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June 7, 2021

Obviously, by this, we do not refer to the cold weather we’ve endured for the past weeks, but we refer to the term, the hype, that everyone is talking about: cloud hosting and cloud computing.

Do you not know what we are talking about? Do not worry, because you are not alone! A survey conducted by research company Portio revealed that 56% of the European IT decision-makers do not know what cloud computing means. And yet, this new technology has many benefits for your company.

The technique: virtualisation, what is it?

Cloud Hosting is based on the concept of virtualisation. This technology eliminates the direct dependence between the software and the hardware that runs this software. The idea of cloud computing is indeed to focus not on hardware, but on what your application or website needs: memory, computing power, storage capacity and bandwidth. The word “cloud” refers to the Internet and the parts and the actions that are not exclusively carried out via one single machine or server anymore.