Dedicated Servers List – Valve Developer Community

Server ID SteamCMD Steam Client Anonymous Login Notes 7 Days to Die Dedicated Server 294420 Yes Yes Yes Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server 302550 Yes Yes ASTRONEER Dedicated Server 728470 Yes Yes Yes Age of Chivalry Dedicated Server 17515 Yes Yes Yes Alien Swarm Dedicated Server 635 Yes Yes Windows version only. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Dedicated Server 582400 Yes Yes Windows version only. Can run on Linux using Wine. Aliens vs Predator Dedicated Server 34120 Yes Yes America’s Army 3 Dedicated Server 13180 Yes Yes America’s Army 3 Dedicated Server Beta 13160 Yes America’s Army: Proving Grounds Dedicated Server 203300 Yes Yes ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server 376030 Yes Yes Yes ARK: Survival of the Fittest Dedicated Server 445400 Yes ARMA 2 Dedicated Server 33905 Yes Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Dedicated Server 33935 Yes Arma 3 Dedicated Server 233780 Yes Yes Game Purchase Required Black Mesa: Deathmatch Dedicated Server 346680 Yes Yes Yes Blade Symphony Dedicated Server 228780 Yes Game Purchase Required Breach Dedicated Server 72310 Yes Yes BrainBread 2 Dedicated Server 475370 Yes Yes Brink Dedicated Server 72780 Yes Yes BlazeRush Dedicated Server 332850 Yes Yes Yes Capsa Dedicated Server 667230 Yes Yes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server 42750 Yes Yes Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Dedicated server 258680 Yes Yes Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Dedicated Server 220070 Yes Yes Conan Exiles Dedicated Server 443030 Yes Yes Contagion Dedicated Server 238430 Yes Counter-Strike 1.6 Dedicated Server 90 Yes Yes Counter-Strike Global Offensive Dedicated Server 740 Yes Yes Yes Game Purchase Required for public server, Wiki page Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Dedicated Server 90 Yes Yes +app_set_config “90 mod czero” Counter-Strike: Source Dedicated Server 232330 Yes Yes D.I.P.R.I.P. Dedicated Server 17535 Yes Yes Yes Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Dedicated Server 2145 Yes Yes Darkest Hour Dedicated Server 1290 Yes Yes Day of Defeat Dedicated Server 90 Yes Yes +app_set_config “90 mod dod” Day of Defeat: Source Dedicated Server 232290 Yes Yes Day of Infamy Dedicated Server 462310 Yes Yes Deathmatch Classic Dedicated Server 90 Yes Yes +app_set_config “90 mod dmc” Dino D-Day Dedicated Server 70010 Yes Yes Dayz Dedicated Server 223350 Yes Yes Double Action Dedicated Server 317800 Yes Yes Dystopia Dedicated Server 17585 Yes Yes Yes Eden Star Dedicated Server 419790 Yes Yes Yes E.Y.E – Dedicated Server 91720 Yes Yes Empires Dedicated Server 460040 Yes Yes Yes Eternal Silence Dedicated Server 17555 Yes Yes Yes Fistful of Frags Server 295230 Yes Yes The Forest Dedicated Server 556450 Yes Yes Yes Windows version only Fortress Forever Dedicated Server 329710 Yes Yes Yes Garry’s Mod Dedicated Server 4020 Yes Yes GTR Evolution Demo Dedicated Server 8730 Yes Yes Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Dedicated Server 232370 Yes Yes Half-Life Deathmatch: Source Dedicated server 255470 Yes Yes Yes Half-Life Dedicated Server 90 Yes Yes Yes Half-Life: Opposing Force Dedicated Server 90 Yes Yes +app_set_config “90 mod gearbox” Homefront Dedicated Server 55280 Yes Yes Hurtworld dedicated server 405100 Yes No Yes Bat file for server: Bat file Insurgency: Sandstorm Dedicated Server 581330 Yes Yes Yes