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March 25, 2020

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Business WordPress Theme

Find the perfect business WordPress theme for any type of industry or business size. Browse through pre-built websites created for small businesses, such as online service providers, medical clinics, bars & restaurants, digital agencies, spa & beauty salons, fitness centers, boutique shops, fashion & interior designers, schools & universities, coffee shops or catering companies. You can also find the ideal corporate website with a well-organized mega-menu for a large company with a wide range of services to offer.

Portfolio WordPress Theme

Pick the Portfolio WordPress theme that suits you best, whether you need a portfolio or resume for a photographer, a gallery, an illustrator, a videographer, a web designer, a web developer, a marketer, an architect, a small ad agency, a musician, an instructor, a coach or a service provider such as a carpenter, an interior designer or a babysitter. Every pre-built website is built to make every single type of portfolio or resume shine.

Creative WordPress Theme

If you need a creative WordPress theme that leaves visitors in awe, with impressive visuals and stunning effects, this is the perfect category to browse. You’ll find out-of-the-box layouts and designs that makes businesses in creative industries stand out, whether it’s a digital agency, an architect’s office, an event planner, a fashion designer, a video studio, a photography studio, a tattoo or make-up artist, a gallery or the latest technology on the IoT market.

Event WordPress Theme

Looking for an event WordPress theme? Look no further—we’ve got pre-built websites for over 20 different types of events: birthday party, wedding, course launch, marketing event, conference, seasonal event, Christmas party, New Year’s Eve party, anniversary event, auction, charity event, theater play or movie premiere, gallery vernissage, museum exhibition, album launch, concert, festival, and any type of grand opening you may think of: bar, restaurant, coffee shop, fitness center, spa, or a beauty salon.

One Page WordPress Theme

Get a mindblowing one page WordPress theme that hooks viewers and makes it a pleasure to scroll, navigate, and jump from one section to the other. You can use your favorite navigation options and the gorgeous parallax effects to present a service, compel people to buy a product, use it as a personal presentation such as a resume, announce a launch, organize an event, launch an app, write a proposal, or present new tech.

Ecom WordPress Theme

Sell anything online with the right ecom WordPress theme, from clothes to food, cosmetics, and handmade products. There’s no better way to build an online shop than with the 15+ different pre-built websites entirely dedicated to presenting and selling products and services online. Using the latest UX trends and the most intuitive layouts especially designed for ecommerce, you can build an online store in 4 hours or less, without writing a line of code.

Other WordPress Theme

Not sure exactly what type of WordPress theme you’re looking for? No worries—you’ll find what you need right here. If you want to present a special service, such as pet grooming, a loan service, or a travel agency, you’ll find the perfect WordPress theme here. You’ll also find the perfect pre-built website for a new video game, a book or ebook, a farm, a shelter, a church, a wedding product or service, and more.