Dedicated Servers · RS Hosting

March 27, 2021

Our fully managed dedicated servers come with a choice of operating systems, including several different types of Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, etc), or alternatively Microsoft Windows. Your website may rely on technologies available on one of those platforms, so we allow you to choose which is best for you. We offer custom-built hardware, ensuring you
get the best dedicated servers by using only the best and most reliable branded enterprise grade components. With multi-core processors, RAID SSD drives, many gigabytes of memory, and ultra high speed data connections, our servers are guaranteed to give you the performance you need.

Each one features optimised hardware and software to ensure the best performance possible, and comes complete with the WHM cPanel or Plesk Onyx control panel. If you encounter any issues, our support team is available 24/7 via Skype, online chat, and email. We are proactive in fixing problems, and always get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Remember, the specifications you see are for your own dedicated server – the resources are not shared among other users, as you will be the only user of the hardware. This greatly improves the responsiveness of your website, always allowing you to reap the full benefit of any hardware the machine includes.