Cloud Server Hosting in Saudi Arabia

September 8, 2020

Why Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Server is one of the most advanced, secure and highly available means of hosting a mission-critical web site, service or application. Hyper-V based Cloud environment provides you with your own resources, including RAM, SSD storage, CPU & data transit. You can select from variable IOPs and create and destroy VMs on demand, creating a genuinely flexible Cloud solution, including dynamic resource scalability and higher availability that can safely be regarded as the most significant ones.

No Matter what industry you are in or what size your business is, you can use Hostgee Cloud Hosting services to build your infrastructure fast. We understand that the choice of web hosting and other services can be a challenging one, so please read on to learn more about our offerings.

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  Hyper-V virtualization
Hyper-V virtualization
  10 Gbps networking
10 Gbps networking
  All flash mirrored SSD array
All flash mirrored SSD array
  Hyper-V failover protection
Hyper-V failover protection
  Custom hardware configuration
Custom hardware configuration
  Upscaling/downscaling as you go
Upscaling/downscaling as you go
  Custom OS images
Custom OS images
  Free daily backups
Free daily backups
  Monthly billing
Monthly billing

Your company needs Cloud Computing, and here’s why

Good cloud servers and Cloud solutions like those available from Hostgee Cloud Hosting put your business on an even footing with any competitor. Cloud servers from Hostgee are far less expensive than managing a vast IT infrastructure, yet you sacrifice no control over what your network and websites are capable of. Cloud computing helps to ensure that every member of your team has the same applications, resources, and information so that you can collaborate across the country and around the world. Companies that are growing swear by cloud hosting services, and you deserve the best Cloud hosting in Saudi Arabia.

Higher Reliability

The cloud environment is extremely reliable because it draws its resources from multiple different servers – if one server goes down, the other servers fill the gap. Also, cloud hosting is flexible and scalable, so it can grow with your website – if your site needs more resources, just add them.

It’s reliable. Unlike other types of hosting that rely on physical hardware, each Cloud machine is hosted in data center made up of hundreds of servers with data mirrored through many secure SSD storage arrays to make sure that there is no single point of failure and any service interruption.

Map of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is ideally located right in the center of the World and is bordered by three of its largest market economies. Our country is well-known for its long-lasting stability, neutrality, and a highly educated workforce. All these advantages put together make Saudi Arabia the perfect location for organizations that focus their activities on the Middle East area.

Our company resides at HOSTGEE™ Riyadh data center – the largest of its kind in Saudi Arabia. HOSTGEE™ is an ultra-secure, carbon and carrier-neutral location for storing and processing data in line with Saudi data protection regulations. It’s hard to overestimate the value of selecting the right place to host your business – locating in a safe country right in the center of the World is a strategic choice aimed at ensuring your success in the future.

Data center

High Availability

Downtime can be massive stress for customers and engineers working at the data center. Here’s an insight on what steps are taken to avoid any unlikely occurrence: many power-lines with automatic switchover, UPS and diesel generators, Hyper-V failover protection, SSD storage with data loss prevention and Tier-1 network multihoming for an extra layer of redundancy.

Premium Network Connectivity

Low latency across the Middle East, direct connection to STC – Saudi Telecom Company, efficient IP traffic routes to other regions and 10 Gbps dedicated connection for every VPS node. Network-intensive applications or media files streaming – whatever you intend to use your VPS for, networking and connectivity will not disappoint you.

Hyper-V Bare-metal

When it comes to choosing the right virtualization platform, industry-leading, purpose-built bare-metal Hyper-V is considered the most sophisticated and reliable product on the market. Virtual environment based on Hyper-V is simply the closest you can get to a truly dedicated server experience.

All Flash SSD Storage by SolidFire®


SSDs are used exclusively throughout the system – there are no spinning disks. Within each storage node, solid-state drives and processing power are balanced to take advantage of drive speeds and execute SolidFire’s inline efficiency technology. In comparison to traditional storage design, SolidFire eliminates write amplification while maximizing random parallel reads and aggregating writes in a linear fashion.

DDoS Protection

The DDoS attack can disrupt the operation of almost any web property, denial of service attacks are a real threat to any business online, they are growing in scale and complexity, they have become ridiculously simple to perform and are cheap. With Hostgee, your infrastructures are protected by default.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Hostgee Hyper-V Virtual Servers allow your business to move most any application or server load to the cloud. Based on the latest Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Server technology, Hostgee Hyper-V Virtual Servers are the ideal solution for securely hosting your accounting software, ERP system, web-based applications, development/testing environment, and much more.

