Best Windows Hosting Services of 2020

September 11, 2020

Windows Hosting in 2020 – The Contenders For the Best Service Around

Windows hosting may not be the flashiest platform out there, but for individuals and companies committed to Microsoft web products, it’s essential.

Nevertheless, Windows hosting is a spectrum, and there are certain facts you should arm yourself with before you make a decision.

As you search through the multitude of Windows hosting plans available, we recommend that you take the following points into consideration:

  • Do its load speeds and reliability stack up?
  • Does it offer SSL certificates?
  • Is it compatible with the applications you want to run?
  • Does the ratio of resources provided to cost make sense for your budget?

Although these are by no means the only factors to reflect on when shopping for a Windows hosting package, they are a good indication of whether a Windows hosting plan is a good choice.

What is Windows?

Microsoft Windows is one of the world’s premier operating system groups, providing specialized operating systems for personal computers, servers, smartphones, X-boxes and other devices.

A major advantage of Windows is how seamlessly software and applications from the Microsoft family integrate with the suite of Windows operating systems. Moreover, because the software environment throughout the Microsoft pantheon is similarly organized users familiar with one version of Windows will have a fairly easy time familiarizing themselves with Windows geared towards other devices.

Finally, Windows operating systems can run a huge selection of Microsoft and other applications, software and coding languages needed to create content, websites, and so much more.

Why do You Need Windows Hosting?

Windows hosting and Linux hosting are often branded as competitors, but in reality, Windows hosting target a very specific swathe of the population that Linux hosts can’t help.

Individuals that prefer to build their website with Microsoft’s ASP.NET or .NET software frameworks will only be able to host it with a Windows server. Likewise, enterprise-level companies with legacy systems built on MSSQL or MS access will need a Windows server to update their databases with real-time data.

As opposed to Linux, Windows is not an open-source product. Running Microsoft software on a Windows server typically requires more resources, and as such are generally priced slightly higher. Nevertheless, for people invested in Microsoft applications Windows hosting provides servers optimized to perfectly address the requirements of these Microsoft products.

Advanced users in particular have a lot to look forward to with Windows hosting. Developers that are familiar with other Windows operating systems can easily configure their server’s Window settings using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection.

Like its Linux counterpart, Windows hosting uses a powerful server to host websites while providing a rich feature set for beginners and developers.

What are the Benefits of Windows Hosting?

There are certain Microsoft programming languages and frameworks that will only run on a Windows server. Luckily, Windows servers actually deliver a quality hosting product with a number of standout benefits:

  • You can finally get your Microsoft-powered website up to speed. If you’ve chosen to build your website in ASP.Net or .Net, the only type of server that’s compatible with these frameworks is a Windows server. On the plus side, Windows hosting is optimized for Microsoft software and as such generally provide above average load times.
  • You can scale the SEO ranks. The need for speed isn’t just about hooking customers and keeping them engaged. These days, Google factors in your website’s page load speeds into its search engine algorithms. Thanks to your Window server’s perfect compatibility with your Microsoft-licensed products and software, you can expect high performance marks from your website that propel you to the top of your industry’s organic searches.
  • You can create stunning websites via the Plesk control panel. There’s a sense that because Windows hosting caters specifically to Microsoft programs, it’s incompatible with other popular CMS and e-commerce platforms. Let us set the record straight: most Windows hosting plans offer 1-click install of the platforms you love like WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

What Factors to Consider for Windows Hosting

Windows hosting has a lot to offer, especially to users that are already invested in Microsoft web tools. That said, there’s a wide range of Windows hosting solutions, and there are certain things you be on the lookout for before signing up for a Windows hosting service:

  • How reliable is it? Windows servers are slightly more prone to reboots and to the types of cyberattacks that incapacitate servers. Consistency is not a feature you can simply ignore – at least, not if you want to hang on to a loyal customer base. Look for Windows web hosts that have a stellar track record in terms of reliable uptimes.
  • What level of security does it offer? Hackers are drawn to Windows servers and the Microsoft products they host. Windows hosts are aware of this issue, and the best take pains to circumvent nefarious players with 24/7 network monitoring, extra DDoS protection, and more.
  • How readily accessible is its customer support team? One thing that Windows and Linux hosting have in common is that at some point you are probably going to need the help of its customer support department. Go for plans that include 24/7/365 access to customer support staff and offer several ways of reaching them.
  • Does it support the software and applications you’re planning on running? Windows servers are optimized for Microsoft products. However, while Windows web hosting is compatible with many applications and coding languages from outside the Microsoft universe, there are certain applications that may be harder to run with Windows hosting. Take a few moments to read through a Window host’s plans to see what scripts it can run and whether it meets your needs.

What About Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?

Windows dedicated server hosting is a great option for those who need a powerful hosting solution, but still want the comfort and familiarity of a Windows environment. Windows based hosting is fast and reliable, easy to work with, and very well supported by Microsoft. The frequent updates and patching released by Microsoft can help to improve stability and responsiveness.

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

While Windows dedicated hosting is typically a little more expensive than Linux hosting, it is possible to find some great deals. Microsoft dedicated servers can be used to host sites of all sizes and types. These are a step up from dedicated VPS windows machines, and will meet the needs of just about any type of web service.

Windows Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

If you want the best Windows dedicated server hosting, you may want to consider virtual dedicated servers. These can be Windows 10 dedicated servers, or a variety of other versions of the operating system. Finding this type of service should always start by conducting a comparison between dedicated Windows hosting servers to try to discover exactly what you need and get the best deal.

Choose the Best Windows Web Hosting

For individuals and companies that are looking into Windows hosting, the question isn’t whether to choose a Windows hosting solution but which one to choose. Windows hosting alone enables you to build your website using specific Microsoft application, but there are more features and perks that should guide you when selecting the right Windows host for you. Read our user reviews to find the best Windows platform to host your website.