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Explore finest level of pure website and app hosting resources from the top notch data-center of the world, now available for you to run different OS from the unique worldly location in TURKEY in the most affordable and competitive prices.

Dedicated Server Hosting Turkey

We are the best and top quality dedicated web hosting server provider in Turkey from the finest data-center of Turkey located under a very organized facility in Barsa, you can acquire any dedicated server in lowest possible price of market with all convenience. Can discuss your queries before ordering to minimize after sales hassles. It took about 12 to 72 hours for preparing a dedicated machine after confirmation of order and payment. You can pay using your paypal account or can subscribe for renewal invoices at the same time.

Dedicated Server Turkey

Low Latency fast servers

Lightning fast servers, best available market’s hardware, guarantee volatized with additional technology for lowering ping time throughout Europe and in part of Asia.

Fastest Internet Connection

There are different ISP carriers in touch. Network cards are connected with 1gbit. We offer a 100mbit warranty. We allow up to 500 mbit jump (burst).

USE Server resources as per your needs

Get the most of what you paid, Use the resources as per your wishes as there are no specific restriction despite those which are illegal and mentioned in our terms and conditions.

support 24/7

Fully qualified, friendly and any time support, you are backed with domestic trained support team who better know about looking and fixing common issues.

VPS Hosting in Turkey

Low budget clients may ask for VPS which are available with 100% uptime guarantee and in lowest prices of the world along with a free dedicated IPv4 using all latest virtualization technology, we offer virtual private server which are Turkey based and can be a good source who want to have Turkey based VPS, or need to market in this country online, so don’t waste more time secure your slot without any more delay.

Encourage others and refers them to experience the expertise of our experts and the never bow able facilities.

New Generation Technology for virtualization. Better resources, great load time, best Redundancy, lower ping time that all about Host Turkey have for you.

vps packagesVPS Server Turkey

VPS Server Turkey

We know business mater for all that why we have invested in a server network that fulfill needs of Individuals, Business and Entrepreneurs.


Rapid Loading

Wanna lower your server ping time for rocket loading speed, go with our Bursa DGN Datacenter vps packages, you would 5X faster than your competitor.

VPS SERVER HOSTING IN TURKEY VPS Hosting Turkey Model: Virtual Private Servers Product ID: VPS:1 4.8 based on 597 reviews $21 New

VPS Hosting in Turkey

Turkey based Dedicated Hosting

As you, all know that there are two main and common forms of dedicated hosting, a whole server and virtual containers, which are known as virtual private servers. Most of people around the world always look to have only this kind of hosting services because of their no shared use policy. Then later what comes next is the region to acquire that nature of hosting surface. If your currently asked destination is Turkey or you have already have such services from any other provider then you should re-think because our Turkish Dedicated Hosting is more reliable, affordable and with all modern functionalities. So try yourself for buying vps or dedicated servers from Turkey, Busra location. Which are good for launching your apps, web server, mailing server, hosting reseller or whatever you want to meet your and your client’s current demands.

Level three + DC

6 Hours to 24 hours provisioning

DDOS mitigation on Demand

Secure networking with 100 Mbps dedicated line

What really Matters?

Fast Loading and Low Latency

Look for the plan that suits you and your project
Under the technical support of professionals.
Under the robust hardware and software infra!
Under roof of most reliable web host turkey.
Under commitment of on time deliverability and response.

Backend 24/7 Support

Under the technical support of our workers who are differentiated under different levels of support and they are keen to sort your issues with permanent solutions. There is no variation in quality of support whether you are a shred-hosting client or you have high priced server in our facility but the instant reply and fixing of queries is our priority.

Why Host through HostinTurkey?

It is very necessary to go through what features are being provided by a company before buying specific services. Keeping in view this fact, we have explained a little about our infrastructure and the facilities what one can enjoy being our client. We are continuously developing ourselves by improving and adding new value addition, which could make your online visibility more successful and fast. Find below some of salient features and ask if there is anything missing so we can guide you or consider that as a future update. We need your feedback on this to gain more trust from new, referral and upcoming clients and to increase the level of hosting quality in Turkish data center.

Lowest Cost

whatever the hosting solution you will choose, we assure you lowest industry’s price with no compromise on quality. You can avail more discounts when things are on promo. All value added addons are mostly on cost price.

Diffrent Hosting Opt

Fast, uninterrupted & reliable hosting solutions would remain constant with every Package of web hosting we are delivering to our clients. Shared for individuals, startups, VPS for Mid-level & Dedicated for Big business entities.

No Contract Bullshit

As we are damn sure about the superiority of solutions and services we offer in Turkey so we don’t compel our clients to sign contracts. We know once they will buy, they will confirm like to renew and go on with us.

Performance Matter

With our strong hardware and software infrastructure we have just crafted web hosting plans in Turkey to handsome user experience. Every day best server performance would guaranteed.

OS Choice

Whatever the hosting solution you selected, you will get different options for getting operating system installed on that. We offer different flavors of Linux OS as well as various versions of Windows OS.

ISP and Power Backups

To make ourselves trustable, we have equipped ourselves with all 2nd and 3rd options in case of any service failure so no worries while getting online through our infrastructure.

VPS Hosting with Top rated Locations

With the best influence of our long term experience in this specific field, we utilize our abilities to offer much asking VPS location and that is why now you can avail VPS Hosting in UAE and VPS Hosting Saudi Arabia. We also guarantee virtualization from these locations with all best features, support, OS and top in all is the most competitive prices when you will compare us with other providers from the same region. Dubai is the city of our data-center for offering United Arab based virtualization whereas Riyadh is for KSA. Hope our this effort will dynamically and strongly vanish your worries to have approach on internet visibility in these middle east regions and will gain you the authority you are looking for.

FAQ Hosting We Love to Answer Hosting Question Turkish People Ask US!

Where is our Data Centers?

Physically located in Bursa, Turkey. Countless benefits comes with is lower ping time, fast server load, better web performance and user friendly on time support are some of them.

Which Hosting Type is Perfect for Small Scale Web Application?

At Host Turkey we have plenty of options, shared hosting for individuals, VPs hosting for small scale business web applications and startup ecommerce web sites, Turkish dedicated servers for large entities entrepreneurs and companies. However also have VDS for ultimate visualization experience in Turkey.

What is Difference between VPS and VDS?

In virtual private server – VPS, virtualization tend into tradition technology to convert a physical server into server segments and allow its users to configure it with ease and freedom On the other hand Virtual Dedicated Server – VDS is another outstanding virtualization technology that directly run into Dedicated Server rather than OS of Physical server. Virtual software directly perform their work into dedicated machine that’s why its output is more fast and reliable. Host name providing VDS in Turkey under lowest fraction of prices with secure and power full Turkish VDN network.