Dedicated Server Hosting in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana. Cheap Servers.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server hosting involves us offering a client an exclusive use of a dedicated server in our data centre space. The client is then at liberty to deploy any legal Operating System or software to meet their business or personal needs.

How soon will the server be ready after payment?

This would vary. For ready-made packages, these can be deployed within 1 business day. For custom configurations, this could take up to 3 weeks especially for Ghana and Nigeria data centres.

What is the minimum contract length?

One month. We would automatically generate an invoice on the monthly anniversary of the first payment for the server. While we offer a month-to-month contract by default, we offer discounts on 6-month (and above) contracts.

What is your Latency like?

We peer extensively in South Africa and Nigeria in addition to having access to local internet exchange points through our transit providers respectively in Ghana and Kenya. This results in very low latency to local and regional networks.

What is the cost for additional IPs?

We do charge $5 per month on additional IPv4s provided their use is justified with necessary documentation.

I own my IPs. Can you announce them for my rented servers?

Yes. We can announce your own prefixes but require a minimum of /24 block (256 IPv4s).

Do you offer BGP Sessions?

Yes we do offer servers with BGP sessions. This can be arranged for a small setup fee.

Do you offer Support and Monitoring?

Yes, we do. The dedicated servers advertised on this page are self-managed, by default. We can however offer our expertise on a contract basis, where this is required by the customer.

Can you offer a custom solution?

Yes. We are happy to accommodate clients where none of our ready-made packages do not suit their needs. We can offer dedicated servers with just about any specification or configuration.

What are your IPs for testing?

We can offer IPs for testing by request. You are also welcome to make use of our public Looking Glass.

What are your Server setup costs?

We may charge a fee on custom server builds but waive same on longer contracts.

Do you offer Windows Server licences?

Presently, no. You would need to bring your own Licence. Same applies to other Microsoft Licences.

Do you offer Server Colocation services?

Yes, we do offer Server Colocation in South Africa only, at present. Do well to contact us for a price quote.

Do you offer IPMI access?

Yes we do offer IPMI (Dell iDRAC Enterprise) access where requested. This enables the server user to manage their server remotely over a virtual console.