/mo

Choosing the Server Size

What server size is best for you? You can use the table, below, to see what works particular needs. If you want to do multiple things (e.g. 50 power email users plus a low traffic web site), we recommend going up to the next size as the “minimum” recommended for just one of these may have degraded performance when you do two or more. If you just want better performance or room to grow quickly and easily, choose a larger size. We can also re-size your server later you need more power.

Based on number of users for email hosting

Note that these levels are only guidelines. Actual needs will be based on your how actively your users actually use the system. For 4000+ users, we recommend a multi-server cluster.

For dedicated web site & MySQL database hosting

For high traffic, high compute, and/or high reliability needs, we recommend a multi-server load balanced cluster with a redundant HA MySQL database backend.