Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting | Cheap Server for $39

September 10, 2020

1I am not sure from which dedicated server to start with?

We offer dedicated servers ranging from high speed CPU, up to 256 GB of RAM, unmetered bandwidth and huge storage drives. We specialize in providing fully managed hosting services, backed by our in-house expert support team, available LIVE 24/7. If you are in confusion, please contact our helpdesk and state your necessities, you will be assured that we provide the cheapest hosting services. That will help us to provide you a proper solution.

2Just going to order a new dedicated server, what should I lookout for?

While ordering our dedicated hosting server, choose the plan that’s right for you, then customize it to meet your unique needs with operating system, control panel, backup plans, RAID protection and much more. Your server will be ready within 24-48 hours of your payment.

3What does unmetered bandwidth means?

The term ‘unmetered bandwidth’ or ‘unmetered dedicated servers’ or simply ‘unmetered’ (as you might have seen in our list of dedicated server); is the term used to describe bandwidth without any restriction. You can use as much as you want and your speed will not decrease. These servers are helpful for streaming purposes, which is already included with most of our cheap server hosting plans.

4Do you provide Windows dedicated servers?

Yes we do, while ordering, please make sure to select the OS you prefer for your Windows dedicated server hosting. As with all our services, any Windows hosting that you will choose, will cover our guarantees for fully managed dedicated servers.

5What are the managed hosting services in dedicated servers?

Our fully managed servers include the following server management activities: Reboots | OS Reinstalls | Hardware Problems | Reverse DNS | SSL Setup (Via cPanel/Plesk Only) | Connectivity Issues (RDP/SSH) | Site migrations | Managing control panel | Third party software setup and configurations (on best effort basis)

6Can I use your dedicated server for reselling?

You may also rent our Linux dedicated server to run a full fledged web server hosting platform for your clients. If you prefer windows hosting, then that would be just fine. We also provide white lable support for your end-clients, for more details check our cheapest hosting services.

7I pre-paid for 3 months to avail discount. What if I cancel after 1 month?

If you cancel your server after 1 month, we will refund you the money for remaining 2 months. Enjoy the discounts when you pre-pay for longer billing cycles. No need to worry about losing money anymore.

8How do you backup up dedicated servers?

No, we don’t backup any dedicated servers, if you sign up using our hosting then you are responsible for creating and managing backups, if you need assistance with this, then you can ask our support team, then will provide you all the help that you need for maintaining backups. Apart from that, you can opt for our FTP backup services while sigining up. The FTP backup is a remote backup service hosted on a remote server. The entire process is not automated and has to be setup manually, which you will have to coordinate with our support team for setting up.