Cheap Dedicated Servers

June 17, 2021

Cheap Dedicated Servers | Low cost dedicated and virtual servers


Here I present a company dedicated exclusively to the VPS service. TekTonic offers cheap, very stable virtual servers with good performance and resources.

One of the best known and cheaper alternatives on the market for dedicated servers in America is the company Server4You. They have Windows and Linux servers over several hardware configurations at good price.

Before I start showing dedicated servers and VPS on the market, I think it’s interesting to clarify the differences between these two modalities, to have more tools before making our decision.

When thinking on our own server to our pages or web applications, an important factor we consider is the price difference between dedicated servers and hosting services. Against that monetary increase, the VPS appear as a cheaper alternative that can help us in the transition.

Welcome to my new blog on dedicated servers. My work is Internet-based, from web design to enterprise applications. And day by day, the need for dedicated servers is higher in the world of Internet developing, whether for web portals, business applications or web services.

My idea is to tell you about the various alternatives on the market, to show you cheap servers with good performance, and to compare features and prices.