Cheap Windows VPS Hosting – VPS With Windows and Remote Desktop

April 30, 2021

Windows VPS Hosting Support Options

Compare the support difference between a managed and self-managed Windows VPS

Self Managed

Starting From

$10 per month


Starting From

$18 per month

Manage Network Infrastruture
Manage Hardware Issues
Operating System Install
Server Security Hardening Paid Service
Control Panel Install & Updates Paid Service
Control Panel Troubleshooting Paid Service
Mail Server & Email Issue Troubleshooting Paid Service
ASP, .Net, PHP, MySQL, DNS Support Paid Service
Web Server Support (IIS) Paid Service
Manage Firewall and Anti-Spam Related Issues Paid Service
Migration Assistance Paid Service
Backup Configuration And Restores Paid Service
Third Party Script Support (Best Effort) Paid Service
Windows Updates Paid Service
Security Updates Paid Service