Custom OS Images

If you need to install a custom OS build on your virtual cloud server, import your own preconfigured OVF (Open Virtualization Format) file that contains the desired operating system image to a Control Panel and used it to launch a new vApp. Please take a look at the Control Panel tutorial for details.

Firewall, DNS Hosting, Daily Backups

These basic features are added with every Cloud Plan to create an all-in-one hosting environment at no extra costs: free daily backups for Virtual Machine, hardware firewall, in-house DNS Hosting with PTR with PTR records, private and connected virtual networks, DHCP, NAT, VPN connections, dynamic routing, and load balancing.

Direct Connection to STC

Our data center in Riyadh has a direct connection to STC Saudi Telecom Company, which is the largest Saudi Telecom Company (STC) in Saudi Arabia in terms of peering participants. Direct STC connection lowers latency by improving routing efficiency and provides an extra layer of networking fault-tolerance.

Data Protection

Saudi Arabia is well known for its strict laws and regulations on data protection and privacy that make it impossible for any officials or 3rd party to have access to a hosting provider’s data unless a legal request is filed in case of the collection, and use of personal data by the Federal Act on Data Protection.

24/7 Live Support

Hostgee is a customer oriented company. Over the years Hostgee has endeared itself to its customers, providing the highest levels of support and expertise. Please contact us through the live chat widget to get immediate assistance or open a new support ticket inside your account area.

Saudi Approach


At, we are proud to be a Riyadh-based web hosting company that shares the most distinct features that Saudi Arabia is renowned for. We guarantee that your orders and requests will be processed in accordance with our company’s strict privacy, data protection, customer orientation, and quality assurance policies.

Plans & Pricing

Billing Cycle & Discount

1 month(s) cycle

0 off your order

Select a billing cycle that you wish to proceed with and configuration prices will be updated accordingly. The longer the cycle you select, the higher your personal discount will be.


  • CPU Model & Cores 2.4 – 3.0 Ghz / Intel Xeon / 1 core(s)
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Storage 25 GB SATA
  • Bandwidth & IP 500 GB monthly @ 10 Gbps / 1 IPv4 address
  • DDoS Protection Free of charge

59.00 / mo. 221.25 SAR / 52.39 EUR




  • CPU Model & Cores 2.4 – 3.0 Ghz / Intel Xeon / 2 core(s)
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Storage 50 GB all-flash SSD
  • Bandwidth & IP 500 GB monthly @ 10 Gbps / 1 IPv4 address
  • DDoS Protection Free of charge

103.00 / mo. 386.25 SAR / 91.47 EUR



  • CPU Model & Cores 2.4 – 3.0 Ghz / Intel Xeon / 2 core(s)
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Storage 100 GB all-flash SSD
  • Bandwidth & IP 500 GB monthly @ 10 Gbps / 1 IPv4 address
  • DDoS Protection Free of charge

111.00 / mo. 416.25 SAR / 98.57 EUR



  • CPU Model & Cores 2.4 – 3.0 Ghz / Intel Xeon / 4 core(s)
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Storage 250 GB all-flash SSD
  • Bandwidth & IP 500 GB monthly @ 10 Gbps / 1 IPv4 address
  • DDoS Protection Free of charge

195.00 / mo. 731.25 SAR / 173.16 EUR



  • CPU Model & Cores 2.4 – 3.0 Ghz / Intel Xeon / 8 core(s)
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Storage 500 GB all-flash SSD
  • Bandwidth & IP 1 TB monthly @ 10 Gbps / 1 IPv4 address
  • DDoS Protection Free of charge

320.00 / mo. 1200.00 SAR / 284.17 EUR


Have something specific on mind?

Configure a custom Cloud server to perfectly meet your requirements and budget.

If none of the preconfigured Cloud server packages meets your requirements, please consider selecting just the right number of CPU cores, RAM, Storage, and other add-ons to build your very own custom Cloud VPS Server configuration.

Custom LinuxCustom Windows


Additional CPU clock speed is available as an add-on, you can add it while placing an order or anytime later as you need.

CPU limit per additional 1GHz

15.00 USD56.25 SAR13.32 EUR

Hardware & Bandwidth & IP

If you require to increase bandwidth limit or requesting more additional IP addresses, please update your order or submit a new query to the client area. Please be informed that you’ll be asked to provide a reason for obtaining additional addresses when placing order more than 2 IPs.

RAM per each 256 MB

6.00 USD22.50 SAR5.33 EUR

Disk Space per each 10 GB

6.00 USD22.5 SAR5.33 EUR

Bandwidth per each 1 TB

100.00 USD375.00 SAR88.22 EUR

IPv4 Addresses per each IP

3.99 USD14.96 SAR3.52 EUR