Best Web Hosting Companies in South Africa Compared 2019

It’s crucial to have reliable South African web hosting for your business!

Imagine for a moment that your business is running a 24-hour special sales promotion..

You’ve done a great job with your marketing and getting the word out. Thousands of customers have their bank cards out and are rushing to your website to make a purchase. You eagerly await the avalanche of sales and revenue.



At the most important part of your promotion, your website is down! Not only have you lost thousands of rand in revenues, you’ve also just lost thousands of new customers and damaged your reputation.

..All because your South African web hosting company was unreliable.

This may seem like an exaggerated story, but the truth is, this happens daily and affects hundreds of businesses around the world.

In today’s times, there is no arguing that your website is the most lucrative asset when it comes to gaining customers and generating revenue.

By not having a website, you are at a major disadvantage to your competitors. Because more and more people in South Africa are using their phones, tablets and pc’s to search for your products and services on the internet and you are nowhere to be found.

This is why it’s crucial to build your website on a reputable South African web host as this provides your business with a solid foundation and ensures that your website isn’t down when it matters most.

The intention of this website is to provide you with all the information you need to choose the best web hosting in South Africa for your business needs. I provide useful information and review the different hosting companies that I use in order to help you make a well informed decision that will benefit your business for many years to come. You are welcome to check out my main digital marketing website at to have a look at the various services I provide to assist your business.



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Every business and website is unique. That’s why there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to hosting as each website will have its own specific requirements. For instance, a small one-man blog won’t need nearly the amount of hosting resources as a multi-million rand e-commerce store. However, it is essential for both to work with a web hosting company in South Africa that will make sure your website is always online and offer excellent technical support whenever you need it. Choosing the wrong host in this regard will lead to a lot of lost time and money. See my short post on 4 important considerations to make when choosing a good website host