CSGO_Servers – Help needed – Dedicated (VPS) server requirements.

June 23, 2021

Hello CS-GO list members  ,

My name is Michael and I am from a starting company in the E-Sports branch in the Netherlands.

One of our key focusses are to organise Esport events , we also have a gaming webshop and offer server rental. 

Untill now we were hosting several virtual servers on private “home”machines these were only for private and fun use. 

Now that our needs are getting bigger than our current hardware can handle, we are planning on investing in a dedicated server or farming VPS instances. We want to rent out Counter-Strike GO server instances to clients in a best practice method, these servers should also support competitve play for tournaments.  But I have some burning questions about this issue on what I can find almost no clear answer for so far.

-What are the minimum server requirements for  multiple (virtual) Counter-Strike GO servers capable for max 350 users in Europe?.

untill now I have found this data , is this accurate?

•             2gb ram     

•             1.5ghz cpu dual core     

•             1 gb dskspace

•             HDD 15K RPM SAS drive Raid10

•             Bandwidth  50.5KB/s per player

-What sort of Fail-over methods is recommended ? (Network Load Balancing, Hardware Availability)

I am planning on using vSphere as virtualisation solution.

-What OS is adviced?

Currently we are using Debian and ubuntu but is CentOS, Red Hat a better choice considering a proper and complete support is required to offer professional services?

Much Bless and Thanks in advance .

greetZz, Michael