Dedicated server – status

June 7, 2021

Alpha state changes aren’t definitive! it’s Work-In-Progress, yet the aim is to offer :

0. BattlEye anti-cheat, (with RCON (remote control) interface) [Done stable branch]

1. Dedicated server to run non-dependent on STEAMclient (yet support STEAMcmd deployment) [Done]

2. Dedicated server capable run multiple binaries on same OS instance [Done]’>

(each server instance needs to use unique steamports !)

*note: known issue == IF each Dedicated Server uses own NIC interface defined via -ip= then the multiple instances will fail [WIP]

3. ability to run at least 1 instance of Client / Dedicated Client on same OS instance where is also Dedicated Server(or Servers)[Done]

4. if possible allow multiple Dedicated Clients on same OS instance where is already Dedicated Server (or Servers)[Done]

We added newly loopback mod for testing. You enable it by “loopback = true;” , added into Arma 3 server config file.

This will allow You to join multiple clients from same IP (and only) as the server runs at!

note: the loopback mode was made for testing and works only in LAN mode, the server is not reporting to master servers at all (the game is not considered public MP, only local)

5. allow to run multiple Dedicate (HeadLess) Clients (super fast network mode) as part of dedicated sever binary [Done 1.36]

*HC is based off server binary and server data now, you don’t need client binary nor any client data either[Done 1.36]

6. ioffer both Windows and Linux binaries (atm. DEV/RC branch Server available only for Windows platform) [Done]

7. if possible then allow Dedicated Server LAN multiplayer mode via command-line switch -LAN [WIP]

8. improvements to reverse-NAT issues (mainly affecting listen-server (aka server hosted within game client) [WIP]

note: no deadline ETA (estimated time of arrival(but we try ASAP (as soon as possible))

* each instance of Client / Dedicated Client (both modes) needs unique STEAM account with the Arma 3 game ownership

note: that You can use STEAMcmd (non-GUI) instead of STEAMclient (GUI)

downloading development branch through SteamCMD :

steamcmd.exe +login +force_install_dir c:installfolder +app_update “107410 -beta development” validate +quit

read more here:

very short and simple summary to avoid repeated questions onto dedicated server subject,

stability – done, ongoing development

server binary – done, STEAMcmd support

multiplatform server – done, STEAMcmd support

server data package – DONE, STEAMcmd support

server distribution – DONE, STEAMcmd support

server administration – BattlEye RCON, usability and simplify WIP (work in progress)

server anti-cheat – BattlEye, DONE

headless client via dedicated server, done STEAMcmd support

secret goodies – WIP (work in progress)

* Linux and Windows server binary available

note: later will be replaced with links and more detail

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