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September 2, 2020

U.S. markets have a wide range of choices when it comes to dedicated servers and that means you have to be even more diligent when choosing one for your business. Picking the wrong server can mean a long contract with increasing rates, poor storage, high latency and inadequate or overpriced maintenance options.

At GTHost, we’re committed to providing a cheap dedicated server USA clients can rely on to be affordable, reliable and able to keep up with the speed of your business without hidden costs or surprise charges. We make the process of choosing a cheap dedicated server easier by providing the lowest latency along with short contracts, customizable options to fit your business, and comprehensive maintenance and security services.

Need help choosing a cheap dedicated server? USA markets can reach us by contacting us HERE! 

Reducing Cart Abandonment with a Cheap Dedicated Server – USA

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest money losses for online retailers. However, this is not often a case of an indecisive customer, instead, studies have shown that one of the top reasons people abandon their cart is a slow loading site.  In fact, 40% of shoppersstated they abandoned their cart because of slow loading times – specifically times that exceeded three seconds.

Yes, only three seconds. For anything else, three seconds would hardly matter but for online shoppers this is a deal breaker. To combat this, you need every advantage in making your cart and site run faster.

At GTHost, we not only create servers with the lowest latency, we also provide in-house maintenance specifically designed to give you better quality, uninterrupted service. With these features in place, you get a fast server with no downtime.  Our in-house team and 24/7 customer service are ideal for fast troubleshooting and ensuring you can give your site users a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Key Features that Make Our Cheap Dedicated Server – USA Fast and Affordable

GTHost is committed to creating servers that are not only fast and high quality but also affordable. We keep costs down and quality up with these features:

FREE Setup: Get started with your customized server options quickly with our no fee setup. Keep your costs down and stay on budget with this free service that helps you get your site up and running fast.

24/7 Customer Service: We provide 24/7 customer service to help get you back online fast. With our comprehensive service from our knowledgeable representatives, troubleshooting is quick, simple and easy anytime you need it.

Low Latency: Ensure your users get a better experience with our low latency rates. With our low latency, customers are able to interact more quickly with your site ensuring they can stay focused on your products and services without getting frustrated by slow speeds.

Unmetered Bandwidth: Unlike other companies, GTHost provides unmetered bandwidth that will help you stay on budget and serve your site users better. This feature of our service allows you to have any volume of traffic without additional fees. Run special promotions, sales and other events on your site without surprise charges for high traffic volumes!

Looking Glass Portal: Our looking glass portal helps your administrators do their jobs more efficiently. This simple to use portal allows users to run several key tests including Host, Trace, PING and MTR.

In-House Maintenance: Our dedicated team makes troubleshooting and server maintenance better and more affordable. By employing our team as server maintenance, we’re able to provide real-time fixes, minimize downtime, and saves costs associated with outsourcing to a third party maintenance team.

Customizable Server Options: Get the storage, bandwidth and other features you want most with our customizable server packages.

Setup in Minutes: GTHost offers setup in just 5 to 15 minutes of your payment. Get your site started quickly with our FREE and fast setup.

Low-Cost Trials: Choose a low-cost trial for as little as $5/day. Try it for one to ten days then either pick a different trial or choose one of our easy, short term contracts.

Choosing Your Cheap Dedicated Server – USA

GTHost offers several customizable features to help you get the right service for you. Choose the storage and region you want at a price that fits your budget with our short contracts and monthly payments. Need help choosing your cheap dedicated server? Please contact us HERE!

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