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I have used DDNS for over 20 years. Having managed mid-large agencies, and then owned small and boutique sized agencies, I have come into contact with a plethora of companies trying to compete in this space. Liz and her family actually own Discount Domain Name Services. They live and breathe this business.

You don’t get domain names stolen from under your feet after searching for availability. You don’t get put on hold when you have a question or query. And you can genuinely take a deep sigh of relief knowing that when on-selling or recommending their services – nothing will go wrong. I could not paint a better picture of what my ideal IT/Domain/Hosting supplier would be.

In twenty years, no-one has ever offered me a more reliable, better quality service. Not always the cheapest (upfront), but will always end up being the most cost effective. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Don’t be fooled by cheap flashy brands – these guys are solid.

Sarah Lang
The Yellow Brick Road Agency
Formerly Cheeky Pup Creative and HMA George Patts (now GPYR)