Insurgency Dedicated Server 237410 Yes Yes Yes Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat Dedicated Server 17705 Yes Yes Yes Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Dedicated Server 261140 Yes Yes Yes Killing Floor Beta Dedicated Server 1273 Yes Yes Killing Floor Dedicated Server Windows 215350 Yes NO No Please create a new account or use a pre-existing one, account doesn’t need to own the game; or else you will get the dreaded “ERROR! Failed to install app ‘215360’ (No subscription)” Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server Windows 232130 Yes Yes Yes Kingdoms Rise Dedicated Server 265360 Yes Yes Yes Lambda Wars Dedicated Server 319060 Yes Yes Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Server 222860 Yes Yes Yes Left 4 Dead Dedicated Server 222840 Yes Yes Yes Life is Feudal: Your Own Dedicated Server 320850 Yes Yes Yes Mare Nostrum Dedicated Server Yes Monday Night Combat Dedicated Server 63220 Yes Yes Natural Selection 2 Dedicated Server 4940 Yes Yes Nexuiz Dedicated Server 96810 Yes Yes No More Room in Hell Dedicated Server 317670 Yes NEOTOKYO Dedicated Server 313600 Yes Yes NS2: Combat Dedicated Server 313900 Yes Yes Nuclear Dawn Dedicated Server 111710 Yes Yes Yes Out of Reach Dedicated Server 406800 Yes Yes Install guide Painkiller Hell & Damnation Dedicated Server 230030 Yes Yes Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II Dedicated Server 17575 Yes Yes Yes Primal Carnage Dedicated Server 224620 Yes Project Zomboid Dedicated Server 108600 Yes Game Purchase Required RACE 07 Dedicated Server 8610 Yes Yes RACE 07 Demo – Crowne Plaza Edition Dedicated Server 8680 Yes RACE 07 Demo Dedicated Server 4270 Yes RACE On – Demo: Dedicated Server 8770 Yes Yes Ravaged Dedicated Server 223160 Yes Yes Red Orchestra 2 Dedicated Server 212542 Yes Red Orchestra Windows Dedicated Server 223240 Yes Yes Reflex Dedicated Server 329740 Yes Yes Reign Of Kings Dedicated Server 381690 Yes Yes Ricochet Dedicated Server 90 Yes Yes +app_set_config “90 mod ricochet” Rust Dedicated Server 258550 Yes Yes ** Not Working on Linux with SteamCMD** Sven Co-op Dedicated Server 276060 Yes Serious Sam 3 Dedicated Server 41080 Yes Yes Serious Sam HD Dedicated Server 41005 Yes Yes Serious Sam Classics: Revolution Dedicated Server 41005 Yes Yes Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Dedicated Server 41015 Yes Yes Sniper Elite 3 Dedicated Server 266910 Yes Yes Sniper Elite V2 Dedicated Server 208050 Yes Yes Source SDK Base 2006 MP Dedicated Server 205 Yes Yes Yes Bug:Linux files missing Source 2007 Dedicated Server 310 Yes Yes Yes Source Dedicated Server 205 Yes Yes Yes Source SDK Base 2013 Dedicated Server 244310 Yes Yes Yes Space Engineers Dedicated Server 298740 Yes Yes Yes Squad Dedicated Server 403240 Yes Yes Yes Starbound Dedicated server 211820 Yes Yes Game Purchase Required Starvoid Dedicated Server 210370 Yes Yes Game Purchase Required STCC – The Game Demo Dedicated Server 8710 Yes Yes Synergy Dedicated Server 17525 Yes Yes Yes Takedown: Red Sabre Dedicated Server 261020 Yes Yes Yes Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server 232250 Yes Yes Team Fortress Classic dedicated server 90 Yes Yes +app_set_config “90 mod tfc” The Haunted: Hells Reach Dedicated Server 43210 Yes Yes Tower Unite Dedicated server 439660 Yes No Yes Official Guide: Dedicated server guide The Ship Dedicated Server 2403 Yes Yes Zombie Panic Source Dedicated Server 17505 Yes Yes Yes Zombie Grinder Dedicated Server 374980 Yes