Dedicated Root Server Hosting – Hetzner Online GmbH


Traffic usage is unlimited and free of charge. Please note that our unlimited traffic policy does not apply to servers that have the 10G uplink addon.

Free internal traffic IPv4 address IPv6 subnet (/64) 24h server monitoring with email notification

After you activate this feature on the administration interface Robot, your server will be monitored around the clock. If there are faults with individual services, you will automatically be notified via email.

100 GB backup space These servers include a free Storage Box BX10 that you can use for backup space. However, to get the BX10, you first need to order it. You can order the BX10 in the Robot administration interface after we have deployed the server. To order it, find the correct server on Robot, and then go to “Backup” in the server’s menu.

The Storage Box is run on a shared backup cluster. Your data is stored on a RAID 6 (with multiple redundancy) and is protected with checksums. The server can be accessed via FTP. Should you have any special requirements about the installed software, please contact us. The backup server service is only accessible from within the server farm. This offer does not include backup software. Customers are responsible for regularly carrying out backups themselves. Hetzner Online GmbH only provides storage space which is strictly limited by quotas.

Full root access 24h reset service via web interface

You can trigger an automatic hardware reset via your Hetzner web interface or send a “Ctrl-Alt-Del” to your server. You also have the option of requesting a free manual hardware reset around the clock.

Rescue System VNC installation

Virtual Network Computing, VNC, enables the operating system installation directly via the admin interface Robot.

Image installer

The Image installer allows you to install operating system images conveniently via the Rescue System.

Traffic statistics

Keep track of the graphical and tabular evaluation of your traffic usage. You can view daily, monthly and yearly reports via the admin interface. The Traffic Reporting function informs you by email if the limits you have set have been exceeded.

Reverse DNS administration

Reverse DNS administration determines the host name associated with a given IP address.

Domain Registration Robot Wake on LAN

With “Wake on LAN” (WOL) you can start up a Dedicated Root Server which has been shut down by using the administration interface Robot. Especially environmentally-conscious customers turn off their servers when not in use to reduce energy consumption.