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June 2, 2021

Area 419 Railchanger Pint Sized Game Changer – Waxed Canvas Railchanger Bag, Light Fill

The RailChanger Pint Sized Game Changers are essential a standard Pint Sized Game changer with special sleeve sewn into them to allow them to be used with the RailChanger or the RailChanger X. Featuring sleeves on the top and side, shooters have a ton of flexability for support off of many different types of props. Bags are made of Tan Waxed Canvas in either the standard fill (5 pounds) or light fill (3 pounds). A note on shooting bags: Most positional shooting bags are not filled firmly on purpose. The reason being a loose filled bag will fill in gaps, drape across obstacles, and create a more stable shooting platform than a firm filled bag. Mfg: Area 419Check price and Read more Detail At Area 419