Christian Green Shares Tips on How to Make Money with Dropshipping

July 7, 2021

Interested in starting an online business, but you need tips on how to make money? Are you looking for a low-risk online business model that guarantees profits? Well, dropshipping is the ultimate solution to all your online business worries.

Dropshipping is an order fulfilment business model. The online seller doesn’t own a physical store and isn’t involved in delivering the products. It is a unique system for conducting an online business, and it only requires low capital investment.

You will be collecting orders and passing them to a third-party supplier who will then deliver the item to your customer’s doorstep. In other words, you will be acting as an intermediary between the customers and the suppliers.  

Christian Green is a successful e-commerce entrepreneur who owns one of the fastest-growing dropshipping brands. Christian has been in the business for barely two years but has transformed his fortunes through dropshipping. He established his first dropshipping brand in March 2019 and made more than $120K in sales within the same month.

Being a highly focused individual, he scaled the brand to $1 million in sales in his first year. The second year was no different as he again made over a million in sales, showing consistency. He has since created a new brand, and he no longer focuses on dropshipping. As a brand, he has established a fulfilment center in California to serve his customers.

Coaching other people on dropshipping is one of Christian’s new endeavours. He aims to teach other entrepreneurs how to go about dropshipping and scale their business as soon as possible. He shares the following tips for any entrepreneur seeking to make money from dropshipping.

The first step is to choose a niche on which you intend to focus. Decide who your target customers will be. Considering this will inform the type of products you will sell. From experience, Christian acknowledges that products that appeal to a broader audience are the best. Still, you have to bear with high competition. 

Having excellent and reliable dropship suppliers is very important. It not only saves you time and the hassle of ensuring that the products reach the buyer, but you are sure of finding the best prices. Remember, the profit margin is slim, and you need to bargain for the best deals from the suppliers. When it comes to profit-making, dropshipping is no different from the other business models. The more sales you make, the greater the profits.

Christian stresses the importance of having a solid brand as a critical determinant of your success in online business. Brand quality plays a vital role in building trust, which matters in the online space. There is no way you are going to make money if your brand is not appealing to shoppers. Strive to achieve brand consistency in all the business aspects, including communication across the different social media platforms.

Develop a marketing strategy to put your business out there. Promote your dropshipping business and the particular products you are selling, and social media is one good platform for marketing. Christian @christiangreen.jpg , however, does not guarantee dropshipping to be a quick way to create wealth. It takes hard work and dedication to scale up.